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  1. Sam is special forces of the United States military, involved in black ink operations. While not technically a fighter on the front lines, Sam isn't unwilling to put himself in an area of hostility. He was deployed in the Chernarussian region during the time of infection, acting as a task force member regarding proxy wars to destabilize a neighboring government for the sake of American interest. Several of these operations are considered morally questionable, however at the time of activity Sam's psyche profile cleared him of any detrimental aspects. He knows what the job is, he's willing to do it.
  2. Joseph Kerr was born into a broken home. His upbringing was surrounded with abuse, both substance and physical. Joseph learned that he was able to get get what he wanted through acting on impulse. Whatever he wanted or needed he simply took through circumstance. He learned how easily others can be influenced, and how to pull strings psychologically to allow others to think or a believe, allowing them to continue through a path mentally that Joseph had devised. Through time, Joseph had become subject to legal intervention. (likely due to his lack of impulse control causing laws or people to be broken) Joseph was forced to undergo psychiatric evaluation. His stay became longer and longer throughout time. He was transferred to a psychiatric institute in Chernarus, coinciding with the outbreak.
  3. As long as we're on the topic, how does everyone feel about the 1080ti? Anyone here planning on getting it? Anyone sticking to their AMD's? Does anyone think it's just a cash-grab?
  4. Now that I have a disposable income, I'm building a new PC for shits and giggles, and also to reach a solid 25FPS on Minesweeper. Going after a 7700k and possibly the 1080TI, but I have a 1070 sitting right next to me for the worst case scenario. Here's my current build from Freshman year before I knew what a girl was. Post your builds, show off the sheer power lying in your PC!
  5. After reading that image collection I had to convince myself I wasn't on /b/. What's the deal, really? Is this over that nugget-picture? I have no doubt that this ban-spree was influenced by a disdain towards the staff. Whatever though. Sunrise, sunset, right?
  6. I'm seeing a lot of former donaters being permabanned. Is it true that this all started with a nugget-penis?
  7. After deliberations through Steam, (As my Teamspeak seems to be suffering issues) there are a couple of points I'd like to bring to light. A fair argument is that I had little value for my character's life walking into Vybor. I can see how that would be unfair from someone who is in a firefight. That's perspective, however. Perspective is key. From mine, there were only little gunshots. Not enough to ward anyone off out of fear. Perhaps a community is clearing out zombies? Perhaps someone is being executed? There were, plain and simple, not enough shots to induce fear in both me and my character. Certainly not enough to constitute drawing a conclusion to a gunfight. Seeing as there was a firefight, I'd believe I entered it at a bit of a calmed point perhaps. Another is that I did not leave as swiftly as Ghostbusta's group wished. I disagree. It's understandable to think that I mosey'd a bit, when you're in a gunfight seconds are minutes. I left rather quick, however, and in confusion. I can argue some seconds can be added as I was looking for a decent exit route so as to avoid the group. I ended up heading southbound past the factory, and sprinting out westbound towards the barn, where I took a second to take accounting of the possibility of being followed and my character's fluids. I would have been no more than fifteen seconds in the barn if I was not shot down. Yet another is my gear situation. Some would say my character was under-equipped to handle a situation involving a gunshot, but I disagree as I had two concealed firearms, being a trumpet and a derringer, as well as ammunition to last. I'm hoping that this clears any confusion. I will be leaving to work and can return at about 3am PST.
  8. I should also note that I'm not interested in any back and forth or to be treated disrespectfully. This is not a big deal. I ask that any posts be truly necessary. I feel it's necessary to add that I only heard a handful of gunshots. Circumstance on my end might have it be that they're out of loading reach, lag, silenced, 22s, whatever else. I did not know that there was a gunfight. Simple as that. Call me an idiot, what have you, but I was interested in roleplay. Nothing else.
  9. Is the disrespect truly necessary? Yes, I had no clue what's going on. I walked in to Vybor expecting RP. All I saw were dead zombies and people running around. I was interested in RP. Is that an offence? I only heard twice, "Get the fuck out of here." I'd argue that even in a gunfight, there should be at least some role play, especially with someone unknowing of the situation. However, I complied. I figured, "Maybe there's more players willing to roleplay somewhere in the area?" So I left. I went to the barns north-west as I said, and took a second to see if I was being trailed and to rehydrate, then of course, shot dead. I'd argue that although there is a gunfight, it shouldn't matter how big or small, you need to be willing to offer RP to someone like me, not knowing what's going on and in fact, looking to role play. I'd also argue that I wasn't interested in whatever was on any corpses. It's not in my character to build up a massive arsenal. I was strictly looking for roleplay. I see that only fragments of my original post are being collected. -How am I supposed to know there's an active gunfight? All I saw were dead zombies, so I could only assume that's what the gunshots were being directed at. -I'd argue that I did leave the area. I left confused and I did not feel under any threat. I understand the gunshots could constitute a threat, however, in my mind, the only death was from zombies. -I didn't decide to "Sit in a barn and drink" so passively. I was getting my bearings. I was also interested in seeing if anyone was approaching me.
  10. Server and location: S1 - Vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2:33 Your in game name: David Dhami Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: No clue. Logs? Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: I walked into Vybor hearing gunshots. I walked into the North-East area and saw some dead zombies, so I figured someone was clearing them out. I was met with a couple players yelling "Get out of here you fucking retard!" and "Run! Sprint away!" I ran to the north-west barn to stop for a second and see if I was being followed and drink, as I was afraid I was starting to dehydrate, and I was shot dead. No interaction, no RP, no nothing.
  11. I feel like we can /solve this. Cleaning up my computer helped a bit. I'm not sure if it's DayZ or my computer, but it feels like it could be better. Especially the framerate. I dunno. Might just be how DayZ is. Oh well. Thanks everyone for your support and patience.
  12. I'm afraid the problem is my PC, not my connection. I can play online on my Xbox One with no problem and the very same connection, but my PC has trouble. I'm just not sure. I'll try after my disk has defragmented.
  13. Windows 7 Ultimate. Wifi.
  14. Tried both. S2 had a relatively do-able ping. 150. When I went in I was kicked for a bad connection. Same deal with S1, but my ping was even worse. I refreshed and the pings got worse and worse. As far as location, I'm out of Northern California. Or the in-game server menu, if that's what you meant. Update - I'm Defragmenting my disk and running a couple of my anti-virus scans, as well as Ccleaner. Not sure how much the scans will do considering my computer was off for about four or five months but hey, why not?
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