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  1. Sir please stop trying to ERP with me. No means no.
  2. Why did you run and make me say the magic word?!

    1. Nihoolious


      because im a pussy

  3. Johnny


    I believe this is perfectly within the parameters of great rp. Dusty's language clearly shows a tragic story. A story of a boy who was raised in a abusive house hold in which he had to fight for everything he got in life. A man with a upbringing such as this would be openly hostile to everyone he meets. This rp gets mentor community helpers johnny's star of approval.
  4. Johnny


    I'm here what can I do for you?
  5. Jailhouse Rockers Black Dolphin Black Dolphin was a Russian Jail before the outbreak that was reserved for the most extreme criminals. This facility was host to murders, cannibals as well as many other types of evils. Once the infection broke the Russian Border Alexei Mikhailov the Warden gave the order to have all prisoners disposed of. The Warden and the majority of his men knew they had a well provisioned and dependable position so they elected to move their family's to the prison and sit out the storm. Month and months passed with the infection or the black out showing no signs of breaking. With the previously well stocked pantries and supplies starting to show signs of wavering Alexei was force to start sending his men out of the prison to scavenge before things got too bad. The ex-prison guards had little issues while on supply run because many of them had military backgrounds so this sort of work came second hand. A year passed like this before the prison made contact with other large factions that had began springing up in the vast empty carcass that was once Russia. Quickly the Alexei learned that him and his people did not have much to offer these other settlements. These settlements were farming communities, trade hubs, or even full republics. Alexei finally realized the fact that he could only provide one service and it was sitting right under his nose. The Black Dolphins doors were open for the first time in a year and business was booming. For food and supplies the prison would house factions political and war criminals so that others wouldn't have to get their hands dirty. The Gang With the Black Dolphin filling up many different characters started to become guests at this five star prison. One of these guest was Alfie a man sent to the prison by the French Foreign Legion for running a gang called the ally cats. This wasn't Alfies first time in prison but he would have never thought he was going to end back up in one once the world ended. But a prison is a prison so he knew he had to get a family on the inside or he wouldn't last long. For the most part there wasn't much fighting among the prison guest but ever so often someones feathers would get ruffled and someone would get stabbed. Everyone knew who the real enemy was, Warden Mikhailov. Alfie was a leader of a group of ragtags and misfits so he was no stranger to the Warden seeing as whenever something went wrong fingers got pointed at him by both guard and prisoners. Over the months Alfies gang grew and grew till it was one of the largest on the yards with only a few other being able to challenge its claims. The Flash Point It was only a mater of time till the prisoners started grossly outnumbering the guards. With the guards taking losses faster then they could replace the odds slowly turned until people started to notice. Frankie Knuckles the leader of the rival gang knew that if any of them ever wanted to get out of this hell hole that the time was now so he called for a meeting of all the major gang leaders. The fate of the prison was set in that meeting. Not a week later during the guard switch in the morning a large riot broke out. At first the guards thought it was a large brawl in between the ruling gangs but when they went to intervene the prisoners turned on the guards over powering them. After hours of fighting Alfie with a large amount of his comrades made it to the main gate. Pushing through a few remaining guards they passed thought the gates tasting freedom for the first time in almost a year. Alfie turned his back on the prison heading south to never come back. The Chain gang Alfie Simmons - Johnny Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez - Strider Ling Ling Yao Ping - Roger Alojz Vydra - Cormac Radec Strumer - Covert Yuri Gura - Wong Reggie Samson - Shadayo The Jailhouse Rockers is a dynamic group that will be running around on N/A times. If you wish to join in the fun feel free to PM me and ill try and get back to you. Just as a heads up everyone that wishes to join must have a character page and a reason to have been at the Black Dolphin. Also all members must wear at least one piece of prisoner clothing.
  6. Me and some of the boys headed north to get some rp when we found people talking in the factory. After some talking outside we get invited in and I go play around on the roof because I haven't been in there before. After killing some cows and looking around they ask me to come down and I comply with the request. After some time of relaxing around the fire a man that we had not met at this point comes up telling is we need to leave. At this point half of us didn't have weapons out and Post questions the mans authority. The guy without another word guns Post down. This place fucking turns into the Ok Corral I'm talking some real high noon bullshit, Clapton Gasses Chris and starts chasing the kid. At this point I pull out my draco and start chasing the kid. the kid knocks out Clapton and I follow him into the bathroom where I assume he had to go pee gunning him down. While I'm off playing hide in seek with the kid from hell the father pulls out his sks getting in a gun fight with Covert, Covert kills him but he knocks Covert out. While all this happened the mom ran out abandoning her son and husband just like my mom did and the by stander put his hands up and followed instructions. Our sniper ends up knocking out the mom and I rp with her. That's all that really happened. I'm kinda disappointing by the escalation of force but i'm not shocked. A lot of us saw this coming with the settlement rules being put in. It was just a matter of time.
  7. I'm IG ill post a POV when I get a chance.
  8. That was the mind set of two extremely salty groups not the rules.
  9. Light rp 100%. The game is built for PvP and I think we need to remember that. With the ability for faction skins and missions I just feel like we need to steer that way. Now I still think we need a good amount of rules and a whitelist but lets try out something new.
  10. Shut up we are in the same group so I'm not going to list you because that's stupid
  11. Enjoyed the rp from Darra and Apollo at the NW tents and bash. I don't know who the two Asian guys that tried to rob me in stary but you two were a hoot, Also Chris your betrayal made me sad. All together it was my first real day back into rp and it was fun as hell.
  12. Johnny

    BeanZ WAR

    Get rekt nerds! White names suck!1
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