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  1. This thread is for the upcoming Timeline thread that will be posted soon, The LM team wants to gather all recent events and large scale occurrences that have shifted the paradigm In Game and made an effect on a greater scale. These must all be serious and well meant or they will not be accepted. Memes or inside jokes will not be accepted in descriptions of events or anywhere else in the application. This thread is purely for the event applications. Once again these posted applications are for past events that you feel are worthy of being put on the timeline and will be reviewed by the LM team, Admin team if need be and @Rolle himself. The format will be below. Any further questions about this process please deflect to THIS page, thanks! We hope to gather as many apps as possible to the timeline when it is released. Date/time: Location: Brief description of event that took place: Party(s) involved in the events that transpired: Why is it relevant enough to be included in the events timeline?
  2. Ask the LMs about the Lore!

    On the thread, we have some fairly good logistics on the bomb, how it detonated and what its effects are on SZ. A). After the detonation, all the irradiated water and debris thrown into the atmosphere would have followed high-altitude air currents and probably made some people out east near China-Mongolia sick and possibly die of radiation poisoning.
  3. *The radios of all the UN officers who are monitoring this secure frequency would hear the squelch of static before a firm familiar voice would be heard over the airwaves* "Sandman Actual this is Falcon Actual, break." *The radio would squelch once more and then await a response*
  4. Rick Sommers

    Rick was born in Livingston, Montana and was raised by his mother until he was 15, and then he went off and began a life of his own. He would start his own business partnership with a few guys, and that company sprouted into an outdoor recreation shop known as REI. He would live comfortably in Seattle for most of his life, traveling around the world and camping/hiking wherever he could. He now recently wanted to see all of the Chernaurussian castles on a grand tour of Europe he had been planning for months. Now he has ended up here, in the middle of chaos in Chernaurus. Rick is down to earth, he knows people and what they want. A natural leader and an outdoorsman at heart.
  5. Summary We need a large pool of people who can help us refine and execute larger events. Two men doing this especially with our limitations In game makes that quite difficult. But with 20 people, 10 from European and 10 from North American to cover most time zones. You Must be able to: A decent writer and know basic principles of piecing together a larger narrative Been a member of the community for at least 1 month Can be flexible with schedules and be at least available on slack Work with lore factions and other groups Have a good temperament and have a cool head Current members North American Team @Paradox @Mischief @Coda852 @Taryn @Macbrine @YourLeftHand _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ European Team @Mexi @JAMMIELAD @lukaszxe Application Format IRL age: Date you joined the community: Roleplaying experience: Why you want to be apart of the event coordination team: What can you contribute in 1 word: What time you can operate in coordination and which sub team would you be in based on that:(server time) What kind of characters do you play best? What playstyle? Are you ok with being involved in PVP? Any further comment or question please either refer directly(PM, @ us or Use and select loremaster) to @Chief or @Major for more info OR Go HERE Apply now!
  6. Event Coordination Team Recruiting

    Welcoming @lukaszxe, @YourLeftHand and @JAMMIELAD to the team.
  7. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Ok Sidious go back to your electrocuting kids for fun. (Yes I do.) What is the most recent movie that came out you thought was good?
  8. The UN has completed as many objectives as they could with the resources at their disposal. Now they have orders to leave, but they won't leave without taking as many civilians who show up. All civilians should make their way to the LZ at 21:30 server time. The event will center ariound the UN bringing all available personnel and leaving via RCON message with as many civilians they can bring back to the FOB in Miroslavl. Everything in the below doc is all OOC information. and all questions on it or the event defer to @Chief, @Skinner, @DinoCasino, or @Mercy click on the below link at your own risk. OOC Info Document
  9. We are in a re-gear of priorities and attempting to make more prominent events and more things to involve the community. I am working on some more follow-up events and lore spotlights. Any questions send them to the LM Q&A thread or PM me, or major for more private requests.
  10. Dear Mama... I'm Sorry

    interesting content as usual. Good work. Wish we saw more letters to loved ones.
  11. To anyone out there who have been wondering what I have been doing here is what:

    (these are not in any particular order

    1. Coordinating Events and putting together the event Coordination team
    2. Finishing touches with Lore Factions and future Lore Factions
    3. More work on future Lore Docs for location highlights and other lore+
    4. Helping community members with lore, groups, and character creation
  12. some unfortunate happenings but overall a successful event. Great job everyone.
  13. Roleplay- Immersion and Believability

    The UN took quite the beating in its life. But now that it is gone many believe that it was all the people's fault. There was a monocle of fault towards the people based off some IC interactions. But other than that as stated earlier it is outside of the UN's control. I do hope to compile all the IC reports and everything else that we all worked on in the original UN and release it in an event.
  14. Pop. location

    Stay to the IC side of the forums and stay in game to really find out and not find out OOC. It is far more rewarding trust me.
  15. My Personal Battle

    Here as always @Loscham
  16. bye staff.

    Been a pleasure.
  17. The United People of Salvation

    One glaring issue I see with this thread is the goals need to be more end goal cause=effect oriented. More detailed goals and more graphics and then it should be ready for approval.
  18. I am waiting for you in TS @Major 

    We are hammers looking at a world of nails.

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      Hang on I'm talking my mom about trucks. I'll be there in a minute.

  19. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    There was someone in high school that I was always compared to, made me pretty salty back then tbh. What is your favorite game before 2010?
  20. I will resign if I don't get this weeb garbage off my name.

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      But Chief-kun!

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      Rolle spared the mentor team of those; this time...... :trolle:

      Just remember that you're pretty and pink!!!! 

    3. Combat Logo

      Combat Logo

      holy shit... Chief is closer to anime than I ever thought he would get.

  21. Event Coordination Team Recruiting

    Welcoming @Coda852, @Mischief, @Taryn, and @Macbrine
  22. Well here is an event folks, hope to see some attend!


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  23. *Commotion in the background and sporadic gunfire break the static before you general would speak up* "Solid copy Colonel. We understand the gravity of your situation but we are beginning to run low on supplies as well. The remainder of your forces and any civilians make their way to Lima - Zulu at location Echo-Sierra-Sierra. We can not let any research or intel on this fall into the wrong hands. Be there 2300 sharp on Friday and we will pull you out. It has been a pleasure son. Falcon Actual out." *Static would quickly overtake the frequency*
  24. Event Coordination Team Recruiting

    I am sure we can see what you can help with, in the current state we can't do much so all help is appreciated. Those are just specifications on a *perfect* candidate.