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  1. Ghost of Gijs

    I'm Back

    'sup Belisk
  2. Ghost of Gijs


    [video=youtube] If you are weirded about by most ASMR videos, do yourself a favour and try this one. It's not just random sounds, it's like a movie and it's awesome. Don't mind that it's episode 2, it's a standalone video and it's much better than episode 1.
  3. Timeless actually is that song you're thinking of. Vince Staples joined him on tour and they just released . Apparently Kanye was meant to feature on it but that didn't work out for some reason, so the album version is without rap. Vince has released a new EP called Prima Donna which features production by James Blake as well.
  4. Good point, are you new? Yes seems like a fun place but what's the passphrase?
  5. Some of you make it sound like women are another species entirely. The leap you have to take to roleplay a woman as a man is much, much smaller than the leap you have to take to roleplay having a different upbringing for example. If you have no problem pretending to be ex-military even though you're not, I'm sure you can imagine that it's not difficult to pretend to be a woman even though you're not. Women, like men, are just humans after all. The biggest issue I see is that it's difficult to use voip if you have a particularly low voice. But then we arrive at more of a text vs voip discussion, which has nothing to do with genders.
  6. The best thread on dayzrp should be kept alive. Ah, Burn The Witch. I was so fucking hyped when the original was released, but now it's one of my least favourite on the new album (still a great song). This cover is a nice change though, it has the right energy for the song. Not a huge metal fan but Radiohead and metal work well together. I do miss the strings. 7/10 [video=youtube] Can't get enough of James Blake.
  7. Ghost of Gijs

    Your bestest friends you made on DayZRP

    A bit of a cop-out but I'll allow it.
  8. Ghost of Gijs

    It's all over

    A dubious honour, but it was a fun ten minutes. See you around, Tomboy.
  9. Careful, that shit can get you kicked from staff, remember? Careful m9 Jizz, Gijz, GIIIIIJZ, Gijs, people might take you for flaming. I'd never flame you, staggs!
  10. #Fuckcats Careful, that shit can get you kicked from staff, remember?
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