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  1. Let me just spam you with mutliple notifications you sexual pest.

  2. Do you remember that time when I turned you on? again.. and again... and again...?





    And all you could say was... F A S T E R !

    1. Buddy



    2. Stagsview


      buddy it was sunday and i was recovering from tooth removal!


    3. Stagsview


      Keep those furry tits on you sex pest

    4. Stagsview


      do you like notifications? I can give you many

  3. @Realize - You've made a very happy Buddy out of me The resources from the original thread are of course at your disposal Best of luck to you and your team!
  4. I'm so proud of you ❤️ 

    1. Saunders


      I remember when we spoke about my application and me wanting to join and help the community in whatever way I can. Now look how far things have come, can't wait to continue to improve the community I love and continue the hard work. Thanks buddy, I hope to see you back one day.

    2. Buddy


      And help the community you have done. No matter the path chosen, your end goal was ultimately one in the same. You're accomplishing exactly that and I've no doubts that you will continue to do great things! 

      Kudos to you and your hard work my friend!!

    3. Saunders


      Thank you for the kind words Buddy, means a lot coming from a legend like you!

  5. How you been Buddy? Long time no see!

    1. Buddy


      Buddy has been doing pretty awesome!  

      Stable income, a roof over my head and a wonderful woman to journey into the unknown with!

      I'm mostly kicking around Roach's discord & streams as far as online activity goes

      I hope you've been enjoying your side of life as well!




  6. all three really are nice options, Blue > Green > Pink for me in my order of preference I was partial to when MVP was the HOF light blue color back in 2014.... but then there were also like... 2 (active) people on the entire website who had it so it always looked special lmao
  7. im sorry!!

    i try to poke my head in every once ina while... people think im dead otherwise 😄 

    love you lots 😘

    1. MajooRB


      Why dont you........................JUST COME BACK?

    2. Buddy


      I........ i'm scared to..... 😰

    3. MajooRB


      Come back and roleplay with me! +gotta get back on our conversation hour Buddy!

  8. Miss u 😞 

    1. Buddy



      I dropped into your twitch page Thursday after work hoping to catch you playing!!! Are you not streaming as often now? I give you massive props for doing it... the metagame risk is way to strong for my taste 😕

    2. Phoenix


      @Buddy not anymore. been working a lot and the times I do get to play I kinda just wanna play without having to worry about entertaining other people 😛 

    3. Buddy


      faaaaaaaaair, im glad you're still able to enjoy yourself on the side though. Gotta make that doh!

  9. I can't help but feel exceedingly violated right now. You came into my room and took things off of me while I was asleep?!?! You have betrayed my trust @Roland and this is not okay! To think that I once believed those words...... shame on you I have only this left to say to you; #LimeGreen4MVP
  10. We all miss you 😞

    1. Buddy



      i kid.... this place had always been good to me and I to it... I have no regrets and I hope it's been flourishing since beta

      I miss the atmosphere and i miss the people who created it

  11. @Phoenix You're a doll and i appreciate and adore the ever-living shite out of you chika. The countless hours we spent watching movies and listening to music together are absolutely priceless to me. I'd tell you to never stop being amazing, but I don't think you would even know how So many of the best people I came to know and love here are long since gone. Then again it's also no secret and I will shamefully admit that I am absolutely the worst at keeping in touch with people. I'm kind of a horrible person and it's never been intentional.. I'm very sorry to all of you. I'm also forgetful as f- which is why I hate listing people... @Mischief We played together so much in 2014-2015 with the Alcyone folks before we both left the community for our own reasons at the time. Unknowing to each other we came back a year+ later; things took an unexpected turn, good friends became close friends.. until it ultimately became something incredibly special all because she had more balls than me to just come out and ask for it. We will be living together soon™ @Ender & @Lyca - you adorably cute mothersuckers are the greatest and I wish you all of the luck in the world. You both genuinely deserve it and are far more legendary than your titles give you credit for. I'm honestly guilt-ridden by how much our timezones & my insane work hours have put such a gap between me and my ability to linger and loiter with you for hours at a time. I love you both to bits and would very much like to do a hangout again when we can Roach... opted for his account here to be voluntarily removed for his own reasons. We began rp'ing and filming his youtube series together in 2014 and have never broke contact since. We talk still almost daily and he has without any exaggeration, become a brother to me @Oliv You just be sure to have the bed ready and made for me when I get home, okay? Hands down, the most absolute level-headed, down to earth and lovable daddy around. I adore your smooth Canadian arse @Jack Bandit boi we've been dayz buds since before dayzrp was even a thing. You know damn well how much I appreciate and enjoy all of the time we've spent together. That rain check for a free pizza on me will never expire @Stagsview I'm just gonna flat out peg you one of these days, don't even question it. I still think the world of you and your absolutely beautiful personality which I've had the great pleasure of getting to know. Don't ever change for anyone @Mexi & T... ONE OF THESE DAYS we're gonna actually managed to meet up and have ourselves a fearsome-foursome POGO adventure AND IT'S GONNA BE THE VERY BEST THERE EVER WAS!!!! @Chief @Lucky1911 @SpaceCowboy & others of the cantina crew.. I'm honestly incredibly sorry for having lost contact with you all in the recent year. We'd be hanging out in TS for hours on end, every night for as long as I can remember; doing everything or even nothing at all. You guys are gold and you created a home for so many here in your prime time. I hope you're all happy and doing well @Aiko & @Brayces ....... I've got both ya numbers if that counts for anything Really though. You're both honestly so much fun, you're kind-hearted and genuine and I always had so much fun just shooting the shit with you for as long as we did @Squillium Squilly my willy! Sitting in a ts channel and hanging with you has and will always be a promise of a good time for me. Honestly I don't think it's possible or should be legal for anyone to even slightly dislike you and your silly fun self @Roland It's okay for you to tell others that I am and always have been your favorite I am sorry though for having never joined staff for even just a trial run. I hope my time running the mentor program somewhat made up for that - Serious note; thank you so very much for creating this place and keeping it going these many years. It's for certain that 90+% of the friendships on here would have never existed if they didn't first join this community. I have my player 2 because of it Thank you and all those who wear / wore a staff badge I will always love Johnny Denver
  12. Aawwhh yis! Buddy on top! 😎

    Your cover came out really awesome, I love it!

    I feel pretty special... thank you for making me a part of it ❤️ 

    1. Phoenix


      awww your welcome b miss you 

  13. That awkward moment when a rule change you harshly criticized and got mocked for 6 months ago is only now being widely accepted as a bad idea The vote question is rather broad imo, but I strongly implore "RapeRP" to be put back as a bannable offense
  14. I can't wait to emote out a massive server-wide role play fart if i ever actually start playing games again..... These new features look pretty sweet, gonna try out that new title option now. Thanks for keeping things fresh and interesting!
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