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  1. Buddy


    Halloween squad goals  👉👌


  2. Buddy

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    I agree with you entirely on that front and I don't believe they're deliberately promoting it. For liability and comforts sake, I'd highly encourage for it to be put back in though because what you said is exactly the point; remove the warning labels from everything and half the worlds' population would be dead from their own stupidity. It's always best to have idiot-proof disclosures written in giant, bold text that the staff can refer to or even show a screen cap in response to the inevitable; "Is this allowed on your server? I don't see it anywhere telling me that I can't!" This is the internet and some people on here are an entirely new breed of stupid. I believe they need all of the hand-holding and warning labels they can get.
  3. Buddy

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    That is exactly the point I'm making here. The community is advertised as being 16+ The simple removal of that line of text in the rules stating; "We promote a zero-tolerance policy towards rape rp" just bumped it up to 18+ I'm just not so sure it was very well thought through upon doing so.
  4. Buddy

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    Wow. Okay then. I must be a lot more out of touch with recent events than I'd thought if that rule seems to have vanished so quietly; or that it just wasn't discussed very loudly / publicly? Could someone please link to me where this particular adjustment is highlighted and thoroughly discussed / voted on? I'd love to not feel so oblivious about such a delicate subject. I am and always have been an advocate of potentially controversial role play in favor of enhancing immersion and realism; but allowing RAPE?? What place does that even hold in a role playing community?? Quick answer to the above: I T D O E S N T Where is the sign for '18+' hiding around this place because I'm just not seeing it?? Call it a "mature role playing community" all you want; there is hardly a great deal of maturity around the internet in terms of video games (or anything for that matter) and even less so who are able to remotely grasp the very concept of what "rape" really is. There is no such thing as a "proper portrayal" of the act itself. You do not "role play out" the act of raping or being raped by someone. Any attempt at doing so only has one conclusion;
  5. Cobe

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    I think you will like this :3 made for you specially to cheer u up bby x


  6. Buddy


    It all just feels so.... sad...


    1. G19RP


       feel better ❤️

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      Need a hug?

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      What does?

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    • Lady In Blue

    Holy balls!!! 😵


  8. Buddy


    I can smell the train VDM reports already.... Pro tip guys - don't try stopping them or blocking the way 'cause you're gonna have a bad time!! But please post vids of your attempts anyways so i can have a good laugh
  9. Buddy

    Real life picture Thread

    Hello from the coastal reefs Of Oahu!
  10. Buddy

    Make status updates editable?

    I've seen far more petty, pointless and nonsensical things posted from status updates than this community should even remotely tolerate. I still say to kill status updates all together and call it a day. Otherwise.. what the big red honcho above me said because it makes perfect sense for why they are and probably will remain, a "one and done" deal. Though... i am fairly surprised that there isn't a staff option to view edits... because it otherwise WOULD be nice to have an edit option Until then; Catching malicious behavior > Fixing grammar and spelling mistakes.
  11. Buddy

    Hello Everyone

    Ohh myy..... it you? Hello darkness my old friend!
  12. Buddy

    DayZ World

    What playerbase is there left to split? No disrespect at all because like you, I've always been mostly against the concept of having side projects for that exact reason you stated. It Just spreads the community far too thin. I believe this to be a good move. It doesn't even matter the direction at this point with how stagnant things have been of late. However, as others have said, I agree this decision was made far too late for it to have any real positive impact on our community. People begged and pleaded for years about having a mod server brought back with the answer always being "no". Now all of those people who wanted it are long since gone either from bans or their own personal reasons. Not only that, but it's perfectly clear that the lack of development for SA has royally fucked us. Any direction change is better than none given our current standings. I just wish it had been made back when people were asking for it and not when the money began to run dry. I don't know how else to put it. I genuinely do hope that this move will help breathe some life back into the community.
  13. Buddy


    OKAY! Somebody please get IG and do something report-worthy? Our GM's are gettin piss drunk from all of this partying
  14. Buddy


    In case you ever wanted to watch Star Wars, episodes 1-6 all at the same time 😎👌

    You're welcome!


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      This is just pure eye candy

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    Birthday twinsies unite! 😎