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  1. Clyde Cliffen was born in Dallas Texas he grow up on a ranch with his father and mother working all day when he was 12 he fell off a horse hitting his head on a rock leaving a nasty scare on his cheek all through high school he was ok in school but not the best stuck to his own people soon as he had a chance to join the army he did sighed at 18 enlisting in the US Army as an infantryman. going over seas fighting the good fight he was on his first deployment. one day on route is convoy got IEDed he was injured and was transported out 3 of his team members died that day because of a mistake there commanding officer made after confronting and threating the CO the Army dismissed him of duty. we was later shipped back home but it was not the same for him he tried to settle down and make a life but he was craving the army life again so he hit up a old buddy that was doing contract work he did not know where but he knew that it would be out the US so he took it and to Chernarus to protect a oil company trying to make ties but no luck the days grew long and longer till one day all the days came together and the end of the world was on us leaving us to take it for our own or pick up the pieces.
  2. neckrorazul

    The Corporation [Open Frequency]

    *Clicks down the radio * this is shark I have touched down I need a location to group up with corporation agents how copy ? *waits for a response*
  3. shark was called into this shit hole after hearing that the corporation has lost more agents then any mission so far leader of team 5 spore asks him if he would go and get shit going and underway and he agrees he's well rounded in all combat and hostage negotiations he was not a leader for nothing there was a hand full of times he had to get his team out of a hard spot but never compromised the mission. as he gets the last details of mission ahead he heads back to his room packing his stuff and loading his weapons a knock on the door you ready sir chopper is 10-4 he replies ya ya has he slings his bag over his shoulder and lit cigar in his mouth lets go. after many months and the rugged land and people changed this man following his own rules deciding to go his own way and he built a person to call himself and a way of life so his old company would not find him and weldy the hobo was created doing what he likes and creating his own story.
  4. this one is for you guys great Rp I have been around this community for a longtime and I can say that your RP is 10/10 thank you for sparking my love again for rp
  5. neckrorazul

    The Corporation [Open Frequency]

    Is the threat gone and we’re are you located how copy
  6. neckrorazul

    The Corporation [Open Frequency]

    This is Irish me and ash have relocated to cp 7 how copy *waits for a response *
  7. this will fix it temp now give me beans
  8. neckrorazul

    Potius Cras

    thank you
  9. He's arrogant, independent and intelligent. This isn't surprising considering for someone with his disturbing past. He was born and grew up in a loving family in a developing village, he lived without worry until he was about 7years old, but at that point things took a turn for the worst. his village was taken by the so called military lining his family up killing his mother and father and taking him and his sister to work for them loading rifles or cooking or washing cloths But with his diligence and perseverance, he managed to battle the elements and remain out of reach of danger. While haunted by memories of the past. after some time and has he grew up the military took is his and left without him leaving him for dead with days without food and water some people found him taking him in walking for a few days reaching a Refugee Camp in the BPR looking for his sister never finding her so he waited to see if she would show up working the soup kitchen for work. one day he decided to get a job as a cab driver to make some cash so he could leave from this place and seek information about his sister but the job was ok but he got in the wrong crowd owing money from gambling all the time trying to get ahead but never did. on a normal day he was driving to the local airport sun coming over head music playing from the radio until the wailing of the the bombs coming down seeing the airport in flames and people running he picked up people he could and asked whats going on but no one knew a thing and so crim is traveling to find answers with the group of others that he picked up.
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    I missed you <3

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      See you real soon

  11. I know been gone for omost a year but I will be back next week in game and creating stories see you soon
  12. neckrorazul

    s1: Negornoe - Invalid Kill 9/10/17 - 00:28

    I do not sorry
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