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  1. Buddy

    BeanZ WAR

  2. Buddy


    Welcome to the fun house my friend!
  3. Buddy

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    / 10
  4. Buddy


    Sittin here playing Soul-Silver version again got me all nostalgic like...



    1. Mexi


      I know it's an odd thing to ask, but I have a 2DS XL and the game looks like it's either fake or the resolution is off due to the XL 2DS screen. Could you screenshot it and show me what it looks like through Discord?

    2. Buddy


      I got ya! Give me just one sec👌

    3. Aiko


      I should play my moon I need to charge my 3ds though. 

    4. Buddy


      y-your 3ds.... isn't charged???


    5. Aiko


      Listen, it died while I was playing pokemon! So sush!

    6. Buddy


      You are neglectful and let your pokemon down



  5. Buddy

    Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    it broke my heart to see that not only the helpdesk was removed from teamspeak... BUT THE PLUG DJ AS WELL!!! WHYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
  6. Buddy

    Worth coming back?

    Gross! People pee in that water y'know!!! ____________________________________________________________ Welcome back siiir, it is always worthwhile to return so long as you have your mind set in the right place
  7. Buddy


    A farewell message brought to you all from a longtime fellow community member, and a passionate individual.

    My dearest friend, Roach ❤️

    Spread it far and wide my friends, for all to see! 

    1. Cobe


      We will miss him ❤️ 

    2. JoffreyRP



  8. Buddy


    Disney has finally won the bidding war and is officially absorbing purchasing 21st Century Fox, for $71.3 Billion. 

    Ladies and gentlemen; I give you the greatest and easily most badass Disney Princess of all time 😎

    Sigourney Weaver as; Ellen Ripley - The Alien franchise 

    Image result for ellen ripley gun

    Followed in part by the evil Disney Queen.... 😱


    Image result for xenomorph queen

     Maniacal laughter intensifies!!!!!

    1. Lyca



    2. Ender


      This is actually really exciting, because now the copyright holders for x-men, Deadpool, Spiderman, are officially owned by the same company that owns the rest of marvel. We might actually get the X-men in the MCU now.

      Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart have both stated they were retiring as the actors of wolverine and prof. X unless they were in the MCU. Sooo there's something to be hyped about. 

      Self Correction, Sony owns Spiderman, not Fox,

    3. Buddy


      Oh the hidden marvels of all the now plausible things to come... MUCH EXCITE!!!!! 

      @Samaritan How do you feel about this? 😂

    4. Ender


      Lets not forget the Fantastic Four aswell, fox owned them. Hype for a fucking proper F4 movie.

    5. Buddy


      Disney is so damn rich, let's just have them buy the US government and call it a day 👌

    6. RileyChan


      Please officially Anastasia a Disney Princess! 🤞😍🤞


    7. Buddy


      I mean.. it was from Fox so technically they just did 😛

    8. RileyChan


      Yeah but they need to make it official, not even all princesses who were originally Disney make the cut.

  9. Buddy

    How harsh is the rule about racism?

    This statement coming from you; an almost 4 year consistently dedicated community veteran & ex GameMaster, is basically the equivalent a gourmet chef writing a review for McDonald's. Meaning that the levels of knowledge and expectations for learning something new are vastly different in comparison between yourself and a newcomer (our target audience) who may potentially have little to no experience in the game or even role-playing itself. Just sayin. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Calling @Stagsview in for his POV on properly role-played out racism from his days with Cerna Liska.
  10. Buddy

    • Buddy
    • Cobe

    Calm down!!! 😵


    1. Cobe


      KEEP UP TO DATE BOI! :3 


    2. Buddy


      *hovers over the unfollow button..*

    3. Puck


      I agree, no more! Or you will get in troubles.

  11. Buddy


    In other news, my sugar gliders are cute AF!  😁


    1. LeviathanApsu


      And so my children melt into a puddle of "Awwwwww" sounds.

    2. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      This made my day 🙂

  12. Buddy

    • Buddy
    • Oliv

    Image result for look son a legend


    Everyone knows you've done your absolute best with what you had to work with from day one. 

    I had more to say, but here is not the place for it. I respect you, I love you and I hope we can keep in touch.

    Kick your feet up and relax you sexy Canadian stud 


  13. Buddy

    • Buddy
    • Chief

    Ima call you Chiefy Leafy


    Hey I love you and used to use that icon too xoxo

  14. Buddy

    BeanZ WAR

    37 ree
  15. Buddy

    • Buddy
    • Gaylaxitive


    Grow some balls and do it on the server anyways like i always did 😎

    1. Gaylaxitive


      Buddy not all of us are as smooth as you though.. ❤️ 

    2. Lyca


      True. <3

    3. Buddy


      Image result for michael jackson moonwalk gif

  16. Buddy

    BeanZ WAR

  17. Buddy

    BeanZ WAR

    if you dont understand then you need to re-evaluate your life
  18. Buddy


    @Roland what ARE you doing???? 🤔


    But then....


