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  1. JoffreyRP

    • JoffreyRP
    • N-ToxRP

    Stay off the forums or you're gonna die.

    1. N-ToxRP


      Nah I’m being careful, I’m also getting points for literally nothing.

    2. JoffreyRP


      I realized this should a been a PM. My bbeeeee

    3. N-ToxRP



    4. Farmer-BorisRP


      ive told him 

  2. JoffreyRP


    Anyone else fucking tired of eating so much god damned food IG? My stomach would explode if I tried to eat even half of what my dude eats. Pretty fuggin dumb imo.

    1. OskuRP


      Day/night cycle is faster too so time moves faster, but yeah its quite dumb.

    2. Ender


      its... tollerable if you arnt sprinting everywhere but still hugely un realistic. shouldnt have to eat 8 cans because i decided to sprint from one side of the air field to the next. i'd probably be hugely out of breath and in need of some water but not food. at least imo. 

    3. JoffreyRP


      Yeah, I dont really sprint anywhere either.. I'm just always dropping to yellow. My dude would be a fat mutha fker

    4. Cthulhu


      It's weird you bring this up because at the moment IRL I am eating like a fucking Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime 😮 

    5. OskuRP


      To be fair being in the field for 24 hours straight with no rest burns through a lot of calories and you get hungry as fuck even if you wouldnt be running the whole time. And that 24 hours goes by in like 6 hours ingame. You wouldnt die of hunger in a 24 hours though.

    6. Cthulhu


      You have to consider things that can get quite deep too. If your in the apocalypse your probably going to be stressed out most of the time which can cause stress and high blood pressure and heart rate which just burns through energy.

    7. Zilly


      Im more concerned with how, any time I meet you, youre always in some state of regearing. I.E. the other day in Vybor in the tents with those stupid pink pants of yours

      I dont understand how you live long enough to BE hungry

    8. Major


      Yeah it is stupid. When I go hiking or outside and active for days at a time I get less hungry if anything.

  3. JoffreyRP

    Day or Night?

    Those days are gone.. probably
  4. JoffreyRP

    Well hello there

    Dangit.. I thought I got rid of you for good! I'll use larger caliber bullets next time.
  5. JoffreyRP

    The Fist Festival - Grish


    Due to the extreme popularity of the new patch, and me not knowing it was going to launch.. like TODAY.. an hour or so b4 the event.. we're going to go ahead and cancel this event. We will redo this event again soon.. when things slow down.. I cant even get into the server lol
  6. JoffreyRP

    The Fist Festival - Grish


    We call that "Thai Chii". Itll be addressed at the event.
  7. uSx

    • uSx
    • JoffreyRP

    Mate, mind stopping events so late? I want to participate one day!

    1. JoffreyRP


      You are not wrong. Sadly, an ocean.. a few timezones, and my work schedule are fighting against us.

      I promise to do the next one on a weekend, and 4 hours earlier than this one. I'll bet the liska will join in on it if they can make it. It's right up their alley

  8. JoffreyRP

    The Fist Festival - Grish

    What: The streets of Grish are going to run red!!! TUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAAYY!!!! This is your chance to show all of them normies that your shit dont stink, and throw your balled fists into the face of your opponent! Fight your way to the top of the bracket and win the jackpot, bragging rights, and feel like a fucking bad ass!!! This is one event, you are not going to want to miss, TUESDAY, TUESDAY TUESSDAYY!!! ARE YOU REAADYY TOOO RUMBBBLLLEEEE??!!!!! Rules: 1. Bare fists only 2. No headgear 3. Pay the entrance fee of 40 bullets. 4. If you have a coach, only 1 coach is allowed near the ring to shout tips. 5. IF you lose, don't be a sourpuss. 6. If you win, you gain all of the entry fees from the other contestants. Where: Grishino Town Square! //This will be a "peaceful event". Please do not initiate at this event, thank you.
  9. Banshee

    • Banshee
    • JoffreyRP

    Masterpiece... 😢

  10. JoffreyRP

    Chernogorsk Tragedy Recap.

    I recorded the Kamenici recapping the events of Cherno, what I found was shocking..
  11. JoffreyRP

    An Invitation to the Future (ATTN: Neutral Nation, Cerna Liska, Kamenici, National Bank)

    *The General would grab his radio* *In a mocking tone* "Yes, we the new CR Gov't.. Wish to remain completely neutral in any and all hostilities, while we, and our allies attack Grishino.. which is right down the road.. every day. We certainly hope that the Grishino people will not attack our town.. surely they will now realize we are completely neutral, and will obviously leave us completely alone." *The General would put down the radio*
  12. JoffreyRP

    New Features/changes you'd like to see in the mod

    1. Drug effects. After taking the drug items you've added in game, it should do something to the character model. Maybe make you walk like a zombie, blur vision, and or making your aim really shakey. It will improve drug RP. Same with Beer, drink 1 or two , and you should begin to see effects. 2. Maybe add a way to "immobilize" someone. Use rope to "Hogtie" so that a person cannot access inventory. 3. increase range of voip via megaphone, rn it seems a little underpowered for how much space/weight it takes up. thats all I can think of for now, if I come up with more ideas i'll poo 'em all over here.
  13. JoffreyRP

    Day of the Dead (Last Stand)

    Sadly due to no staff being available to spawn in the dead, I will have to cancel this event.
  14. JoffreyRP

    New Group Size Rule.

    Hey, fair enough. Just throwing it out to see folks' opinions! I think we got a good sample set here, and the general consensus is a -1. You guys can /thread if you like, thanks for the feedback!
  15. JoffreyRP

    New Group Size Rule.

    It would affect any crime. only a group of 5-6 can commit any crime. Dynamic, or not.