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  1. Oh boy! 82 notifactions, I must be so co-Screenshot_20170420-081539.thumb.png.35b3ff2a88923266eb567c00a14efceb.png


  2. I refuse to believe you haven't seen this, but i'm putting it here anyway 


  3. Chill, depressing monday


  4. wish
  5. guys please, I want to believe, i really do. ;-;7
  6. I want in on Todds nostalgia sharing

    @Hel- Oh.. I forgot ._.

  7. I'm glad dayzrp has a sucide hotline now.  Makes people actually feel wanted. :S

    1. Hollows


      You called?

    2. SweetJoe


      we do? can I...have the number...

  8. I need help big brother Todd

    I feel the pressure of peers telling me to do something, but I only kinda want to.


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    2. Sylvester Todd

      Sylvester Todd








      So dente, the moral here is


      Brave the rads

    3. Luckydente
    4. Sylvester Todd
  9. Im also out of beans but I still think your the coolest.
  10. Becuase I like rp
  11. ..Uhm, did you ever think about why they went out like assholes? You can't be telling me "No there all just bad at rp and children." When you most litterly lost 'Roleplayer of the year' I dont understand why you think losing most active members is a fresh start or a good thing. Honestly you just come off as ignorant, denying every post that this did nothing and everything is fine. Seriously you come off as insanly prentious in this, and almost thread my eyes have seen. Honestly if I was a newcomer and saw that the owners philosophy was "My rule or gtfo" I would immedntly turn away.
  12. All my friends are dead.


  13. Dude Rolle we get it. Its your servers you run them the way you like and wont 'stoop to the low' of others, you're 10x more mature then almost everyone here snd smarter faster and make more money too. Im sure all these people talking whatever cant touch your glorious amazement But seriously when fourty plus of your long term members ditch all at once you might need to admit you messed up a bit.