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  1. Chief


    Well Hopefully the content update stress tests go over well soon, really looking forward to RP in dayz .63!

    One day.

    1. Raptor


      me too mang

    2. Stradic



  2. Chief

    The Railroad

    Looks ok, if you want any info from the '16 hobo's including @Simon @neckrorazul and a few others I still seem to be meme'd into always sounding like my hobo character in my TS all the time. I will have to record our shenanigans soon.
  3. Chief


    wow that's dedication
  4. Chief

    o7 folks

    As we all have said since day 1 @Major good job. Now you can join me and return to the dust of the Cantina. An untimely demise just the same, Reminds me of other times. Keep it real, brother.
  5. Chief

    Interview with a Community Member: Stargirl!

    Good to see an interview from you Keira. One question I will ask is why the name change? Anywho feel free to drop by the cantina sometime. Hope to RP with you in the future
  6. Chief


    o7 Louie
  7. Short Bio Intro Early years in Limerick, Louisville Morgan had a passion for stories. He learned to read at the ripe age of 3 and was pulled into the fictional worlds he found on the shelves at his local Public Library with his father. His father is the one whom morgan can credit all of his fascinations to this day to people and how we all live together in this world. Years of being buried in books paid off when Morgan went to school and became a journalist. Joining a few local radio news publications at the start of his career he soon found his aspirations lie out in the world. After years out in places all over the world Reporting on every crysis you can think of in the last 30 years. Morgan set out to Takistan as tensions began to rise there: Reporting on stories of the problems existing in Takistan. He was in the thick of it place to place for different outlets that would buy his pictures or raw footage of him at the scene he was always there. Takistan and neighboring Chernaurus would prove to be the place he would eventually learn to call some semblance of "home" after many months during the '17 Zombie Epidemic. Warning All material within the spoiler may be material that would spoil your interactions with the character. All material is taken OOC in nature within the spoiler. If you acknowledge the above text then feel free to read below Knowing he is stranded with no hope of getting home, He is left only to what he has always known: Get the news. These are recountings and information he has gathered.
  8. Chief

    Farewell my friends

    I will be seeing you sooner than later I imagine. Good luck out there Zero. You know where to find me
  9. Chief



    So they fixed the memory leak issue as stated by Eugen Harton on the new status update, When are they gonna allow the switch? 


    1. Brayces


      Man, all those new features? I'm excited!

    2. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      The jumping looks sick, can't wait to try jumping from roof to roof.

    3. Zero


      God damn it.

    4. SweetJoe


      sorry zero.

  10. Chief


    Oi good to see you back voodoo. We should catch up sometime sport.
  11. Chief


    Quite the intro indeed. Welcome back! I enjoy a little vaporwave now and again. You seem like a pretty cool cat.
  12. Chief

    Stupid Rule???

    Amen. Then again you never know who's got hostile mode active or "permadeath mode" in-game (unless you pulse check them and cross reference it on the forums) so I guess its all a coin toss friend.
  13. Chief



    "People are our best resource..."

    1. Jamie


      Eat them. 

    2. DatBlueWolf


      ...So, Chief is running the new Matchmakers?


  14. Chief


    Well I was right... .63 experimental is out NOW.



    1. Brayces


      Still not released for Private Shards, AKA. Us here on DayZRP. 😕 

    2. Chief


      still better than stable.

    3. Brayces


      OH yeah by far! GO INSTALL IT! explore!!! 😄 Get used to the new mechanics! 

    4. Zero


      Booo! Yeah you were right. For once. Mr. "It's coming out in a month" as he said seven months ago. 😉 

    5. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      hey at least they are finally getting stuff done, took them long enough

    6. Chief



      says the man who always said RP is dead and then gets in game still.

      At least I am not a hypocrite 

      (issa joke please no points)


    7. DatBlueWolf


      The only points you need are more Beanz

  15. Chief

    Coming Soon... The Home-Wrecker Will Return...

    A welcome sight. Hope you stick around awhile sport.