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"You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."

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  1. Chief

    Stupid Rule???

    Amen. Then again you never know who's got hostile mode active or "permadeath mode" in-game (unless you pulse check them and cross reference it on the forums) so I guess its all a coin toss friend.
  2. Chief



    "People are our best resource..."

    1. Jamie


      Eat them. 

    2. DatBlueWolf


      ...So, Chief is running the new Matchmakers?


  3. Chief


    Well I was right... .63 experimental is out NOW.



    1. Brayces


      Still not released for Private Shards, AKA. Us here on DayZRP. 😕 

    2. Chief


      still better than stable.

    3. Brayces


      OH yeah by far! GO INSTALL IT! explore!!! 😄 Get used to the new mechanics! 

    4. Zero


      Booo! Yeah you were right. For once. Mr. "It's coming out in a month" as he said seven months ago. 😉 

    5. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      hey at least they are finally getting stuff done, took them long enough

    6. Chief



      says the man who always said RP is dead and then gets in game still.

      At least I am not a hypocrite 

      (issa joke please no points)


    7. DatBlueWolf


      The only points you need are more Beanz

  4. Chief

    Coming Soon... The Home-Wrecker Will Return...

    A welcome sight. Hope you stick around awhile sport.
  5. Chief

    BeanZ WAR

  6. Chief

    hostile role play question

    Well, there goes the neighborhood. If we are at the point where consenting to a hostile action then this isn't a post-apocalyptic roleplay server this is a PvE funhouse with zombies. The conflict between people and the moral changes people go through in these settings is WHY they want to RP here. Conflict can, will, and SHOULD happen by nature. By doing this Rolle you are destroying the draw to even RP here. No danger at all, no reason to talk to anyone because by default you know they won't fuck with you because of rule armor. Bring back the old hostile rules.
  7. Chief


    There are guns in this game?

    1. Sylvester Todd

      Sylvester Todd

      Only so long as they have orange plastic tips so you know their safe.

  8. Chief


    I am so confused by all the initiation rights now, what direction is up? How the hell does anyone actually gain rights for legitimate reasons? What is a legitimate reason? If my ass is starving to death I should rob the next guy I see for food because I am desperate for anything right? Or are there more shadow rule ninjas deterring me from making legitimate decisions based off roleplay as a character? Why not instead of making it impossible to have any real conflict on the server you just actually permaban people who break your rules repeatedly? Isn't that what rules and regulations as tools are supposed to do? The old rules did that right? Fuck man I guess this is a passive RP server now unless I drag my feet for a month to make a hostile group? Man, just making it harder to have fun nowadays. @Zero

    1. OskuRP


      You can only initiate if the person you are initiating on has shot you in the past hour...this only works for individuals though so you cant go around initiating on his mates. Its all part of the new friendly RP initiative 😉 

    2. Chief


      That's probably the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

    3. DatBlueWolf


      Lore wipe the rules.

  9. Chief


    ay its Kpop, good to see you back man.
  10. Chief

    • Chief
    • Mr. Blue

    god save your soul son. Keep on being you blue.

    1. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      thanks chief, will do 😁

  11. Chief

    [GAME] Do you know the person above you?

  12. Chief


    The devs are messing with testing 80 slot servers today and they said they are having a dev stream next week,

    Not saying they might drop experimental during the stream but it seems like it might happen.

    fingers crossed.




    @Combat Logo (this is for you that I made in 10 seconds)


    1. Brayces


      Does that mean Chief is coming back?

    2. Kain


      Who's ready for that 50 man superpower group?



    3. Zero


      Anarchy 50 players ye boi. 

    4. Combat Logo

      Combat Logo

      Dad! Please, it's tearing the family apart. Just stop hunting for Beta!

  13. Chief

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    Its cool, not my kinda music but cool. 8/10
  14. Chief

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    +1 on getting approved was pretty ridiculous it didn't happen a while ago.
  15. Chief


    Well, things are looking more and more promising with every passing "Stress Test". The hype train has been pushed by all the streamers playing .63 recently too. I won't hold my breath but we are almost there. Even if it is the bare minimum of what we have been waiting for its the next step until we get the game we have all been waiting half a decade for. I think all of us that have been around since early standalone can't deny these are pretty promising times.

    It is coming.

    Sooner SoonTM than soon for the devs has ever soon'd.

    I wanna die.


    What are you most excited for when dayz hits experimental on .63 and we can RP in the new build?


    1. Spartan


      SoonTM >.> soonTM

    2. Simon


      Jeffrey the goat shall return!

    3. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      I think I'll be most excited for new player models. It will finally add more diversity to how people look, instead of most of the server using the same player model. 

      I don't know if beards will be in experimental, but I'm looking forward to that too.

    4. Pontiff


      VerySoon> Soon

    5. Stradic


      But Chief...



      I haven't had a chance to jump on the stress test servers yet, but so far what I have seen looks promising. Truth be told though I'm more excited seeing what the modding community will do with it.

    6. Chief


       no shit @Stradic

      we all want modding but thats a=just a bit further away than this. One day my friend.

    7. Yoshi


      No. 0.63 is NEVER coming. LOL

      And if, by some sorcery and witchcraft, it does, it will not be what the people expect. It'll just be another rendition of a dev-failed game.
      On the other hand, maybe people will start to bring better RP to the table... (is meme)

    8. Combat Logo

      Combat Logo

      I still say chief is Morgan from the walking dead, but instead of "clear" written all over the walls, it's "BETA" and he's just completely lost his mind. 

  16. Chief

    Pro's and Con's of moving to 0.63 Exp

    get good I guess. (its a joke pls no points) Yeah well, the above response sums up your questions then. I want .63 no matter how buggy its still something different, a change of scenery. Bring it on that's what I say.
  17. Chief

    Yo I'm back

    Good to see one of my ozzy brothers back. See you around.
  18. Chief

    Should Anarchy Be Official?

    Rolle is gonna just invalidate the lore team and be the one standing his ground on the decision. My vote is if the people and lore team believe overall that they should be official, Then make them damn official. But we will be here listening to this constant negative white noise that occupies this site nowadays.
  19. Chief


    DayzRP? more like CarebearRP.


    I am kinda done with everyone crying all the time can we just RP like the old days?

    Take me back to '15 @SweetJoe


    1. Zero


      Hostile RP is the plague of servers.

  20. Chief

    BeanZ WAR

    77 Let's go.
  21. Chief


    Pretty sweet vid showing off some interesting stuff in .63


    1. WeldenRP


      3:15 - This is gonna make RP amazing, just having an addition like this...like...wow

  22. Chief

    BeanZ WAR

  23. Chief

    BeanZ WAR

  24. Chief

    Dayz mobile

    what even is this thread?
  25. Chief

    I Have Returned!

    Welcome back, cheers to sticking around this time. Enjoy your stay.