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"I'm pulling my teeth for pleasure."

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  1. A small but powerful group with a certain kind of priests had their church and home in the village Светлоярск (Svetlojarsk). The priests were not the traditional priests, they were worshiping the bad and dark side - Satan. After the outbreak in 2017, the majority of the society went missing or turned. Only two members manage to survive. One of them was me. Patrik Emeritus II - The leader of the satanic-priest-group. Only after 10 days, my fellow priest went missing after he went out on a supply-run, and my only mission, except staying alive, preaching and try to rebuild our satanic society, is to find my missing friend. So, I will roam around, looking for him, and who ever I stumbles a cross, I will convince them to join our cause. Satan isn't such a bad guy after all, when you get to know him.
  2. ❤️

    1. Terra


      How are you my rockstar? ?

    2. Papa Emeritus II

      Papa Emeritus II

      Fiiiine! You know what? I was ingame yesterday. :O


      How are you sweetheart?

    3. Terra


      Well.... How was it?

    4. Papa Emeritus II

      Papa Emeritus II

      I survived... ?

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      You legend Papa

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      @Papa Emeritus II How are you?

    3. Papa Emeritus II

      Papa Emeritus II

      I'm fine darlin, how are you? :)

  4. I logged on just to see if Avah baked me a actual IRL birthday cake this year. But nope. Then i got nostalgic.
  5. I've been idling the forums since this post... No interview requests...
  6. Mmmmmmh. Memories. HEheheHe. Rolle will never agree to this. #booring TY
  7. WAAAAGAGAGGAHAHAHHAA Srsly. Thanks all for the warm welcome. Im still trying to figure out the basics, like, not die from starvation all the time. THEN I'll rob you. Damnit.
  8. Im actually joining the server now... Oh lord.
  9. <3

    1. Terra



    2. Papa Emeritus II

      Papa Emeritus II

      Im back! :D

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