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Papa Tachanka


"Kept you waiting huh?"

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  1. Papa Tachanka

    Double update. So what is the deal with the salt meter? How does it know we are going to have more Sodium Chloride than usual?



    1. Zero


      Not sure, what's the deal with you saying you are going to RP and you never show. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. Papa Tachanka

    Wall of fame? More like the tomb of the unknown. 



    1. Anouk


      this is beautiful, omg


    2. Dio Brando

      Dio Brando

      Thank you for this post, it cured me of my Stage 7 onset brain tumor.

  3. Papa Tachanka

    I do wish to work with @Major as an LM. I honestly would go back if he was there if I could even go back.

    1. Buddy


      You looked really pretty in pink not gonna lie

    2. Combat Logo

      Combat Logo

      #ChiefForLM #HeWasMountedAndLoadedBeforeAnyoneElseWas

  4. The Common Folk.

    the same copypasta you always post. Got anything new?
    • Papa Tachanka
    • Banks

    "He was gonna die anyways."



    1. Banks


      Thanks, I aim to please. :D


  5. Papa Tachanka

    You may speak highly of me, but that's all I will need even if the whole world can only see me as a demon or a heretic. You validated me by moving forth without me, and you never did disappoint. Brother.

    1. Anouk


      *Has a big think*


    • Papa Tachanka
    • The Traveler

    Don't overplay it Trav you were betting against us being around as long as we were.


    1. The Traveler

      The Traveler

      I remember no such thing! :D In all seriousness I will take a leap out of thorin's book and say : 
      P.S: Miss you man! 

  6. I'm done.

    You told me you wouldn't do this. Ah hell back to square one. You are one hell of a soldier pal. Good job.
    • Anouk
    • Papa Tachanka

    U smell

    1. Zero


      Chief is a doo-doo head!


    2. Anouk


      He is!!!!

  7. Papa Tachanka

    by Beulah B. Malkin

    I built a tiny garden
    In a corner of my heart
    I kept it just for lovely things
    And bade all else depart
    And ever was there music
    And flowers blossomed fair;
    And never was it perfect
    Until you entered there.



    1. Alexis


      Oh okay

    • Zero
    • Papa Tachanka

    Come on Papa let's go party. 


  8. o7 Staff

    K. Boston Donut
  9. beautiful. Keep up the great work You are the loremaster we all need but don't deserve.
    • Zero
    • Papa Tachanka


    • Papa Tachanka
    • Nathan Osbourne


    Keep trying kiddo.

    1. Nathan Osbourne

      Nathan Osbourne

      Damn, you caught me.