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  1. Papa Tachanka

    Papa Tachanka

    Well I have been working on many, many projects as LM and side duties I have assigned myself.

    - Checking the character pages and giving constructive criticisms as the pages show up

    - working on the server lore wipe draft with fellow LM's and making edits/comments/concerns 

    - working on [TOP SECRET] 

    - Working on lore side stories for the lore wipe and prior to

    - checking the Lore & stories and giving constructive feedback where I see fit

    - preparing for the Q&A tomorrow in TS (thread linked here)

    - working on my own lore/writing pieces for the lore and beyond

    - hoping in helpdesk and helping out there when needed

    - contributing where I can in staff slack

    I hope this gives you a small eye into what I have been doing the first 2 1/2 weeks I have been LM,

    and of course check out and try to appear at that TS meeting tomorrow @19:00 server time!

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    2. Roach


      Thanks for the transparency Chief :) keep up the great work