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    [Quick Guide] 10 Basic Essential "Do's and don'ts" for learning to Role Play

    Due to popular demand, I've decided to take this post made from the Mentor Program and give it a thread of its' own. I hope everyone finds it to be extremely helpful! Since starting out, a LOT of people have PM'd us mentors asking us if we could share with them a list of RP "do's and don'ts" for basics to get them started on their RP journey. We of course give them our best, but I figure why stop with private messages? Let me post here what I've been sharing with some of my mentees' for a reference to anyone who wishes to take a look. Feel free to shout out more simple tips you feel should be added on! Again, these are just a few basics we feel that newcomers should keep in mind. Staying in character - This (in my mind at least) is the most important aspect of ensuring the enjoyment of your role playing experience. Honestly nothing is more annoying than being around a person who is constantly using //OOC text chat while you are trying to RP. Only use it in absolute emergency such as asking permission to log out or to let someone know you have technical issues. If you see a glitch happening or if someone says something questionable to you that would compromise yourself staying in character, I would recommend ignoring it and continue your role play. **IMPORTANT** Accidents in DayZ happen all of the time, such as glitch deaths for example. Don't freak out at all or breach OOC if they do. Simply keep yourself in character and react in a way that your character would. Also something to keep in mind; if you do happen to witness someone die from a glitch or they fall from a rooftop, I personally will role play out the person being injured / unconscious and RP carrying the person away from the scene. To flat out say "oh god they fell and died" would be powergaming their character when it was a game bug / accident and they probably did not want their character to actually die. Keeping yourself immersed - This one could piggy-back off of staying in character. Ignore any visual bugs you may encounter in the game, honestly just pretend that they don't exist. Unless it pertains to you and is an emergency, ignore when other people use //OOC text and try your best to avoid using it yourself. If you are in teamspeak with someone and there are other people around, be sure to prioritize the characters you are around in game over the people in your teamspeak. I personally will mute my sound in TS whenever I am in the presence of another role player and it helps significantly. Role play with the environment / infected / wildlife. Heck even talk to yourself in game while casually walking down the road mumbling what thoughts your character might be having. Anything that you could further do to enhance the immersion of yourself BEING your character. Use text emotes - I am a full advocate of people using text RP to further supplement their RP experience as well as those who are around them in game. Perhaps you're sitting by a water pump to get yourself a drink. Type out an emote depicting what and how your character is doing that action. A simple example being: *Holds his/her hands under the running water and splashes some on his/her face.* Maybe you're talking with someone and they say something questionable to you. A personal favorite of mine would be to emote *Glances curiously at the man with a raised eyebrow.* - Something as simple as that to show a physical action for others to see and act upon. Role play isn't always limited to VOIP or through the use of physical in game items. Make sure that your backstory makes sense with the lore of the setting we're playing in and always have something that your character can talk about when there are those odd moments of silence where no one is saying anything. Perhaps a childhood memory from you characters past or maybe you see a place / item in game that reminds your character of something or someone. Anything to strike up a conversation. The more in depth your character backstory is, the easier it will be to talk fluidly with other survivors you encounter. On the topic of talking with other survivors - try your best to avoid the generic "how did you get here in this country?" or "what did you do before all of this went to shit?" Then the all time worst being "are you hungry? I've got some extra food?" or "I need these types of bullets do you have any?" - Topics like those tend to bore people to death. The second two I mentioned will usually cause major eye rolls. Instead bring up something more relevant like something that may have just happened in game or maybe talk about something that your character is trying to do (refer to your characters personal goals if they have any) - You could warn others about a massive hoard of infected you saw down the street or that there were some shady people hanging about in the next town over. Something like this will for sure strike up a more interesting conversation. Avoid metagaming information at all costs. Anything that you as a person know but you character does NOT, you should never act upon with your character. For example you could pulse check a person and find out who they are, but obviously do not address them by that name you just got unless you've been told it personally by them or someone else in characterly. On the subject of "pulse checking" other players. If you're going to do it, be as subtle as you can. There is nothing more immersion breaking and obnoxious than when a random person runs up to you and gets right up in your face, says nothing and then turns around and walks away. That right there is textbook pulse checking. If someone does that to you I would personally in character react saying something like. "uh.. dude? you mind backing the fuck off? There's no need to get all close on me like this." It will almost always deter them from doing it again. Part of keeping yourself immersed better - VALUE YOUR CHARACTERS LIFE AS IF IT WERE YOUR OWN!!! If there's gunfire nearby, don't be a hero and run towards it. High tail it out of there and get to safety. If you are surrounded by potentially hostile people and you feel you're in danger, don't smack talk them because it will only get you roughed up or even killed (and rightfully so). Hear a pack of wolves? RUN! Don't be a fearless GI Joe macho guy who fears nothing and feels no pain. It's incredibly cringey to witness happen. Don't refer to in game items as their actual names or use any DayZ affiliated terminology. I can't tell you how many times I've rolled my eyes when i hear a person talk about their new pristine conditioned hunting knife or other item. Honestly, who would ever refer to anything in the real world as "pristine?" Just say it looks unused or like new. Also your character (unless it's in their knowledge pool) shouldn't be able to identify all types of weapons and ammunition. 95% of the characters walk around being able to identify what an SVD or AK-74 is and tell people what exact ammo they use. That is honestly incredibly unbelievable. If you're on a civilian character, chances are you know little to nothing about the firearm you're using. So simply refer to it as a rifle and when looking for bullets, even ask people if they know what it uses? Chances are that your character wouldn't be able to know that off hand. Another thing; don't ever say to a person you're "dying of starvation or dehydration.." another really immersion breaking thing to say right there. Say instead "if i don't get something to eat i'm going to collapse!" Focus on PEOPLE and NOT GEAR! This is fairly self explanatory. If you and I are standing having a conversation outside of a military base and we see a guy run right by us to run in and out of every single building at full speed and not saying anything to us... that's just incredibly sad and it easily shows that person is far more interested in gear than role playing with us. Don't be like that guy, ever. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Additional useful tips brought to you by other community members: Try to move as a person would in real life. Avoid sprinting indoors or at all when you're not pressed for time in character. Try things like walking when it makes sense to walk, peeking by leaning in corners and keeping your weapon up and aimed when checking a house for loot, simulating being on guard for infected. It would add to your own immersion and others alike. In the same vein, familiarize yourself with the in-game emotes, remap them if you must to keys you feel more comfortable with. There's a lot of immersion to be added by just pointing at the horizon when you talk about a place or sitting down when taking a breaker. - @Lady In Blue Entering the Wasteland With A New Character. Coming into the server for the first time may lead you to say things in your first interactions with people like "Hey man I just got here" - try to avoid that as it will leave more questions and answers and put you in a tighter position OOCly since you won't know what to say. if you have to just make up irrelevant stories from the time you arrived in Chernarus that being from the start of the lord wipe or whenever your character entered the country if it wasn't that day it will lead to smoother role play for all parties. - @Galaxy
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    "over the line" Roleplay?

