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  1. To All VDV [Open Frequency]

    - user has been warned for this post -
  2. Staff Feedback: Oliv

    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: Yes, but they are PMs and it's annoying to take screen shots. Feedback: This is a general staff feedback, but seeing as you are an admin and can help control Staff mindset and policiy I thought it best to come to you. Also as you are on the butt end of my points of thought, I felt this was in context. Okay so in about a weeks time I have had 3 separate PMs from Loshcham, Ender, and Saradomin, about my grievous Radio chatter threads. Lets go over each incident; Loscham was upset that in a radio chatter thread, I didn't transmit anything. However, it was directly relevant to the Radio chatter, as I had to listen to my radio to hear it.. I was letting the OP know, through RP on an OOC level that we had seen the post, and were going to respond to it in character. I did not want to say anything in the thread IC, as it was a pleasant call out to survivors about a camp location, and didn;t want to bring the RP drama to the thread. In a sense, I was building a story arc for the OP whilst not interfereing with the point of her thread, This was obviously terrible, and Loscham was kind enough to tell me about it without giving me points. Time #2 quarantine zone. I posted an update on the VDVs quarantine area, and I added a picture to the post to help visualize the words I had said. Similar how to when Tony posts a link to a song, the OOC link to a separate site that hosts his audio, helps us understand the lyrics of what hes singing. Ender let me know this was immersion and community breaking and promptly remove my RP ednorsing image. Time #3: I tag skinner in a post. Something tons of folks do, all the time with little to no harrasment, and within like seconds of my post going up, Staff takes away the tag, and my link to transcripts that were said in the damn radio chatter... as it was an OOC link. LIKE COME ON.. REALLY? What the fuck.. seriously? This... this is the shit ya'll are going ham on? Granted I wasn't given points (Yet) for any of these.. but all of these circumstances were RP promotion... and n ot flamey, or mean to anyone... so like.. what.. is it fuck on Joffrey's radio threads week? Is shit that slow in staff that you have to continuously remove stuff..thats actually pleasant?.. I dunno.. but it's really annoying. And you may retort with" Rules are Rule" Sure, and that is a good retort under some circumstances... but YOU YOURSELF.. not a few hours ago put some edgy Gifs of a dude threatening a guy with a sledge on IN A REPORT. Right? You are going out of your way to be extra condescending to some 16 yr old who is rebelling against society. So you can posts edgy gifs..but I cant post some RP enhancing additions to my radio chatters?... Rules are Rules amirite? Fuck dude. Suggestions for Improvement: I still respect the hell out of you... just lay off me for god sake. And if you and the team cannot find it in your hearts to lay off me, at LEAST follow the damn rules yourselves.
  3. To Ripley (Open)

    *Sergey transmits* Hello Mr. Ripley. I see it again falls to me to bring to your attention the means of peace, as you rarely, if ever.. seek it out yourself with us. Part of the reason we the VDV find you mostly worthless as a Military leader. As part of our terms giving you to in Cherno we demanded that you disarm, for a week.. as we didn't trust your organization whatsoever. You didn't say yes or no at that meeting, and fixed your position with the CDF, and came to terms with them, and moved to Berez. And.. completely ignored our terms... and us. We let this slide for 72 hours, until we hear your Sgt. Delecroix spout false propaganda about taking hostages and shit. Once more demonstrating that you hold little regard for inspiring terrorism against us. This transmission was may a day or two after our action at Cherno.. it was clear to us that the UN wasn't taking us seriously... as usual. So we went to Berez.. and found the man himself.. I asked him again to disarm for a week.. to establish trust again, with baby steps.. you know how that turned out. So I ask again, disarm for a week. Fire Delecroix, and we will watch and see that you do not do anything massively stupid.. Trust, in baby steps. *Sergey puts down the radio*
  4. VDV Contact Frequency (73.7)

    *Sergey Responds* Go to our open communications to liaison a meeting in Kab.
  5. VDV Contact Frequency (73.7)

    *Sergey responds* There is, but the NWA is no place to hold meetings. Pick a town and after we are done with patrol we shall meet you there. *Sergey puts down the radio and rubs his shoulder where he was shot the other day.*
  6. What is this meme? Our group is meh at best. Fun times w/ Squilliam, Shroud and Coreena
  7. VDV Contact Frequency (73.7)

    Dah, at your own risk then. Stay safe.
  8. VDV Contact Frequency (73.7)

    *Sergey transmits* Today the UN met Russian justice, they refused to disarm, and wish to carry their automatic rifles. We the VDV do not trust the UN in any major fashion. Therefore if you are a civilian this is your only warning; Avoid any contact with the UN until this situation is resolved. We will continue to attack the UN until their leadership is replaced, and they agree to disarm. In the meantime the VDV is getting an airdrop of medical research equipment, and team. We will continue the research on this virus, until the UN comes to their senses. *Sergey puts down the radio*
  9. Cannot connect to servers

    Yeah, it randomly solved itself. Weird.
  10. Černaruská Republika - [99.1 Open Frequency]

    *Sergey would transmit* Hello, this is Sergey, Just calling in to get an update on the new terms you sent the UN. Obviously with them talking shit on the VDV the other day.. the VDV arn't too keen on say.. not shooting them dah? That being said, we also would like to keep cooperating with your team. So, could Sergey know what terms you folks came to? Thanks! *Sergey would put down the radio*
  11. Brotherhood Of Thieves [Recruitment Open]

    Excited to see this fresh new group idea! I cant wait to bring back Kingdom v20
  12. WHO Hostage Rescued from VDV camp

    *Sergey would listen in.* It appears your true colors have now been shown. Instead of low-key insighting rebellion you now openly do it. The terms of our deal are now changed. We no longer require you to be disarmed. If the VDV find any UN forces we will strip you of all possessions, and then Imprison you. If you give us lip whilst we complete this, we will execute you. *Sergey would put down his radio.
  13. To the people who destroyed UN Camp [Open frequency]

    *Sergey would chuckle and transmit* Well done.. even the civillians are rising up and destroyed useless UN efforts.. while it was done in poor taste.. hopefully it will fucking open their eyes that they need to change. Their actions are just going to get innocents killed. *Sergey would put down his radio*
  14. Cannot connect to servers

    So my internet connect appears to be fine. But when I click S1 or S1, all I get in connecting failed. Ido not even get into a que. Any thoughts?
  15. VDV Contact Frequency (73.7)

    *Sergey would sigh and respond* Please do not take my man seriously about coming to the airfield. I dont want to have to shoot you. *Sergey would stop transmitting*