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  1. We are in a re-gear of priorities and attempting to make more prominent events and more things to involve the community. I am working on some more follow-up events and lore spotlights. Any questions send them to the LM Q&A thread or PM me, or major for more private requests.
  2. Dear Mama... I'm Sorry

    interesting content as usual. Good work. Wish we saw more letters to loved ones.
    • Mercy
    • Chief

    When you're the only sane Loremaster (unlike Major)...


  3. To anyone out there who have been wondering what I have been doing here is what:

    (these are not in any particular order

    1. Coordinating Events and putting together the event Coordination team
    2. Finishing touches with Lore Factions and future Lore Factions
    3. More work on future Lore Docs for location highlights and other lore+
    4. Helping community members with lore, groups, and character creation
  4. some unfortunate happenings but overall a successful event. Great job everyone.
  5. Roleplay- Immersion and Believability

    The UN took quite the beating in its life. But now that it is gone many believe that it was all the people's fault. There was a monocle of fault towards the people based off some IC interactions. But other than that as stated earlier it is outside of the UN's control. I do hope to compile all the IC reports and everything else that we all worked on in the original UN and release it in an event.
  6. Pop. location

    Stay to the IC side of the forums and stay in game to really find out and not find out OOC. It is far more rewarding trust me.
  7. My Personal Battle

    Here as always @Loscham
  8. bye staff.

    Been a pleasure.
  9. The United People of Salvation

    One glaring issue I see with this thread is the goals need to be more end goal cause=effect oriented. More detailed goals and more graphics and then it should be ready for approval.
  10. I am waiting for you in TS @Major 

    We are hammers looking at a world of nails.

    1. Major


      Hang on I'm talking my mom about trucks. I'll be there in a minute.

  11. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    There was someone in high school that I was always compared to, made me pretty salty back then tbh. What is your favorite game before 2010?
  12. I will resign if I don't get this weeb garbage off my name.

    1. Aiko


      But Chief-kun!

    2. Buddy


      Rolle spared the mentor team of those; this time...... :trolle:

      Just remember that you're pretty and pink!!!! 

    3. Combat Logo

      Combat Logo

      holy shit... Chief is closer to anime than I ever thought he would get.

  13. Event Coordination Team Recruiting

    Welcoming @Coda852, @Mischief, @Taryn, and @Macbrine