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  1. Nollakaks

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    New caves and islands? Im gonna reinstall and join back again.
  2. Nollakaks

    Metagaming rule trial

    I like this.
  3. Nollakaks

    DayZRP mod February content update

  4. Nollakaks

    Use Summer Chernarus?

    Actually voted ’no’ too fast. Now I want this.
  5. Nollakaks

    Nerf Zombies Please

    When Im looting at town I mostly sprinting while crouching literally 2 meters away from zombies and no agro. Also I have succesfully manage to get away from zombies chasing me by sprinting between houses and away from town. Please no nerfing.
  6. Nollakaks

    Combat Logging Rule

    Roman has a point. I’v been target of hostile action once, maybe twice since I joined. So being victim is really rare for me, prolly because I use really basic clothing and weapons and my character is always friendly towards others. Still many times I dont login before work etc even if I want to because if Im targeted I either gonna be late for work or get reported. So I would say lets change that 30minutes to 10minutes.
  7. Nollakaks

    New to DayZ and DayZRP

    Welcome to the community!
  8. Nollakaks

    • Nollakaks
    • Randy

    Fresh goes better.. \o/ _o_ /o/ \o\ \o/ _o_ \o/ *dimdudimdudii*

  9. Nollakaks

    Swapping to Namalsk

    Im not sick of Chernarus at all, I love it. Also the new airfield was cool surprise for me. I visit NWAF maybe once in a year. I dont mind if we have second server with Namalsk and different lore and characters as long as the main focus is Chernarus. <- That would prolly eat a lot of resources from Admins, Mods etc.
  10. Nollakaks


    I think there is something wrong with m.. Wait, a dollar bill!
  11. Nollakaks


  12. Nollakaks

    ? Adding the train mod into DayZRP ?

    Would be nice to have train in DayZRP. But Im pretty sure that mod will not work as good and smooth as we all hope. Also it's not mod by our lovely DayZRP dev's and personally I dont want to see any other mod than what is made by DayZRP dev's. So -1 from me.
  13. Nollakaks

    HUD to track statistics

    Only if it can be hide out like the rest of the HUD from client side.
  14. Nollakaks

    Bring Teamspeak Back

    I have no opinion towards TS since only voice I use is ingame voip. Having TS here or not is the same thing to me, but I think we should not compare TS and Discord. Discord is for text communication with all it’s channel features and with voice capability. TS is more of a voice thing (prolly better voice?) but even then Disord brings this community closer together in real time. So.. If we get TS, please dont get rid of Discord!
  15. Nollakaks

    What do you listen to ?

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