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  1. Hello there!

    Oi Oi Oi!
    • Papa Emeritus II
    • Terra


    1. Species


      You legend Papa

    2. Terra


      @Papa Emeritus II How are you?

    3. Papa Emeritus II

      Papa Emeritus II

      I'm fine darlin, how are you? :)

  2. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    I logged on just to see if Avah baked me a actual IRL birthday cake this year. But nope. Then i got nostalgic.
  3. Interview With a Community Member: Sin

    I've been idling the forums since this post... No interview requests...
  4. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    I'm not guilty.
  5. From Voodoo to crashing out

    Oi! I miss you too! Brah!
  6. SDS

    Mmmmmmh. Memories. HEheheHe. Rolle will never agree to this. #booring TY
  7. SDS

    WAAAAGAGAGGAHAHAHHAA Srsly. Thanks all for the warm welcome. Im still trying to figure out the basics, like, not die from starvation all the time. THEN I'll rob you. Damnit.
  8. SDS

    I love you to.
  9. SDS

    Im actually joining the server now... Oh lord.
  10. SDS

    As long as you pay the warlord tribute, we're gonna be the bestest friends evah.
  11. SDS

    Hahahaha... What the...
  12. Tattoo thread - Show us your ink!

  13. SDS

    But I wasn't admin? Or wait... Did I get banned from TS? This honestly doesn't sound like me or anything I even barely remember I barely remember anything from the last 18 months, but thats another story. It just doesn't feel like something i would do Phew. I almost speed-traveled to Malmoe to give Rolle a bitchslap. The "old" Jamie.. I went to London and asked him to meet me. He bailed. Wonder why.
  14. SDS

    And btw... Admin Jamie? I hope it aint THE Jamie?