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  1. why!!!!! :'(

  2. Enjoyed the RP from both of you, glad we decided to further the RP beyond a quick conversation.
  3. I think anyone with HIV or AIDS would be dead by now.
  4. Yeah, it works now.
  5. Status updates used to be at the bottom of the page whenever I browsed the forums on my phone, but I noticed yesterday they're no longer there. Anyone else having this issue?
  6. I love a good throwback HAHA!
  7. I wish they'd make another bad company, those games were fucking fantastic.
  8. Whenever I see this trailer I'm reminded that we almost got a Halo movie, and I die a little on the inside knowing that we never will.
  9. Whos this Alfie Simmons punk? Radec fights for Alfie Solomons.
  10. Episode 3 really pulled on my heart strings I have to say.
  11. Its a glitch that happens sometimes this patch, i dont know what causes it. Ive had an entire 60 round mag's worth of ammo turned ruined before.
  12. I dont see Lingor mentioned on this list Rolle. Any thoughts on that map?
  13. Thats what i'd prefer.
  14. I agree, thanks for the quick answer.
  15. What would you consider the last desolation project to be? Light or heavy?