    I agree with you entirely on that front and I don't believe they're deliberately promoting it. For liability and comforts sake, I'd highly encourage for it to be put back in though because what you said is exactly the point; remove the warning labels from everything and half the worlds' population would be dead from their own stupidity. It's always best to have idiot-proof disclosures written in giant, bold text that the staff can refer to or even show a screen cap in response to the inevitable; "Is this allowed on your server? I don't see it anywhere telling me that I can't!" This is the internet and some people on here are an entirely new breed of stupid. I believe they need all of the hand-holding and warning labels they can get.
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    "over the line" Roleplay?

    That is exactly the point I'm making here. The community is advertised as being 16+ The simple removal of that line of text in the rules stating; "We promote a zero-tolerance policy towards rape rp" just bumped it up to 18+ I'm just not so sure it was very well thought through upon doing so.
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    "over the line" Roleplay?

    Wow. Okay then. I must be a lot more out of touch with recent events than I'd thought if that rule seems to have vanished so quietly; or that it just wasn't discussed very loudly / publicly? Could someone please link to me where this particular adjustment is highlighted and thoroughly discussed / voted on? I'd love to not feel so oblivious about such a delicate subject. I am and always have been an advocate of potentially controversial role play in favor of enhancing immersion and realism; but allowing RAPE?? What place does that even hold in a role playing community?? Quick answer to the above: I T D O E S N T Where is the sign for '18+' hiding around this place because I'm just not seeing it?? Call it a "mature role playing community" all you want; there is hardly a great deal of maturity around the internet in terms of video games (or anything for that matter) and even less so who are able to remotely grasp the very concept of what "rape" really is. There is no such thing as a "proper portrayal" of the act itself. You do not "role play out" the act of raping or being raped by someone. Any attempt at doing so only has one conclusion;
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    I can smell the train VDM reports already.... Pro tip guys - don't try stopping them or blocking the way 'cause you're gonna have a bad time!! But please post vids of your attempts anyways so i can have a good laugh
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    Real life picture Thread

    Hello from the coastal reefs Of Oahu!
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    Make status updates editable?

