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    mfw I'm about to close a report against you when I remember i'm an active member of your group


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      "Active"  😄  I kid I kid. ❤️ u

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      Emphasis on active lmao. 

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    S1 Severograd, Unsurvivable conditions 2018-07-19

    When we spoke in TS, you thanked us for the RP which was pleasant. We then went on to explain that 9.1 is to make sure hostage takers do not troll the hostegees. For example: 1. You don't leave them tied up. 2. You don't leave them with broken legs. 3. You don't leave them bleeding. 4. You don't let them die while they are in your care. (zombies and freezing to death, or extensive torture leading to their untimely demise) 5. You don't leave them with no food or water when in the middle of nowhere. (Example: Near de-bug) Leaving you with what we did, you had an.. extremely realistic chance to survive. as I outlined before with the many ways you can avoid..simple death. Also being within a few meters of food and water. I thought we had a good, and logical discussion. @Jamie and @Sleepyhead were there to supervise the the talks and to provide input to what was, and what wasn't a rule break. But here we are with you literally trying to get me banned for your inability to avoid being hit by zombies at night.
  6. JoffreyRP

    S1: Rdm, Severograd 19/07/18, 23:05

    If this is truly your position; then I am genuinely curious. What part of "Do not put a gun in your hands, or we will put bullets into you" is invalid? Its a demand, and a consequence.
  7. JoffreyRP

    S1 Severograd, Unsurvivable conditions 2018-07-19

    There is a firefight in Severo, on account of the Auroura folks shooting some of my men the day prior over a car. Two men are taken into my custody, and I tell them I'm taking them to a pond so I can give sacrifice to my god. We take the to the pond, and we perform the ritual, and we let them go. At no point during our time together did they mention they were cold, or hungry, or in need of any imminent supplies. Here is a map I drew showing where our RP went down. Plenty of food and supplies are within 100 meters of where we released them. There were no zombies around, they were released in a completely safe environment. Furthermore, it was night time. It takes extra effort to attract zombies on to you at night. Here is the video evidence of our time with the men. My ally in this situation was @OskuRP. As you can see in the OPs photo, he is energized, and not even cold. This is likely why they never mentioned needing anything. We talked it out with staff in TS to clarify rules. He reported me anyway. This is unpleasant.
  8. JoffreyRP

    S1: Rdm, Severograd 19/07/18, 23:05

    I've given the OP ample time to review the video, and the evidence around it. He says he still wishes to pursue the report. This is clear cut non-compliance, he is mad he died.. and wants someone to pay for it. I would like staff to take into consideration this as a false report. In the video I am posting it was made quite clear, that I was going to take him away and beat him up good. The initiation did not drop out of the blue, and there was clear build up to it. which you will see in the video. There are a few cuts where I manually hit, and unhit the record button. If I record for too long, the video files become huge, and my editor crashes when trying to edit them. so I manually record things, and it'll miss a few seconds here or there. Which is where the cuts come from.
  9. JoffreyRP

    S1: Rdm, Severograd 19/07/18, 23:05

    Okay, I will upload all the footage after I get out of game.
  10. JoffreyRP

    S1: Rdm, Severograd 19/07/18, 23:05

    PoV: We go to the severo school where we witness.. interesting RP. The OP whispers to me that his father figure is trying to kill him. the Ops name is louis, and sometimes he called himself "Craig". We interrogate the father, and he says he is innocent. We ask for details, and we get very little of it. The father then says "If I am guilty my son, kill me" Something along those lines. The son, raises his gun, and says "end scene" or something to that effect. The son was trying to get us to punish the dad for abusing him. He then reveals this was all just a joke, or play. My character takes child abuse pretty seriously, and doesn't like to be lied to about that sort of thing. So we tell the father we are going to teach his son a lesson for wasting our time like this. I tell the boy to keep his hands off his rifle, or I will kill him. a minute or two of talking passes, and I tell the OP to go to the car. He goes down the hallway, and pulls out his M4. I shoot him for non-compliance, as I thought he was about to turn and spray myself and my crew down. Small hallway.. is a ugly business when it comes to automatic fire. So I kill the op for non-compliance, and RP with the father afterwards, around his son being injured. Here is a quick edit of the situation: @RandyBiscuit After watching the video, do you feel you wish to continue the report? I feel it accurately shows what went down. If you want to continue the report, I will take the time to upload the whole situation. Thanks!
  11. JoffreyRP

    Dear Boat Guys

    *Would stare awkwardly at his radio* "Come again what? We usually only beat the bandit folk. Or those who cause us imminent harm. I reckon we'll take your advice and leave as soon as possible. We don't wanna be here as much as you don't like us being here. Give us food, fuel, or scrap steel and we'll be on our way sooner I guess. I reckon I don't take kindly to this sort 'er slander.
  12. JoffreyRP

    Staff Feedback: Mr. Blue

    Link to the situation:(Use "N/A" if not appropriate.) link Any supporting evidence or notes: (Here you can post a screenshot, chat logs or anything else to help demonstrate your point,Use "N/A" if not appropriate".) Exhibit "A" Exhibit "B" Feedback: Hello Blue! I was browsing the radio chatter section, and noticed you responded to a thread, antagonizing other active characters with resistance and death. The character you responded with was of the name "Dean Mendenhall". Dean is not your active character, but yet you are responding as if he is actively in the region of South Zagoria. And maybe he is, but my point is: It seems a tad unfair to tease/threaten/harass active characters on a character that you have benched. No one can find that character, and get revenge. It stifles the flow of organic "Cause and effect" dynamic that you get in the course of playing on the server in game, and can be viewed as "Scummy". You however, are not scummy. In my opinion you are a great roleplayer, and a great addition to staff. I feel you, and the other staff team should be held to high standard of behavior in RP, and in OOC conduct. This tactic of radio chatter banter comes off as a tad cheap, and even though we do not have a ton of new players.. it would not be the best foot to put forward when showing them how to properly RP with others in good form via radio chatter. Suggestions: "Big Dicking" is the term I think. Please do not "Big dick" on radio chatter with benched characters. Thanks! And keep up the great work!
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      Ah yes @JoffreyRP the song of our people.....

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    Re-instate the LoreMasters

    I personally don't see the point of them. The position has been tried and failed on several attempt now, and mostly all we get is some boring lore that the majority of players ignore. Lore events were few, and far between.. and lore groups were a bad joke. The LM's primary role was to get the server involved and engaged around the lore. It was successful in small areas, with people asking lore questions and modifying group goals around them. But by and large.. no one really engaged with the lore IG. I walked around for plenty of hours IG and I have never once been asked.. or talked about anything lore related. Unless an RCON message just blared "a plane flew by". The response would be: "Hey did you see that plane?" "Yeah.. cool". Not exactly engaging. And running a Lore group that actually affects people on a large scale is an incredibly time consuming position, that almost no one could be expected to pull off very well. I dunno.. I'd let it die. Assign group approval to admins, and move one. It's failed what.. 3 different times now?
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    So just watched your report video. YOU SIR NEED AN OSCAR

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      lol, thanks.