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  1. Holy. Fuck.

    1. RP



    2. Roland



    3. BorisVC



  2. *Arnost would pick up the radio* That no good son of a bird swallow Harrison will get no respect from me! I will raise a small militia to attack anyone dumb enough to try and pay respects to that hack. 18 hours you say? .. It's not much time.. but I'll put together something .. I'm going to steal the body, and hang it in some tree up north for the crows to eat!!!!
  3. It is an argument against recording. I do video editing on the side, I'm sure plenty of people have more use for their HDs than having 100s of gigs of more or less useless hobby RP scenarios on their comp. I dont like holding that amount of data up on my hd.
  4. The more I think of it.. the more of a burden this really makes out to be. I have to record every god damn interaction I do that's hostile, then hold on to it for like two weeks because lord knows some salty bugger will decide to report it two weeks later and if I dont ha e the video Boom I'm banned!. That's a ton of HD space to be used for a small hobby like dayz rp. Most hostile interactions last 30 minutes or more. This is not a very practical idea.
  5. I would support the need to have video evidence to post a report on someone. It's pretty crystal clear when someone is about to initiate on you. "What the fuck did you just say to me"?. *Gets surrounded by 3 + men.* All these reports with no evidence mostly waste time.
  6. Not your finest graphical work Jim, but the groups roots look great!
  7. Haha, in the future we will limit event sizes to 40 I think.
  8. Alright my fellows.. Looks like the final forum numbers are in. House 36 IFF 45. All IFF Team report to Putoshka Church in one hour. For communications, use the DAYZRP TS Event channel. Alternatively, Use DAYZRP Channel 10 Public Discord Comms Server Two is now open for the people in the event only! Thank you.
  9. Stoooooop. ? I get it already liska hates this event! I kid I kid. Even if for some reason the original IFF decide to go away for some reason, I would then lead the charge against the house as a 2nd aggrieved party. As it currently stands, the original IFF still wanna shoot.
  10. Event rules have been updated, please read. Thanks!
  11. I think if everyone shows up at the right time, in the assigned places, (House at castle) (Iff at pustoshka) We will have the event begin within 30 minutes of the start time. We will use the DayzRP Event TS channel for IFF members, and we will use the DayzRP Tavern Channel for House team. Team IFF wil be given armbands, and Team house will be asked not to wear any armbands. Thats should cover everything. I dont think we'll need a pw on S2. we will turn off loot spawns, so like.. no1 will stay on the server.
  12. Can you draw one of me kissing @Rory ? That would be awesome! thanks!
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