    I've seen far more petty, pointless and nonsensical things posted from status updates than this community should even remotely tolerate. I still say to kill status updates all together and call it a day. Otherwise.. what the big red honcho above me said because it makes perfect sense for why they are and probably will remain, a "one and done" deal. Though... i am fairly surprised that there isn't a staff option to view edits... because it otherwise WOULD be nice to have an edit option Until then; Catching malicious behavior > Fixing grammar and spelling mistakes.
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    Hello Everyone

    Ohh myy..... it you? Hello darkness my old friend!
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    Official Mentor Program - [CLOSED]

    The Mentor Program will remain closed until such a time when there is a higher demand for those interested in seeking help to improve their Role Playing experience. We deeply apologize to those who enjoyed our presence and I express my personal gratitude and highest respects to those that ever wore that blue Mentor badge; YOU are a part of what made this program possible!
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    DayZ World

    What playerbase is there left to split? No disrespect at all because like you, I've always been mostly against the concept of having side projects for that exact reason you stated. It Just spreads the community far too thin. I believe this to be a good move. It doesn't even matter the direction at this point with how stagnant things have been of late. However, as others have said, I agree this decision was made far too late for it to have any real positive impact on our community. People begged and pleaded for years about having a mod server brought back with the answer always being "no". Now all of those people who wanted it are long since gone either from bans or their own personal reasons. Not only that, but it's perfectly clear that the lack of development for SA has royally fucked us. Any direction change is better than none given our current standings. I just wish it had been made back when people were asking for it and not when the money began to run dry. I don't know how else to put it. I genuinely do hope that this move will help breathe some life back into the community.
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    OKAY! Somebody please get IG and do something report-worthy? Our GM's are gettin piss drunk from all of this partying
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    Official SCUM Thread

    I got you fam Now go get your game on and gat somebody for me!
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    BeanZ WAR

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    Sorry, but it is my time to go.

    Welp.... it's really sad that you're having to leave us like this... but it's safe to say you've had a good run and left your mark on the community! Good on you for making the decision that best fits you! I'm glad to hear your life has taken a turn for the better as well! I genuinely hope that things here have a different and more appealing tune for you the next time you pop in. Until then, stay awesome and keep doing you
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    BeanZ WAR

    This thread is clearly the cause of the downfall of this community. We can't have war between the people over measly cans of beanz. Start growing crops and catching fish goddammit! There is no need to fight for food!! Seeing as I still must continue the count.....
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    Why don't you get in game?

    I actually like and appreciate the fact that this thread exists a great deal. Not only because it offers each and every member an opportunity to speak their mind as to "what's turned them off from playing," but also because it's consolidating all of the things that clearly need to be improved upon in order for this community to have a chance at thriving again. - Staff; This is honestly the perfect opportunity for you all as a team to sift through this conveniently consolidated list of "negatives" lets call them... and discuss either internally or with the community ways in which each item could be improved upon. There are a few repeated items listed already.. those could be a good place to start. Can they all be fixed? No, obviously no one here is able to snap their fingers and drop beta in our laps or undo some of the less than savory things that have happened within the community. However it is a start, and I honestly believe that this thread wouldn't still be attracting attention if some semblance of those responding didn't want to see this place make a comeback. Just my two cents. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I no longer play because; - I've recently acquired a new job position and it does not exactly allow much of any time for play. <-- this one kind of seals the deal with or without the ones that follow. - Very few people are "willing to lose" in a situation and be the hostage / willingly give good hostage RP. Thus the reason so many are quick to pull triggers and throw up reports. So much potential role play is completely ruined because someone chose to have an itchy trigger finger instead of attempting to expand the scenario and take it another direction which could change everything entirely. - It seems to a be a trend that there are those who have difficulty differentiating IC from OOC and become... "emotionally compromised" in role play, thus contaminating the natural events which could otherwise naturally unfold / creates unnecessary conflict on the forums. - The removal of dynamics or at the very least, defensive dynamic kill rights. Along with a few other questionable at most rule changes. - Edgelords, edgelords and even more edgelords. - This game itself is honestly stale; updates are non-existent and the lack of new content makes for a very unenjoyable experience for those who (like me) thrive on exploring new map territory or game items / mechanics. - Give us a mod server so people can get their jollies off of mag dumping people in there instead of where role play should be happening. Also... because mod... ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I really do hope that more people respond and contribute to this thread. There are many good points are being brought forth and I genuinely hope they're not going to be overlooked.
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    BeanZ WAR

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    Welcome to the fun house my friend!
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    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    / 10
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    Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    it broke my heart to see that not only the helpdesk was removed from teamspeak... BUT THE PLUG DJ AS WELL!!! WHYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
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    Worth coming back?

    Gross! People pee in that water y'know!!! ____________________________________________________________ Welcome back siiir, it is always worthwhile to return so long as you have your mind set in the right place
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    How harsh is the rule about racism?

    This statement coming from you; an almost 4 year consistently dedicated community veteran & ex GameMaster, is basically the equivalent a gourmet chef writing a review for McDonald's. Meaning that the levels of knowledge and expectations for learning something new are vastly different in comparison between yourself and a newcomer (our target audience) who may potentially have little to no experience in the game or even role-playing itself. Just sayin. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Calling @Stagsview in for his POV on properly role-played out racism from his days with Cerna Liska.
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    BeanZ WAR

    37 ree
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    BeanZ WAR