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"The Old Chief, Ex-Loremaster, Tachanka Main."

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  1. Chief

    Whats going on!

    welcome back. Hop in-game soon!
  2. Chief

    Hello Everyone

    good to have you back wumbo
  3. Quinn

    • Quinn
    • Chief

    You shouldn't have shown me your eggs and sausages. All I want to eat is that rn.

    1. Chief



    2. Quinn


      I'm female but simple, but with food it's different, I can go from wanting eggs and sausages to duck fast.

  4. Raptor

    • Raptor
    • Chief

    Here's a pineapple my bast fren


    1. Chief




    2. Raptor



  5. Chief


    not THAT roger, somebody else. No, I know he won't ever come back here.
  6. Chief

    Interview with a Community Member: Dino

    the most organized and meticulous community member I have ever met. Keep being you dino because of you the best ol' sport.
  7. Chief


    That won't happen lets be honest.
  8. Chief


    Wow, I am surprised Rolle caved on this. Seemed like there was no chance of something like this after the last attempt. Can't wait to see some of those old names come back! Seems like a welcome change. +1
  9. Chief

    How to use your own name in 0.63 Experimental

    wow thanks for the fix! We were wondering how to do that...
  10. Chief

    Returning :)

    Heh and I joined right at that time too. Welcome back hope to see you in game!
  11. Chief

    I Will Find You [Open Frequency]

    *A sudden burst of sound breaks the frequency*
  12. Chief


    Suh, good to see you back Dew.
  13. Chief

    Mass-unban and a separate whitelist for Mod.

    Too much work and Rolle will never get along with the idea. Was talk a year or two ago about it but the idea never took off. Just gotta wheel and deal my friend.
  14. Chief

    Hello there.

    try the .63 server it's not bad. Welcome back.
  15. Chief

    DayZ World

    why divide your population to multiple servers now when you have focused on standalone so long?