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  1. Buddy


    Consolidate everyone onto a single server to maximize RP potential; I appreciate and support this decision. (But am crying internally that its currently only at 19/60)

    I have to ask though; why chose to use the server that has been receiving constant complaints about performance issues for the last few months? Has it been fixed? Even being american based, I'd chose to play the EU server over the NA one any day of the week. 

    Just my two cents ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. Chief


      plus one buddy my fishing dude 

    2. Zero


      They're choosing S2? Fuck my life, yet another reason to not even get in game.

    3. Zero


      I don't even know why they would choose S2, no one played it to begin with because of the terrible stability issues that almost everyone had. I'm fairly sure the entire staff team is aware that the rest of the community has said it needs to be fixed or just make S2 an EU server.

    4. Buddy



    5. Castiel


      Calling in @Aiko for her POV

    6. Dan


      I have no idea why S2 was chosen over S1

    7. Aiko


      Suuuure why not seeing as no one else wants to put their two cents in.

      This isn't a permanent fix, there were 12 or so people on S2 when there were 7 on S1. So looking at it from my point of view, S1 being closed for tonight and tonight only for a few hours is fine. Until, as I have stated on the S2 closing thread. That we find a more permanent solution.

      But I mean if everyone is upset with this choice, I can open them back up and be done with it?

    8. Castiel


      ^ that. 9_9

    9. Zero


      @Aiko I just don't understand why S2 was chosen, as do others. A majority of people have taken to the forums and have stated that S2 has relatively terrible stability and connection issues. As an American player on S2, I've ALWAYS had problems, on S1 however, it is a different story. A lot of players will agree with me as well.

    10. Aiko


      What I am upset with, is I happily close one of them. To make everyone happy, and get everyone on one server. That as of the moment is stable. 

      Only to have people get upset over the choice of the server picked for the night?

      Sorry if I am not in the best of moods because of it. Again if you all prefer me open up them both again. I can.

    11. Buddy


      I never intended for this to become a personal attack towards any party whatsoever. I simply just got home from a movie and saw that s1 was closed and everyone pushed to s2; and wanted to inquire the decision behind it is all.

      Everyone keep your pants on :S

    12. Castiel


      No worries Buddy, it was a simple error in judgement at the time. Hopefully Rolle gives the go ahead for us to close a server whenever the pop is low to keep the RP flowing and we'll be sure to make it S2 next time. ^_^