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  1. We've been extremely busy, we'll be around in the next few days.
  2. Mortico

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

  3. Appreciate the feedback. And yes our goals are a lil out of wack at the moment, working on adding to them as well as fixing them. Hope to run into you again.
  4. Mortico

    Order Of Demons [Open Recruitment]

    Looks interesting. Pretty small niche but i hope it works out for y'all
  5. Mortico

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

  6. looks pretty fackin radical. good luck
  7. read through the rules, didn't see anything regarding defending a base. I vaguely remember there used to be a rule regarding it. So do i gain any rights if i catch someone raiding my base or it it the same as any other situation and i'll have to initiate?
  8. I'm working on that right now. Should be up sometime tmo
  9. I generally wont Barrage the person with questions, but it is pretty standard when meeting someone else in the military to ask what their MOS is/was. I have no problem with some random dude playing a military character and not knowing everything. But if you're RPing as a soldier you need to be prepared to answer questions about the military. It also depends which military your character was a part of. In the US pretty much everyones got their MOS memorized, while here in Canada we generally don't use MOS for anything other than paperwork, so answering "i'm a rifleman" is generally ok, even if you are RPing as an american soldier, but you should know these things.
  10. I'm considering putting a thread on general military info/advice. I'm currently in the Canadian Army so maybe i'm a little nit-picky. But i think if you're RPing as anything that you dont know much about in real life, you should do some research. If i were to RP as a doctor for example, i wouldn't just run around saying i'm a doctor, theres a million different kinds of doctors, so i'd pick one, then research it, then i'd make my character. Oh yeah i get that, i'll normally ask what someones MOS is and thats as far as i'll go. I don't expect someone to know every little detail about the Military, because even people in the military dont know that. All i'm saying is research the important stuff, such as MOS, where you were stationed etc.
  11. So after becoming more active recently, i've run into quite a few "Military Characters" and so far its been nothing but silly and incorrect. I have yet to run into someone who is properly able to give their MOS. It's always either a wrong/non-existent MOS or they'll answer with something that isn't even an MOS such as me asking Joe what is MOS is, Joe responds "Corpsman" but he also mis-pronounces it and ends up saying "Corpse man" All i'm saying is that if you want to RP as someone who is either in the military or was in the military, do your research. Pick a job from the military (Infanteer, medic, pilot, armoured etc) then research it. most people RPing as a soldier, marine whatever, tend to be Infantry, so as an example someone RPing as a marine infanteer, your mos would probably be either 0311 or 0331, there are others but those are the most common ones I've seen people RP as. Just do your research, everything you need to know about almost any military is easily accessed online.
  12. Only famous because of slump ski the mask god 7/10
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