    So basically...


    Y U DO DIS?????

    1. Lyca


      He lied to me :C  .... no to us .... 

    2. Brady


      Leave him alone hes trying to live his best life

    3. Buddy


      B-but... I am his most absolute favorite form of playful harassment... 😢

    4. Roland


      Ts is still there and will be until the end of the year. I didn't say anything about helpdesk. 

    5. Oliv


      TS is gonna have one channel, the lobby, and that's it 💪

    6. Buddy


      Okay then, If THAT'S how its gonna be then I'm just gonna go ahead and do this again since staff don't wanna give anymore love to the helpdesk 🤨 muahahahahhaa


  19. Buddy

    BeanZ WAR

  20. Buddy


    Discord is so awesome that I literally have to uninstall / reinstall it every single time I want to connect to voice on it anywhere with anyone at all; otherwise it will not recognize my $200 Razer mic which functions perfectly on everything else. I fully appreciate and understand the progression aspect of this decision but... I still believe TS3 to be a far superior platform for larger scale numbered voice coms. Discord is excellent for small groups / text chat / PM's, but I feel it will be a very long time before it is ever on the same level of functioning user friendly convenience as TS3 is and has been for so many years. Sad Buddy is deeply saddened.. EDIT:// @Roland How will staff be monitoring behavior / conduct which takes place on the discord itself? That opens a whole new can of worms if you ask me and makes for a more difficult job for the staff as it is one more massive thing to maintain as I sit here being playfully inappropriate in the general text chat
  21. Buddy

    Official Mentor Program [Accepting Mentee's]

