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    No fun allowed I forgot, my b. Thanks @Josei for the second reminder too.

    1. Josei


      Second reminder for whut. Wahhh

    2. Chewy


      Some things are better left unspoken, I'm just looking out for you.

  1. San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

    It's pretty clear we just stifle RP. Obviously they cannot RP there goals because we watch closely when they log on, so we can get on to harass them! It's working boys!
    • JoffreyRP
    • Keira

    So.. I looked this up for the city of Athens.


    You might be a statistic

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    • Hebee

  2. You owe me!

  3. Not enough crazy sadistic people.

    Yeah, pretty much every crazy hostile, and bandit thing mentioned here that you have suggested would be fun; is a one way straight down ticket to permaban hell at the moment. I might suggest hiding in the corners of the map, talking shit about people who are not you, and PMing the admins about those you don' like. Self campfire rp seems to be the new hostile rp format. Good luck!
  4. JoffreyRP

    I thought I had seen rock bottom, I was wrong. @UndeadRP I am always happy to be proven wrong.

    1. Macbrine
    2. Santa


      hi joff

    3. UndeadRP


      LMFAOO . 

    4. Melvin


      wait what happened someone fill me in


      @UndeadRP hey new group mate please tell me what occurred


    5. JoffreyRP


      @Melvin in DND two nights ago, we had a player do something.. literally awful. It was.. telling. Hi @Santa

  5. Bakery and Distillery Grand Opening Event

    Cool event! Since you plan to have security to deter attacks, does this mean you are okay with it being attacked?
  6. Events "Protection"

    Nah urite. Mine were pretty bad too. I like the fact that people are/were trying though.
  7. Flux [Recruitment Open]

    I mean.. I'm stupid, but.. I saw what PCjames saw.
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    Dudebro chilllaaaaaxxxxx. Every little thing, iz gunna be aiiigghhtt.

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  8. DayZRP Community Memes

    datsaym tbh
  9. DayZRP Community Memes

    Someone revoke western posting rights
  10. Great Rp @JimRP @LouieRP @DustyRP @UndeadRP. I had a great time on the radio