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  1. I've played damn near every single day for at least a short while since LW and STILL don't understand where all of the hate and fuss was coming from about your group. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Aside from a little internal confusion from yesterdays chaos in cherno, I've personally enjoyed the role play exchanges with your people, the confiscating of automatics from civilians as well as the quarantine that forced everyone south. Without that, there would probably be no RP hub in cherno like there is now; I only hope it's able to stay alive. #TriangleRPSucks Thanks for putting on a good show and enhancing the RP. I know not everyone agreed with all of the actions taken, but it was still good role play all the same. PS: @Dusty I know it's all a matter of viewpoint, but as an outsider civilian with no affiliation to any faction; myself and several others at the bar thought your rcon jet message was pretty sweet. It kept everyone entertained for a good while.
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    I made a community meme, but the thread rules state that I cannot post it there; so I will kindly share it with you directly :)




    Dinner and movie tonight bb? :x



    1. Majoo


      shit meme tbh

    2. Buddy


      He tries his hardest.. :( 

    3. Majoo


      not hard enough

  2. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    "I'm in berezino, just like i told you over the radio!" *travels 10 clicks to berezino when she is actually down in krutoy cap* YOU'RE KILLING ME DOLORES!!!!!
  3. Just here to think

    Always good in the neighborhood ^^ Don't hesitate to apply to the mentor program if you would like help learning the role plays
  4. Just here to think

    It's lovely to have you back with us again, long time no chat
  5. Buddy

    Dolores's Barrel Bearrel @Brayces @Aristocrat



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    2. Buddy


      Terrible? Pretty unbearable if you ask me 


    3. Aristocrat


      That was a grizzly pun.

    4. Aiko


      Stop! Your going to start a panda-emic!

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    *Looks at unsolved and solved reports pages*


    And I just put one more on the list :ph34r:

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      I'm here to wreck havok and fuk muppets put up cherno reports :) 


    4. Elmo
  7. The Winking Chernarussian (OPEN)

    @Phoenix & @Keira ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Honestly, the thread looks amazing. Insane graphics as always, @Phoenix. Been at the bar only 2-3 days now but the RP generated from it has been solid. Looking forward to many more days spent getting shitfaced and enjoying the company of my lovely lady squeeze.
  8. Yeeeeaaaahhhh... Sorry about that >.> I played it off not recognizing you because of how long it'd been, also because it was dark AF out. It was a nice, but depressingly awkward exchange. I hope that it isn't the last!

    *Jeremy continues to floor it up along the coastline as he finally passes the recognizable letters on the road sign Dolores had spelled out earlier. Slowing down just a little while looking at where she might be hidden, his radio emits static, but no words.. He stops the car on a rail road crossing to listen for another sign and sure enough, a faint voice of a little girl came through with only the pronunciation of the start of his name. At that he floored the car forward further and then her panicked voice came through in a near impossible to understand jumble of words. A small figure could be seen far ahead of him bolting across the road and into the bushes. Jeremy pulls the car over to a screeching stop just far enough away to get a safe look as he steps out into the road* "DOLORES!!" *He screams her name, but with no response he grabs for his radio and presses down on the PTT, speaking in a soft voice* "Dolores I'm here, I thought I just saw someone about your size run across the road not too far from where I'm standing.. was that you? Are you safe? Show me a sign kiddo, I'm here.." *He pulls the rifle from his back and takes a knee; pointing the rifle down the road to the other side where the small figure ran from. Hoping to see nothing and no one else around as he waited..*
  10. Eden and Jeremy are absolutely terrible hahahahahahaahah! That was a blast, can't wait for the morning
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    Stop spending 30 bucks on a mug :ph34r:

    1. Lucky1911


      but buddy....it was a dank edgy looking mug

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    You were fun today down at the bar :^)

    But a little birdy told me that they only knew who I was in game because of you


    1. Mexi


      Glad you enjoyed it, t'was indeed fun.

      Dunno, could hear your voice/ accent through every other word. Almost didn't recognise you though!

    2. Buddy



      Okay I'll accept that :D

      I'm glad it was barely recognizable, that's the angle I'm trying to achieve on this guy 

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    Nothing yet ¯\_(ツ)_/¯