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  1. Enjoyed the RP from both of you, glad we decided to further the RP beyond a quick conversation.
  2. Character idea your comment and feedback?

    I think anyone with HIV or AIDS would be dead by now.
  3. Status updates on mobile.

    Yeah, it works now.
  4. Status updates on mobile.

    Status updates used to be at the bottom of the page whenever I browsed the forums on my phone, but I noticed yesterday they're no longer there. Anyone else having this issue?
  5. Sobaki [Media Thread]

    I love a good throwback HAHA!
  6. Best Video Game Cutscenes

    I wish they'd make another bad company, those games were fucking fantastic.
  7. Best Video Game Cutscenes

    Whenever I see this trailer I'm reminded that we almost got a Halo movie, and I die a little on the inside knowing that we never will.
  8. Jailhouse Rockers

    Whos this Alfie Simmons punk? Radec fights for Alfie Solomons.
  9. Joffs Dramatic Readings of Posts Ep. 3

    Episode 3 really pulled on my heart strings I have to say.
  10. Failed Robberies Thread

    Its a glitch that happens sometimes this patch, i dont know what causes it. Ive had an entire 60 round mag's worth of ammo turned ruined before.
  11. ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    I dont see Lingor mentioned on this list Rolle. Any thoughts on that map?
  12. My POV: After roleplaying with someone in the actual city of Novaya, he and I head over to join everyone else roleplaying in industrial. Myself and the guy continue to RP a little bit, trading some things whilst Cormac and Co. continue to RP with the people in the camp. A kid walks up and starts telling his father hes scared or some shit, then the accused walks up, says we cant be in the building. Post tells him to fuck off since we were invited in which the accused responds to with gunfire. After post gets dropped a firefight kicks off.
  13. S1: No time to respond Vybor Military

    We move over to VMC after hearing shots fired there. As we come up to it, we hear voices so I move in to investigate. I see two men, one if whom raises his weapon at me. Some hostile RP ensues with me yelling at him about pointing his weapon at me. Blitz calls out that hes going to initiate and as he does so I run behind a shipping container to get some cover. The man with the raised weapon complies, OP raises a handgun and begins turning. Blitz views this as a threat to his life (obviously) and kills him. We roleplay with the other hostage, let him go and move on. Edit: I have no video
  14. Thats what i'd prefer.
  15. I agree, thanks for the quick answer.