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  1. YourLeftHand

    Safe Zone Trial

    I did. Then it goes on to say it'll be evaluated. I'm wondering if, after that, there may be a second trial. I think I might have been asking someone other than you, though.
  2. YourLeftHand

    Safe Zone Trial

    I'm terribly sad that, regardless of the outcome, I managed to miss this trial. Does anyone know if there will be subsequent trials or was this just a one off?
  3. YourLeftHand

    Get out of jail card idea

    100 Euros seems fine. I'm fairly certain people don't accidentally just wander in to being permanently banned, unless they're a very persistent child. I'd be interested to see, of those whom pay to return, how many end up re-offending. Is there a different set of rules or criteria for permanently banned members, newly returned? Is it back to the start, clean slate? (If this was mentioned in the original post, sorry, my reading comprehension failed me)
  4. YourLeftHand

    Jánská (recruitment: OPEN)

    Much thanks! I am sure I will prove to be both extremely useless and extremely talkative!
  5. YourLeftHand

    Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    Frank finding out he's been administered morphine by a queen Question: "Are you apart of ____fill in the blank____?"
  6. YourLeftHand

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    After a particularly fallow period of RP, I managed to find quite a bit of it, with a full ranging spectrum of vaguely hostile/antagonistic to genial/fun - it was god-damn fantastic. I managed to basically record an entire television show, including a full narrative arc. For that to have occurred organically is, to me, a GREAT sign! Now I hunt for names, and if I left you out it's because I am horrible at even recalling names ICly, never mind the associated forum name @Bubblegum @Darion @Honeybee @Misuteri_Hakurei @TheMightyToenail @LadyInBlue A fella in a gasmask that went by 'Michael' A fella who went by Leonard A fella who went by Porco, I believe? Fantastic bartender Very sorry if I left someone out! Or included someone that wasn't involved?
  7. YourLeftHand

    What is happening?

    There is good, solid RP out there to be had, but it's well protected under a thick, mucous-y film. Certainly not impenetrable, but it's difficult if not near impossible to self-impose oneself in to an RP without being expressly encouraged to join. Like a dinner you're expected to come and eat, but don't know about and haven't been invited to it... Put simply, the only solution for such a thing is for the community to police itself, whether that means agreeing to what the community standard is and sticking to it, or reconsidering what those communal mores are and restructuring them. In either case I felt it worth nothing the 'RP is Bad' camp is almost exclusively people not in groups, while the 'RP is Good' camp is almost exclusively people in groups. Food for thought!

    • YourLeftHand

    Waits over an Hour for my RP the tru OG here.

    1. YourLeftHand


      The stink of desperation on me is clear as day

  9. YourLeftHand


    Managed to play on S2 for two hours today

  10. YourLeftHand

    Survivors: Looking For Group

    IGN: Dr. Frank Pritchard Country: United States English skills: Primo DayZ Mod Experience: Classically trained (handful of years) DayZ Standalone Experience: Middling at best (handful of year) Roleplaying Experience: Extensive, but you'd hardly know it! What kind of In Game role best describes you: NPC/Ancillary/Medical/Comic Relief Have you been in any clan/group previously: <3 Free Medics <3 and there are some photos of me standing near people in the UN Additional notes: Serva me, servabo te? Best way to contact you: PM me here. Backstory: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-118/
  11. YourLeftHand


    Did not realize this UN event was a UN DISBANDING event

    There isn't a strong enough 'fuck' for me to express here, so to best understand the feeling, just mash some broken glass in to your gums ;)

    1. Mademoiselle


      If you come into teamspeak tomorrow I can talk to you about something :P 

    2. YourLeftHand



  12. YourLeftHand

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    You killed an older doctor. Are you proud of yourself? You should be, that's like... two kills, one bullet! Good shot! Actually Tim Curry probably sums it up best for me. Quite a gripping exchange though, all and all! Ignoring the worst possible DC right after initiation, it was fun, glad to have born witness to it.
  13. YourLeftHand


    Shot dead +1

    Shot dead with handcuffs on +1

    So, that's two points.

    1. ExoticRP



    2. YourLeftHand


      I'm too old to understand this

    3. ExoticRP



      Translation: This is a very unfortunate circumstance

    4. YourLeftHand


      I think you misunderstand? I've accrued two points.

  14. YourLeftHand


    I'd have thought crashing during a robbery would be a sweet sort of relief but it is the worst ball ache instead

  15. YourLeftHand


    Oh shit. You're still here!