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  1. damn this was forever ago. @RogueSolace @Combat Logo @Coda852 this is how things used to be (I know its long) ^^^^  @Hebee @Sylvester Todd 

    This was way back in the early days. I really held Chase at a high regard back then it's really interesting to see our characters before they changed so much after Msta, and the clowns. Shoutout to @Yoshi for capturing this and @Austin for reminding me of this and rediscovering it for me again :) 

    at 1:09:30 is a cool note Axel wrote and some other cool talks are sprinkled throughout.

    1. Chief


      Oh at 58:00 Axel talks about Chase and how he couldn't let him die, crazy that if he had, it would have saved him so much pain down the road :( 

    2. RogueSolace