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Papa Tachanka


"Kept you waiting huh?"

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  1. Papa Tachanka

    • Papa Tachanka
    • Banks

    "He was gonna die anyways."



    1. Banks


      Thanks, I aim to please. :D


  2. Papa Tachanka

    Papa Tachanka

    You may speak highly of me, but that's all I will need even if the whole world can only see me as a demon or a heretic. You validated me by moving forth without me, and you never did disappoint. Brother.

    1. Anouk


      *Has a big think*


  3. Papa Tachanka

    • Papa Tachanka
    • The Traveler

    Don't overplay it Trav you were betting against us being around as long as we were.


    1. The Traveler

      The Traveler

      I remember no such thing! :D In all seriousness I will take a leap out of thorin's book and say : 
      P.S: Miss you man! 

  4. Papa Tachanka

    Papa Tachanka

    by Beulah B. Malkin

    I built a tiny garden
    In a corner of my heart
    I kept it just for lovely things
    And bade all else depart
    And ever was there music
    And flowers blossomed fair;
    And never was it perfect
    Until you entered there.



    1. Alexis


      Oh okay

  5. Papa Tachanka

    • Papa Tachanka
    • Nathan Osbourne


    Keep trying kiddo.

    1. Nathan Osbourne

      Nathan Osbourne

      Damn, you caught me.

  6. Papa Tachanka

    • Papa Tachanka
    • Major


    "Don't let the bastards grind you down."


    1. Brayces


      Nolite te bastardes carborundorum! 

  7. Papa Tachanka

    Papa Tachanka

    This song fits the lord quite well. Super smash bros FTW.

  8. Papa Tachanka

    Papa Tachanka

    My new jam. It's lit.

  9. Papa Tachanka

    • Papa Tachanka
    • Major

    Miss you brother. Keep it real don't lose yourself.

    1. Major


      I will lose myself if you don't remake the cantina. :trolle:

      Love you brother.

  10. Papa Tachanka

    • Papa Tachanka
    • Boston

    Burn the Bridges?

    1. Boston


      Burn them all.

    2. ItzThatcher


      *Shakes head*
      Fookin laser sights.

  11. Papa Tachanka

    Papa Tachanka


  12. Papa Tachanka

    • Papa Tachanka
    • JimRP

    Nice profile dood.

    1. JimRP


      Thank you Chief :x.

  13. Papa Tachanka

    Papa Tachanka

    Out with the old, in with the new.

    I used to be chief, but now the lord will guide us.

    All hail lord chanka!


    1. Voodoo


      Best siege character

    2. Dvlinhb
    3. SweetJoe



      Horse drawn leaden rain.

    4. Zero


      Oh my.

    5. Combat Logo

      Combat Logo


  14. Papa Tachanka

    • Papa Tachanka
    • Anouk

    Keep your head up kiddo.

    Times are rough but you will get through it.


    1. Anouk


      I love you Chief ❤️

      Im trying my best.. thank you for all the help and support. ❤️

  15. Papa Tachanka

    Papa Tachanka

    There was a lot of false accusations and lies thrown about. 

    This is supposed to be a place we can all relax and play games.

    I wanted to contribute and continue to do LM work with @Major but sadly it was cut short.

    I won't really participate in the forums or anything OOC related here seeing as there are far too many snakes left in this place.

    I will sit back and watch, if something looks serious I may come around, but that is a rare occurrence. 

    One day. One day this place will either crumble or grow again. Whichever it may be I hope everyone can learn to calm the hell down and look at things objectively. This place has a habit of making people pick sides like this is some kind of petty high school. 

    There are so many people that came to bat for me and caused me and @JakeWalford to be unbanned sooner. 

    Thank you, I appreciate it immensely but this experience and the events that took place following the ban have opened my eyes to many things here. You all know who you are, I might be here all day if I tagged all of them.

    One day... maybe after BETA... 


    1. Pinkerton


      07 - Love you like a brother. See you in Beta, bud.

    2. Suturb The Liquidator

      Suturb The Liquidator

      I warned you when I left staff...

    3. Undead


      god bless.

    4. RogueSolace



    5. Zero


      When the decision comes to ridding the community of perhaps the one who cared the MOST, dark times have indeed fallen. I tried telling you Chief.. But you didn't listen..

      RP IS DEAD...

    6. Faith


      I got scared for a moment :( glad you're back though. I wouldn't think you'd ever do such an awful thing. Thank you for your hard work though Chief. 

    7. Lucky1911


      I wasn't gonna let fucking get rid of you and Jake so easily. Glad your back. 

      If I am ever needed I shall return.

    8. Red


      Feel blessed with the amount of friends you have made here.

      I sincerely hope to see you return again someday.



    9. marksman48


      Well said. 


      Hope to see you around again at some point in the future. Keep being you Chief.

    10. JimRP


      A'ye a'ye Chief.

    11. Melvin


      glad your ban was temporary

    12. Blackburn


      Happy that you're back.

  16. Papa Tachanka

    Papa Tachanka

    To anyone out there who have been wondering what I have been doing here is what:

    (these are not in any particular order

    1. Coordinating Events and putting together the event Coordination team
    2. Finishing touches with Lore Factions and future Lore Factions
    3. More work on future Lore Docs for location highlights and other lore+
    4. Helping community members with lore, groups, and character creation
  17. Papa Tachanka

    • Papa Tachanka
    • Major

    I am waiting for you in TS @Major 

    We are hammers looking at a world of nails.

    1. Major


      Hang on I'm talking my mom about trucks. I'll be there in a minute.

  18. Papa Tachanka

    Papa Tachanka

    I will resign if I don't get this weeb garbage off my name.

    1. Aiko


      But Chief-kun!

    2. Buddy


      Rolle spared the mentor team of those; this time...... :trolle:

      Just remember that you're pretty and pink!!!! 

    3. Combat Logo

      Combat Logo

      holy shit... Chief is closer to anime than I ever thought he would get.

  19. Papa Tachanka

    Papa Tachanka

    Well here is an event folks, hope to see some attend!


    1. Keira


      @Chief how do we know about this evacuation ICly?

      Is there a radio broadcast?

    2. Papa Tachanka

      Papa Tachanka

      yup, look on the radio chatter.

    3. Keira


      This should have been put out a few days ago

    4. Papa Tachanka

      Papa Tachanka

      its when we could put it out. Sorry.

  20. Papa Tachanka

    • Papa Tachanka
    • Spartan

    More pizza for you.

    1. Spartan


      Pizza memes second best memes 

      Siege memes are best memes

  21. Papa Tachanka

    Papa Tachanka

    New Lore addition is live now! 


  22. Papa Tachanka

    Papa Tachanka

    Been really busy but I am trying to give the community as much content as possible.


    1. JakeWalford


      I'll give you my cock if it helps.

  23. Papa Tachanka

    Papa Tachanka



    1. Papa Tachanka

      Papa Tachanka

    2. RogueSolace



    3. Zero


      Hopefully my grandchildren will get to play the legendary DayZ SA beta.

    4. Roach


      Oh hell yes!

  24. Papa Tachanka

    Papa Tachanka


    Please add to this if you could. I know some of you have things that could be added


  25. Papa Tachanka

    Papa Tachanka

    Taking a night away from TS, message me if you need something via PM or any other way of contact. I am going to work on some LM stuff privately tonight and then just do my own thing. I need time alone to think.


    1. Keira


      you take care of you and do your thing <3