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"The Old Chief, Ex-Loremaster, Pathfinder"

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  1. Chief


    You will know when the time is right.


    1. Otto


      Or not.

    2. DatBlueWolf


      pitter patter

  2. Chief

    Mentor Program | Apply Today! | Accepting Mentors & Students

    Good to see someone is trying to fill those enormous shoes once again. Good luck @Lori
  3. Chief

    Potius Cras

    excited to get back in the thick of it. Welcome @Grimnir !
  4. Chief

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

  5. Chief


    Ha yeah I would hope there would be enough lore. @Major would have otherwise to say lol Welcome to the community take off your shoes and stay awhile!
  6. Chief

    a little hello from me

    It's ok that about the english, if anything it makes sense in a non-native English speaking country like Chernaurus! Welcome to the community.
  7. Chief

    Hello ~

    Good its always better to get in game and experience it for yourself than spoil some of it on the forums, smart move. Welcome to the community
  8. Chief

    Howdy Everyone!

    Welcome to the wasteland. Hope to see you In-Game soon.
  9. Chief

    Hello, I'm patient zero

    this reminds me of a meme I made when me and @Major were wondering what Rolle would type up for the lore...
  10. Melvin

    • Melvin
    • Chief


  11. Good to go.
  • Chief


    cool you shoulda shot that and I could've framed it in the cantina. Be a good story.
  • Chief

    • Chief
    • Zero

    It begins.

    1. Zero


      If you say so partner. 

  • Zero

    • Zero
    • Chief

    Miss you dad.

    1. Zero


      If you say so partner. 

      Wrong one lol

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