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  1. Buddy

    Wait for it..... ^_^


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    2. Buddy


      her nails dug into me hardcore when she landed. 

      worth it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    3. equiinox


      I heard her hit that camera or whatever that was.

      I think I may have to convince my parents to look into these, they are so adorable 

      I just showed the video to my friend and he is jealous that you have a sugar glider lol

    4. Buddy


      adorable but initially expensive. also i've got two. her sister was curled up in my pocket at the time

  2. Hey there @Kaineki! Thanks for your application; I'm going to forward it to the full team and you will hear back from one of us shortly
  3. I don't think that anyone is asking for special privileges in regards to text rp'ing. I think what @Genji is trying to get at is that for longer emotes, he is suggesting that we acknowledge a universally known way of stating that 'hey there is more to this emote / sentence and i'm going to continue it' Given the very limited amount of permitted characters we're allowed to work with when using text in game, I don't personally believe that this is too much to look into doing.
  4. ^ Basically my mindset on this topic of discussion. Absolutely no one should be knocking text-rp or the people doing it when it has been the corner stone of online role playing long since before you could even use your voice to communicate with each other. Anything that can help improve the quality of any particular aspects of role play should always be considered for implementation and I hope that staff will consider this concept. It wouldn't hurt anyone at all either way. +1 from me @Genji
  5. At times it can I will admit; though with how often I move about and loiter in different locations of the map and messing about with different environmental mechanics, I'm always able to find new appreciation in what the game has to offer us. Especially when you have company that shares a similar interest in just appreciating the "little things." Now that this update is one step closer, I'll have another reason to move about the world and see all of these new features all over again c:
  6. In all honesty I could care less about the slow release of new content. It gives us something to always look forward to. The game is developing around us and I'm here to enjoy the ride. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • Phoenix
    • Buddy

    Look, it's your pet squirrel.

    1. Buddy


      NoOooo it's not!!! Mine are infinitelu more adorable tHan those kinds O.o

      Thanks for trying tho :x

    2. Phoenix


      Lol Nice spelling :P

    3. Buddy


      dont judge me :| I was on my phone and someone called me as I was typing xD 

  7. You know the guy left over two weeks ago.. riiiiight? let him sleep
  8. aaayyyyyy you got some nice junk in yo trunk
  9. Hey there @SandDancer97! Nice to meet ya and thanks for your application c: I'm going to forward this to the full team for review and you will hear back from one of us shortly!
    • Buddy
    • SweetJoe

    Image result for transparent heart

    1. SweetJoe


      <3 hey buddy. You've always been my favorite savage.

  10. Looks great Phoenix! Wish i had even half the graphics talent you do. You can safely add Isabelle Reids to the MIA list as well given the state of things ICly right now.
  11. Buddy

    We CLEARLY have our priorities in order!!

    This is a pretty good trade off... right?


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    2. Buddy


      oohh.. you know...... :$

    3. Elmo


      *lifts up duvet cover to reveal a box of doughnuts* Oh yes, I know ;) 

    4. equiinox


      first Buddy and Bun, now Buddy and Elmo, chill... 

      :) (im just kidding. you do you, ill do me and we won't do each other) ;) 

  12. Hey there @Lucifer233! Thanks so much for your application! I''m going to share this with the full team right now and you will get a PM from one of us in short time
  13. As I was last informed when inquiring on a similar subject; the current whitelist is 'locked in' and for to be modified in any given manner would require an additional website service fee of some sort. Which understandably is not something that @Rolle would want to do lightly unless there were enough adjustments intended made to make the investment worthwhile.