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  1. Naah, I perm'd is all good.
  2. I really enjoyed the hostage roleplay with S E C U L A R
  3. You can also achieve VIP by making dank trailers.
  4. You make a good point. I wouldn't be surprised if a report didn't spring up due to all the heckin' metagaming.
  5. ...who are you? I wasn't aware this was over the top and rude... this is fact.
  6. Personally I just say everyone calm down and let Rolle do what he wants. He only stays active for a week or two at a time, gets bored and goes AFK again for months. Right now Rolle is set to :Active mode. This will go away when Rolle is set to : AFK. Weather the storm. it'll pass.. it always does.
  7. I totally wouldn't mind leading the UN forces *Looks and sees Chief already has that position* ..oh.. haha nvm
  8. Can't wait to read up on all of the dank chern-o-russian based lore.
  9. You're not fooling anyone.
  10. I'm currently online, I don't see the servers as down
  11. @Strawberry tag good ser?
  12. Cool, whats your tag?
  13. I'll roll with you fellers.. I'll just make a new character on the EU realm. Do you need a monk? or whats all in the team atm?
    • Joffrey
    • The Marshal

    I'm doing the work on the appeal... feel free to piggy back on it. No reason both of us should put a ton of effort into the same appeal.

  14. It doesn't take long to be reminded of why I enjoy moderators so much in this community.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Hebee


      Tbh you were discussing relevant things to the report, and since they refuse to have any sort of conversation outside of that report I don't see why you were pointed, It was relevant and helped explain our side. Appeal it big boy, whoever pointed it is in the wrong.

    3. Joffrey


      Yeah.. Its just a massive waste of my time yanno? Boy... I sure do enjoy typing out this appeal... Wooooo. This is why I come here tbh.

    4. Nihoolious