    Hello community members and welcome to the Official Mentor Program thread! This program was created for the soul purpose of enhancing YOUR role playing experience in our servers. Although newcomers are the target audience, we will always accept ANY applicants regardless of their join date or experience level in DayZRP. For those that apply; what we do is pair you off with other more seasoned members / role players in the area that you wish to improve on. It's one thing to read and understand the rules when completing your whitelist; our goal is to help take what you've learned and apply those skills to real in-game scenarios with other survivors like yourself. What we hope to achieve is to help newcomers better understand the rules and reduce the risk of them ever breaking any. We have consolidated what we offer into two main categories of learning: "In Character" and "Out of character" - Each having their own list of offered varieties in role playing or community related subjects to explore. Take a look down below and see for yourself where your interests lie! In Character Learning Hero Role Play will cover everything that is associated with being "the good guy," ranging from medical RP, diplomacy and negotiations as well as keeping your fellow survivors safe from harm. If you're playing a character who is trying their best to stay out of trouble while encouraging a strong and positive moral; chances are that this would be a good place for you to start! Survivor Role Play, or what others may refer to as "Campfire RP" will cover everything between Hero & Hostile RP. Ranging from basic to advanced wilderness survival skills; we can show you the best means of keeping yourself safe and out of harms way. Maybe you struggle coming up with things to say or are unsure of how your character should react in a given situation; both are simple skills we can work together on to improve! We also offer more specialized assistance if you are interested in learning to RP as a Russian or Chernarussian character. Hostile Role Play is very delicate and can be difficult to pull off properly; one wrong decision can lead to finding yourself at the receiving end of a report if you aren't careful! Here, we can teach you the aspects of; torture, robberies, hostage taking and intimidation tactics while ensuring that the party or parties you are being hostile to are able to have enjoyable RP as well! Hostage Role Play is a significantly darker side of RP where your true limits of fear and courage reveal themselves. On the subject of hostage taking, being a hostage is an incredibly important aspect of role play that EVERYONE will inevitably experience at some point in their time here on our servers; like it or not. If you are curious or unsure about how to act or what it feels like to be a hostage or maybe you just haven't yet had the chance to experience it first hand; it truly is a "must do" for people of all role play styles to try at least once in case you may find yourself at the wrong end of a gun barrel. Military Role Play is a whole new style of approaching RP that builds upon all the other forms shown on this page; from approaching in game situations to background creation, the little things make all the difference. The ability to understand and then present a soldier yet still display yourself as a human being (As opposed to a super soldier), will make or break this style of RP for both yourself and those you interact with. Group Role Play is a whole new experience of game play in its own. Some individuals may prefer to travel the wasteland in solitude; whereas others enjoy the company of several of their closest companions. The ability to travel around or simply interact with multiple people on a regular basis is a corner stone of RP and truly enhances the quality of RP itself. The dynamic possibilities are endless when you toss more people into the mix and things are not entirely in your control. Here, we can introduce and share the ability to interact with some of the already existing groups and factions of the community or even encounter dynamically wandering survivors across the country. The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless! Text Role Play is an essential corner-stone to role play as a whole and is something that we believe all members of the community should be able to properly utilize. The ability to emote your characters physical actions (not mental thoughts) to allow those surrounding you to react and respond to enhances the role playing immersion exponentially! Unfortunately, the mechanics of our beloved game have us limited to the actions we make when around others; however a skilled text role player is able to further supplement what is presently happening in any given scenario with a simple emote. We're also able to help those who wish to fully dive in and play a text-only role playing character. Out Of Character Learning Crash Course, RP 101: The most basic of all the selections offered; Perhaps you are brand new to the concept of role playing, or maybe you were recently found guilty in a report for "Bad RP" and are looking to improve yourself. Here, you can work with a mentor who will aid you in learning and understanding the basic "dos and don't" of role play. There are some physical actions or even words exchanged in character that may be deemed immersion breaking to others around you. It is our goal to help you understand these often overlooked details to improve the quality of role play in which you surround yourself with. After all; nobody appreciates it when a person decides to blatantly get right up in your face in the middle of RP to shamelessly pulse check you. Character Creation: Quality in the writing foundation of your character is absolutely imperative. The amount of details you have written about them determines how well you will be able to interact with other role players and potentially REACT to uncomfortable situations your character may find themselves in. Having a strong, in-depth background (as well as their personality traits) is key in how the story of your character will unfold. It's a solid fact that the more information you have written about them, the more you will be able to share and develop your character with others around you in the role playing environment. Here we can aid you in creating a detailed character backstory to ensure that your experience in role playing them out is never dull and that you will always have something with them to talk about. General Knowledge is exactly what you'd expect it to be. In this category, you may inquire and learn about; The Guide Section of the forum is another excellent source for enlightening players in all sorts of different aspects of role play on an in AND out of character basis. There are also tutorials for technical support problems found in this section for when you find yourself in a tight pinch and aren't sure on something. These guides are all created and designed by community members just like you! Be sure to take a look at any that interest you and share your thanks for any you've enjoyed reading through. We understand that there are endless possibilities when it comes to your preferred style of Role Play and that some categories may bleed into others. This is a basic system we've created to easily identify what it is that YOU need help with so that we are able to pair you off with someone who is the best possible match. Now that you've read everything above and know about the many categories, how does this all work? For those of you who would like to apply, all you need to do is copy the template posted below and fill out the answers to the best of your ability. Once you've done so, simply post it in a response to this thread. One of us will confirm that we have seen your application and it will be forwarded to the full team. We will then review your application and whoever we feel is the best fit for your needs will contact you in a private message to organize a meeting and begin working with you. If you are not comfortable publicly posting your application you also have the option of submitting it privately to any of the members of our team which are listed below. We encourage anyone who has questions for us to post them in this thread or send PM's to any of the people listed below. We also have our own designated channels on the community TeamSpeak for one on one sessions or if you wish to speak with any of us in private. Copy and fill out the template below into your thread response or private message to apply for the program: Listed below are all of the people who make this program possible: AlwaysGamer ✉ Message Buddy ✉ Message Doc Holiday ✉ Message Dustup ✉ Message Gaylaxy ✉ Message Lukaszxe ✉ Message Lyca ✉ Message Applications to join the mentor team are currently CLOSED. A very special thanks to the 2016 Lore Master team for setting this program in motion Original thread created & written by @Stagsview : November 2016 Thread ownership transferred to & revamped by @Buddy : March 2017
  22. Buddy

    The Sea Men

    FISHERMEN?!?!?!? DID SOMEONE SAY FISHERMEN!?!?!?!?!!?!? Really awesome and progressive concept you've got going on. I really hope to hear about stories of guys running to the coast with a crap load of jerry cans to refuel your vessel Best of luck!
  23. Buddy

    • Buddy
    • Roland

    SIR, I will have you know that I applied for staff this one time..... it just happened to be Dec 28th, 2014... about a week after I joined the community and you completely ignored my PM.. You mean butt face lmao 😂


    Yes I am flaming you btw 💋


    1. Whitename



  24. Buddy

    BeanZ WAR

    .... did i win yet?
  25. Buddy

    Official Unofficial DayZRP Minecraft Server

    Yeah! Not even that AikoGurlE is worthy of such a thing! Minecrafting is funcrafting!