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  1. I can't wait to emote out a massive server-wide role play fart if i ever actually start playing games again..... These new features look pretty sweet, gonna try out that new title option now. Thanks for keeping things fresh and interesting!
  2. Literally me when I got that notification

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      XD I saw you post and was like...HOW am I not following this man!? HELLO!?

    2. Buddy



      not gonna lie though I only actually posted in that welcome thread because the title was saying hi to me and I wanted to be cheeky... but still be nice and say hello in return ?

  3. Hello to you as well, my dearly beloved newcomer of DayZRP ? _______________________________________________________________________________________ Before you head off on your post apocalyptic adventure, I'd just like to leave you with a few words of wisdom.. Be brave - Go ahead and join that discord channel to meet those role players you'd like to talk to Be outgoing - Voice yourself and get involved in forum discussions so you are heard because your opinion always counts Be kind - Treat others the way you would like to be treated in return Ask that question you have - The staff here are wonderful people and will always help; there is no such thing as a stupid question Always remember to separate IC from OOC. Things happen in character that may be upsetting or even frustrating on an out of character level. If you do so, you will always be respected for it. Most importantly.. be creative and just have fun. We are playing a game and role playing to enhance our experience of it. Write your own story and go share it with South Zagoria the world! The guides section is great if you feel you need a boost. Now get out there and blast some zambies!!! ? Welcome to the community!!!! ...ps.. just @me next time if you want to get my attention
  4. I seem to be light on a substantial amount of beanz.... have you been munching on my profile again? 



  5. Hello my lovelies, First and foremost, I'd like to throw out there that it was easily the most painful decision in all of my time with DayZRP that I wanted absolutely nothing to do with, when the day came to closing down the Mentor Program. It was my baby and I loved it dearly for everything that it was, what it represented and how it served the community and its beloved newcomers. Click the spoiler if you'd like a bit of unpleasant, but brutally honest insight on why it was really closed in the first place. It's mostly public knowledge anyways; Although it's extremely obvious that I'm currently on hiatus and taking care of real life responsibilities, it would still bring me great pleasure to see the program alive again and thriving, even if under new management. All that matters to me is that this new management puts their best foot forward and cares for it the way my team and I did for so long. The newcomers of this community deserve absolutely nothing less than that! They are the future of this community after all I can't speak for how things have been in the last year or so, but I am in full support of that statement and have been advocating it for as long as i can remember. - Be more accepting and patient with the newcomers. We were ALL in their shoes at one point remember. __________________________________________________________________________________________ The Mentor Program thread itself is still 100% intact and is in a spoiler below the blue text. This guide is also still a thing for those who may not have seen it and could use a few pointers for "do's and don'ts" in learning to role play: If there eventually turns out to be genuine interest in bringing it back, I would be more than happy to offer my services in discussing the obligations and responsibilities of the Mentor team as well as how things are run both internally and externally. I still have all of the important documents and information saved.. you need only to come to a decision and ask. @Phoenix this thread and everyones' genuine interest means a great deal to me. You're still the best, Thank you
  6. Yaaaaaasssss!!!! ???




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      We sold some of these at work they look awesome ? 

  7. I genuinely hope that all of our southern California friends in or around the affected area of the spreading fires are all safely evacuated ❤️ 

    1. Master


      Thoughts and prayers going out ❤️ ?

  8. I see you

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      Welcome back @Ender.

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      welcome back from the vacation @Ender

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      and here I thought that I was the one coming back from vacation... ?

  9. Halloween squad goals  ??


  10. I agree with you entirely on that front and I don't believe they're deliberately promoting it. For liability and comforts sake, I'd highly encourage for it to be put back in though because what you said is exactly the point; remove the warning labels from everything and half the worlds' population would be dead from their own stupidity. It's always best to have idiot-proof disclosures written in giant, bold text that the staff can refer to or even show a screen cap in response to the inevitable; "Is this allowed on your server? I don't see it anywhere telling me that I can't!" This is the internet and some people on here are an entirely new breed of stupid. I believe they need all of the hand-holding and warning labels they can get.
  11. That is exactly the point I'm making here. The community is advertised as being 16+ The simple removal of that line of text in the rules stating; "We promote a zero-tolerance policy towards rape rp" just bumped it up to 18+ I'm just not so sure it was very well thought through upon doing so.
  12. Wow. Okay then. I must be a lot more out of touch with recent events than I'd thought if that rule seems to have vanished so quietly; or that it just wasn't discussed very loudly / publicly? Could someone please link to me where this particular adjustment is highlighted and thoroughly discussed / voted on? I'd love to not feel so oblivious about such a delicate subject. I am and always have been an advocate of potentially controversial role play in favor of enhancing immersion and realism; but allowing RAPE?? What place does that even hold in a role playing community?? Quick answer to the above: I T D O E S N T Where is the sign for '18+' hiding around this place because I'm just not seeing it?? Call it a "mature role playing community" all you want; there is hardly a great deal of maturity around the internet in terms of video games (or anything for that matter) and even less so who are able to remotely grasp the very concept of what "rape" really is. There is no such thing as a "proper portrayal" of the act itself. You do not "role play out" the act of raping or being raped by someone. Any attempt at doing so only has one conclusion;
  13. I think you will like this :3 made for you specially to cheer u up bby x


  14. Holy balls!!! ?


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