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  1. Nollakaks


    Nice pic!
  2. God daym I love that third pic with a house and car..
  3. Nollakaks

    COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Hmm, nice smile!
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    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

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    Discord, finally, awesome!
  6. Joe Hamlin was born and raised in Finland. He had normal family. His childhood was pretty much normal, except he didnt have that many friends, reason for that was propably his intrest towards nature and hiking when other kids had different things in mind. At the age of 30 Joe left his family for different reasons and started his own journey doing what he liked to do. Hiking became more way of life for Joe than just a hobby. He had some savings from the jobs he did here and there in Finland. He had heard stories about the beautiful nature of Chernarus so he decided to start his journey from there. Couple of a days of packing, planning and traveling he had finally arrived, He rented small cabin from the west of Chernarus where he was resting few days. Soon Joe realized that his journey was not going according to the plan..
  7. Nollakaks

    Make DayZRP great again

    I'm fine with all this, except 3. Require all characters to be a part of a group or starting faction. I'm soloplayer and propably always will be. I really don't want to be forced into a group.
  8. Thank you @Ruan! Really enjoyed your character Lee Havemore. What an awesome person, I hope I get to meet him again soon!