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    1. Joffrey


      oops double post.. sorry.

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    1. Mexi


      Thank you Joffrey

  1. Solntsevskaya Bratva

    Dontcha just love pregroup drama? Lore looks good, I hope it all wurx out.
  2. The Vale of Shadows

    I'm triggered tbh! Curious about the title, is it a "vale" of shadows? as in "A valley of shadows" or is it "veil" "to cover", I personally feel "Veil" would work better as you are trying to cover up your "issues" yanno? But I could just be an idiot.
  3. Solntsevskaya Bratva

    I dunno.. this sounds like you'd be REALLY boring to RP with ^.^ I seriously doubt ya'll will monotone rp, so it's just a confusing goal/rule. Good luck with the group, the rest of the stoof looks pretty fewd.
  4. Wow @Para, @Jade , @Red. and @Oliv. Congrats for crating probably the most fair, and common sensicle verdict I think I have ever read from here. You didn't punish folks who were trying, or not involved, you didn't rule 4 anybody, and you punished properly where there were significant issues. 10/10 I wish I could give you all beanz for it.

    1. Tom
    2. Pep
    3. Boston


      Even though I was punished in this situation, I must say that the verdict was extremely well written and very professionally worded. Good on the team for working well. :D

    4. Para


      Thank you for the kind words @Joffrey and @Boston. Spent a lot of time working on that verdict so I'm glad it was a good one. 

    5. Bubblegum
    6. Mexi


      Do I sense a hefty amount of sarcasm?

    7. Joffrey


      No? Genuine appreciation.

    8. Boston


      No, actually. I'm being a good sport and complimenting my peers who did their job.

    9. Red


      o7, we try.

    10. Jamie


      Thanks, I thought I did a good job. 

    11. Oliv


      I- I kept reading this over and over again to find the catch.... Too many months of being shit on has left me so jaded :(


      I'll be honest with you, I didn't do as much for this verdict as the others did, I was just brought on for my colour of ink. Para, the other signees, and the entire team that worked on the report with thread notes, discussion, etc deserve all the credit. They worked hard.

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    1. Randle



    2. Pep


      Small Shaq out here

  5. Minecraft PvP

    Yeah, feel free to be just a builder. We'll make it known in the circles not to kill you. The pvp'ers will also be building stoof as well. no greifing of pretty things is allowed.
    • Joffrey
    • Buddy


    1. Buddy



      I often question the people who make these sorts of mashup videos.... but they're very much entertaining nonetheless.

      Thaaaaaaanks Joff, you're a sweetheart and gave me a good giggle :$

  6. Minecraft PvP

    Aiko will do all the aboosing.
    • Joffrey
    • Dusty


    1. Mexi


      Joffrey posting something from youtube that isn't a nude interview? Who are you?

    2. Dusty


      That's amazing

    3. Vytis
  7. Minecraft PvP

    Hello folks, Some lads and I are starting up a FTB beyond PVP server, where there are rules and jargon. No base griefing. No raiding bases if folks aren't online to defend it. No weapons and armor tech allowed in PVP higher than Tinkers construct, and twilight forest. You can build any tech, or science machines you want, you just cannot use them in base raiding or defending. Just use them to assist in building pretty stuff, and exp farms to fuel your pvp. Potions are allowed in PVP. Server details will come soon, lmk if you're interested.
    • Joffrey
    • Hebee


  8. TIL I walk around servero at night naked. It's probably a sleep disorder.

    1. Tom


      you should get that checked out

    2. SweetJoe



    3. Joffrey


      Today I Learned

    4. SweetJoe


      ahh yes.

      TIL: that people are petty.

      did I do it right?

    5. Joffrey


      Probably not. I find it unlikely that today you've just learned about pettiness, ya no?

    6. SweetJoe


      yeah your right...but I saw it so much today.

  9. Minor rule changes - 2017-10-12

    6.2 is a brilliant rule, bravo!