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  1. JohnnyThunders

    Lookin for the best recorder for DayZ.

    I have used dxtory and fraps, they can impact performance on medium/lower end gear. Honestly, obs is probably your best bet. If it is laggy playback maybe it just needs tweaking. Obs makes tiny files and apart from not being able to split out the audio is fine for this purpose. (In my experience)
  2. JohnnyThunders

    Rule 15 - Permanent Death Discussion

    Could we perhaps look to punishing people for bad RP when they are executed multiple times rather than creating another rule? Would this be easier to implement? Personally I would like to see more consequence for characters and this suggestion would merge well with a lore wipe. Apologies if this has already been suggested/discussed already. I have read 90% of the replies.
  3. Last year I played a hostile, disturbed character and would "initiate" on anybody I met. I would just want to know (IC) where their camp was, what they knew about the infected and if they had any escape plan. Unfortunately more often than not - after the initiation the friends would take advantage of their valid KOS rights and end the role-play. As people have stated above, we are now well into the apocalypse which makes this type of role-play less pertinent, most peoples characters have met and formed groups and relationships. Personally I would love to see a lore wipe but I understand why many people are reluctant.
  • JohnnyThunders

    The Colony Dayz Movie & Ogclownshoe media

    This was filmed early 2015 - Its pretty generic stereo typical hostile rp from the Colony on "alts" - I finally edited the footage into some semblance of order. Thanks to Methias, Fishbiskit, Cuda (mk1) Rewand & Josh Green. [video=youtube]
  • JohnnyThunders

    Have a good one fellahs!

    Always remember our trip to the cliffs of Berezino that ended with you falling to your death. I was in a very low mood that day and you made me feel so much better. Thanks Joff. Peace.
  • JohnnyThunders

    Dreading the day...

    Stay in touch Cam <3
  • JohnnyThunders

    Interview with Dom

    Nice interview Dom. x
  • JohnnyThunders

    Alba 19 -Snipping Discussion

    Personally I think the issue is the crossover onto the forums and the "impression" given from the website to newcomers or visitors. For me ANY type of RP group should be allowed IN GAME. Nazis, racists, rapists, whatever. I think the issue is that the groups have imagery on the forums associated and that is where the lines get blurry? The website has to be sfw. Carry on.
  • JohnnyThunders

    The Colony Dayz Movie & Ogclownshoe media

    Jeez its been awhile, this was recorded about 2 months ago - The colony re-unite in Kabanino.... thanks Johnny Denver <3 [video=youtube]
  • JohnnyThunders

    My turn at a Rant

    /snip posted without reading properly.
  • JohnnyThunders

    Interview with Malet

    Nice interview Malet. I would love to visit Pripyat - morbidly fascinating place.
  • JohnnyThunders

    Outrun - Legacy [Strict Recruitment]

    I wish you the very best of luck Jo, I am sure you will succeed. Maybe Percy can visit you some time.
  • JohnnyThunders

    Some questions about getting robbed and robbing

    Its a huge grey area despite the answers given. Some people brag about these failed robberies (theres even a thread) whereas some people are saying its "ruleplay" to even attempt to fight or use KOS rights. Example, you are being robbed by 4 guys, you decide not to comply and kill all 4. You have a juicy pvp video for the failed robberies thread and the lads will all give you beans. GG no ruleplay. Same situation you draw your gun and attempt to fight but are immediately gunned down - chances are you are reported for NVFL. Massive grey areas see. Not that i blame staff, there are only so many situations the rules can realistically cover.
  • JohnnyThunders

    I trolled summit1g

    And me, and my Missus. Nice job.
  • JohnnyThunders


    Tara Andy, always a place in my heart for cheeky pumpkin guy.
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