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  1. Buddy


    Computer update; after having gutted my pc monday evening; my new SSD has been installed and working out great. My other terabyte drive has been wiped and reformatted; as well as upgrading my OS so that I can finally get around the stupid 16gb ram cap limit and use the 24gb that's been in there for god knows how long.

    BUT.. my new GTX 1070 is still being a pain in my arse, as in only one of its ports seems to want to function and I'm limited to a single screen.. so right now while at work my pc is searching for new updates...again.. (since it's complately wiped and has nothing) while I twiddle my thumbs waiting for it to find them. Updating drivers for the card didn't have any effect so this is my last hope... GAHHH!!! 

    Heres to hoping that I wasn't sent a faulty graphics card ¬¬

    RIP me and my gaming withdrawals

    1. Roach


      Ah poor Buddy :( I am so sorry this shit is happening man. I really hope you will find a solution to this.

      Buddy! This might help man http://www.tenforums.com/graphic-cards/57998-new-gtx-1070-display-ports-not-working-2.html#post762584

    2. Buddy


      My IT friend has said countless times that of all the people hes helped out, I am constantly the one with the worst problems that randomly pop up. My luck is just total crap no lies!! xD Atm my computer is set up on teamviewer with him while we're both at work so he can monitor it's progress and work on it.

      Also the mobile version of this website makes me cry, I'm sorry I didn't see your message here from like 19 hours ago :( hopefully you and I can continue our IC meetings very soon!!

    3. Buddy


      everything is all good and splendid again :) i think it was a matter of allowing my computer to finish searching for updates since it had literally none installed. so far im very much pleased with the jump in frame rate and all around prettiness ^_^

      thanks everyone for the helpful tips!