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"The Old Chief, Ex-Loremaster, Planeswalker"

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  1. Chief

    • Chief
    • Zero

    It begins.

    1. Zero


      If you say so partner. 

  2. Zero

    • Zero
    • Chief

    Miss you dad.

    1. Zero


      If you say so partner. 

      Wrong one lol

  3. Chief


    I know it seems like the ball isn't rolling but it is. 

    Patience is a virtue after all.




    1. Otto


      Hah. Believe that when I see it.

  4. Zero

    • Zero
    • Chief

    "And when the world needed him the most, he vanished."

  5. Zero

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    • Chief


  6. Chief

    • Chief
    • Major

    Cute shield. Looks good although you have the wrong lable on there. Its supposed to say "Loremaster"


    1. Otto


      Still says Loremaster on the staff page. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. Chief


    The Cantina Teamspeak is back online.


    1. Razareth


      Whoop whoop!

    2. Zero


      Congrats, now if you'd just get online on DayZ that'd be great.

    3. Click


      Release the cantina back on the official dayzrp ts.

      then all the children will be happy.

  8. Chief

    US server?

    +1 I get 130 ping for the server in Washington state
  9. Chief

    108.7 Hz

    *The Voice comes alive to the Gunny's voice* "I see, what would the drop Local be? I will code you a message soon." *Fades back to the static we all know too well*
  10. Chief

    Any of you made the car work?

    they aren't worth it but if you have the people/resources and maybe 1-3 hours you too can drive in style.
  11. Chief

    108.7 Hz

    *The Radio would crackle and hiss over the frequency focusing after a few moments into a clear stern and concise voice* "We will be broadcasting to those who know. To those who don't maybe one day, you will know. You can call me Gunny." *sound of flipping pages* "Mark Two Bravo Hotel at Grid 9. Stop." "To our friends, we gave a gift of good faith, contact us here in the future." "Chow." *Crackles back to static silence*
  12. Born and raised in a harsh ghetto in LA Marlon knew almost since he could remember he was going to be in the military. His father had died in the Vietnam war but he grew up seeing the medals and knowing what his father was. More than medals he was another brother who laid down his life so he could be free. As soon as Marlon was old enough he enlisted in the Marines and rose up the ranks quickly with his great sense of people and how to coordinate well with others. He participated in Operation: Desert Shield and nobody knows what happened to Marlon but he was different after that. But whatever changed made him commit his life to his country. He was a "Black Diamond" by the end of Desert Shield and hasn't left the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion since. Ever since he was an E-5 he has always been the guy mopping up his superiors messes on and off the battlefield. He was on a special mission with a detachment in Takistan before the Z's started coming from every direction out east in late August of '17. A few surviving squadmates stayed alive in the arid wasteland of Takistan until Late June of '18. His squad was encountering more and more resistance from local groups one of which named "Černá smrt" was hunting down "Rock" and his brothers killed someone of importance in a chance skirmish outside Nagara. Moving west they enter Chernaurus with no issue until they near Novigrad. They happen upon a compound with the word "dřevo" above the gate. A man in a brown rimmed hat stared down at him and his squad in the July sun... To Be Continued...
  13. Chief

    Lore wipe?

    what this scruffy looking nerf herder said. plus the fact that once we get the game in its entirety (whenever and whatever that is I do not know) then we will have to see how the environment is. We need to stop thinking a lorewipe will fix things. It will always bring temporary relief to a pain we will always feel until we get the features we deserve. The playerbase and what they offer will be the ones making you want to get in game when things get interesting.
  14. Chief

    October 2018 changes

    @Zero just wait.
  15. Chief

    anyone else?

    wait till we have everything from the Devs and complete control of the server before thinking the server is in dire need of a fix. Why don't we just get in game and make the server better in each of our own ways instead of complaining every couple weeks?