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  1. I suck at Photoshop or anything of the sort, looking for someone who is able to make a small, really quick logo (Sorry if this is the wrong spot to post this)
  2. Mortico

    The best event I have been to in years

    Really glad everyone enjoyed that event, I promise you'll see more of the cannibals
  3. Mortico

    The Tortugan State - Rescue (Small Event)

    We need a few people to act as the cave dwellers. right now its only me and the holy bucket
  4. Mortico

    The Tortugan State - Rescue (Small Event)

    Romero Gates - https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-7088/ I'll be in the cave. Timezone is Central
  5. *Romero presses the PTT, sounds of people eating can be heard in the background* "Yes, Kamensk rings a bell, bring as many people as you" *STATIC* "we all love peop-" *STATIC* it's been so long since any of us have" *STATIC* "daylight" *The transmission is flooded with static*
  6. *Romero presses the PTT, his voice sounds more monotone than last time he spoke* "Its gotten to the point where we're the only foo-" *STATIC* "We worked for the company" *STATIC* "bad, its getting better" *STATIC* "It's what he told us to do, we follow him now" *STATIC* *Static overtakes the transmission*
  7. *Romero presses the PTT* "Youre *STATIC* "Of shit" *STATIC* "We're up north in a" *STATIC* "-ineshaft, just send a rescue team or some shi-" *Transmission continues but Romero cannot be heard, just the faint ambiance of a cave* *Transmission ends after a few minutes of nothing*
  8. *Romero struggles to understand the person on the radio but gets the gist* *Static is strong, Romero speaks but is difficult to understand* *Screams and sounds of pain can be heard faintly in the background* "More than a year" *STATIC* "Fucking mineshaft" *STATIC* "too long, too many people" *STATIC* "food, only one way to surviv-" *STATIC* "smells like rotten fles-" *STATIC* *Static takes over the broadcasst once again*
  9. *Static fades back in and Romero can be faintly heard* "What is the fuck is the tutuga'" *STATIC* "we've been down here for so long why has no one called the cops or someth-" *STATIC* "just want to see my family agai-" *STATIC* "Some of the men are beginning to do unspeakable thin-" *Static takes over the broadcast once again*
  10. Only picture of myself ever
  11. "Romero presses the PTT and begins to speak" "We're stuck down here, its been *Static* months, we don't know how we're gonna get out, people are starting to get *static* it's not good, please send help we're not gonn... *Static takes over the broadcast and nothing else can be heard*
  12. Romero was born in Canada, he lead an uneventful early life. worked boring labour jobs and always disliked other people. when Romero hit his 30s he signed up for a rather large, new mining company. The company was hiring out of North America, but would eventually ship itself to Chernarus. Romero found himself getting along with his boss, which was new for him. His boss used him to keep everyone in line, as Romero was a very stern, to the point kind of man. The longer Romero spent in the mining business the more brutal he became with his co-workers, he would eventually come to physically abusing those who stepped out of line. After a few months of this a worker went missing, the accepted idea was that the worker was fed up with the poor working conditions and just decided to book a flight back to where he came from. but within the company there were rumors that Romero had something to do with the workers disappearance. Romero ignored these rumors and kept his stern, aggressive personality. After a while Romero would sit in the mine by himself, in the dark. some of the workers began saying they could hear him talking to himself at night, along with what sounded like chewing. Most of the workers brushed it off as just rocks falling, and wild life attempting to take refuge in the area. Romero never addressed these rumors, even though everyone was sure he was aware of them. Romero became more and more secluded, the only person he would talk to was his boss, he even stopped his violent outbursts. Everyone started seeing less and less of him, but the rumors of himself talking to nothing in the mine at night had escalated, more and more people started saying that they could hear it, but only in the dead of night. one day at noon the workers had found a small cave underneath the entrance to the mine, the only way in being a hole, 3 feet in diameter, for a person to enter they'd have to slide themselves into the hole, without any equipment. Upon discovering this someone went into the hole, they found a cave barely large enough to stand in, but about the size of a small room. The worker that was investigating the hole had reported a foul smell along with the fact that some of the walls of the crevice were brown, rather than the common grey rocks they were used to. No one thought much of it and business proceeded as usual. someone who was working on an excavator had locked the mine from the outside, leaving everyone inside with no idea what what had happened in the outside world.
  13. So basically, i've hit a creative block and i need some help writing lore for the group i'm creating. Anyone who's interested just send me a PM, you'll be credited.