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  1. Mamba

    Most intimidating/interesting accent?

    Tbh Wild Bill has the best initiations of all time.
  2. Mamba

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  3. Mamba

    100.75 (open)

    *Hears Ryans outburst and becomes stiff* We will not back down , we will send you to CodVallah as well as any who stand against us.
  4. Mamba

    100.75 (open)

    "Looks at the fat , pink faced little girl next to him and realizing what needs to be done. He pulls out his machete" Yes, I will show you her remains, and we will bring the COD back to its former glory *Realization comes to his face as he picks up the radio again* We will need to find the witch, or a witch doctor. We do not have the numbers to battle the remains of the COD ourselves.
  5. Mamba

    100.75 (open)

    "Scrambles to think quickly" Far away , you wouldn't know this place. No signs as far as my eyes can see. Just me and this....fish. Lots of trees though, and rocks and water..
  6. Mamba

    100.75 (open)

    "Hears Kurts plea and thinks quietly" Oh you see...I WOULD show up , but....Yea when I was trying to kill the fox I tripped and sprained my ankle. I can't walk far distances *You hear whispers in the background* No you little asshole , that is MY fish , I will get you your own
  7. Mamba

    100.75 (open)

    "Shrieks into the radio" SHE IS DEAD , DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD. You keep asking me isn't going to make her suddenly not be fox food
  8. Mamba

    100.75 (open)

    "Sighs" She is dead , I do not know what else to say about it. "You can hear a young girls voice in the background asking for a bite of the fish"
  9. Mamba

    100.75 (open)

    "Ryan? RYAN DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE FUCKING COD!" Even back when I was in the squad I still held your best interests at heart and looked after you. Do not put this evil on me. I can't speak about the COD, it was a long time ago and things change. Look around and see that nothing is the same anymore. "Kurt , yes we can meet. You can find me by your special spot by the lake. Where we watched the fireflies. Come alone or I will have to leave, I am not welcomed in Chernarus anymore
  10. Mamba

    100.75 (open)

    *removes the batteries from his Gameboy and plugs them into his radio* No I am not lying. She was very...spunky and she dreamed to big. She wanted to be a cop and she thought she was strong enough to hop around the forest without a care in the world. I tried to keep her safe she did not listen
  11. Mamba

    100.75 (open)

    "Sighs as he hears Kaesars name" Where was Kaesar when we needed him? Enjoying his lovely vacation in the mountains? *smacks the fish aggressively* That name should stay dead as his name should be whitened out
  12. Mamba

    100.75 (open)

    "Gently strokes the fur of his new fox hat before speaking" No , an animal. It might have been rabid. It did horrible things to her. Please do not speak of the cod. It is dead, and the things we have done on the cod should be forgotten , as for the woman...I can still her her screams...carrots everywhere
  13. Mamba

    100.75 (open)

    "He looks at the fish on the rock next to him sadly as he sighs. He speaks into the radio calmy" A fox caught her while she was picking carrots and mutilated her.
  14. Mamba

    100.75 (open)

    "Cabaas hears his radio spark to life , he glances at it and places his big half eaten raw fish on the rock besides him and picks up the radio" Oh yes Kurt , the news is really bad. I am afraid to tell you that the woman I was supposed to look after...she is dead.
  15. Mamba

    Character idea your comment and feedback?

    Wow .....Kill yourself. In character ofc
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