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  1. Same goes for the rest of the group, i personally have two jobs and everyone currently in the group is busy with work, or school. I'm confident that if we go official we'll all have more motivation to get on and do our thing.
  2. Whenever i play i cannot see any text in the bottom left, anyone know how to fix that?
  3. We really appreciate the effort put into this response. Most of what you pointed out is just date errors on our part, we will fix the dates sometime today. i suppose we could've clarified this better in the lore but the bunker and everything inside was already there when we arrived, it had been built some time prior. We were sent to Chernarus and went into our bunker, that was pre-built and pre-stocked. as for the communications error, again it needs some clarification in the lore and we will fix it sometime today, but the storm didn't permanently knock out our comms, it simply damaged them. We were able to listen to the occasional broadcast, and because of this we have a general idea of whats going on outside our bunker, but we were never able to regain comms with the CDC, we are unsure why at this time, but we hope to reveal why that happened later in the groups progression. as for the storm you asked about, I will have to talk with @Holy-Bucket about that as he's the one who wrote that part of the lore. We do plan on making it so that a cure isn't our "main" idea, as thats not very original and pretty boring, i don't want to say too much in the thread about the future of our group as we have a lot in the works right now and we don't want to spoil everything. Again we really do appreciate the response, without people like you pointing these things out groups would not be nearly as good as they are.
  4. We love feedback, whenever you can ask away.
  5. we'll be back once we have the manpower. thanks for all the help though bro
  6. Unfortunately we don't have the man power to make this group work how we wanted, once we have more people we'll re-visit the idea. If someone could archive this page for the time being that would be pretty rad.
  7. So i've been trying to connect to the server for a while, pretty frustrated with it as i've tried everything i can personally think of and it still tells me i'm not on my active character. If i try to customize my character and change the name there it doesn't work. i tried going into the files and changing it there. i've tried multiple different things but its not working. anyone got some ideas?
  8. Mortico

    RP Ouija Board

  9. Tons of fun, hope we can encounter eachother again*
  10. I put the "no allies" thing in there because i do not expect any group to want to ally with a group of crazy cannibals. However if we meet a group that somehow clicks with us we will consider it. For the lack of vitamin D thing you brought up. while we hadn't considered a vitamin D deficiency in specific, we do RP as weaker individuals, as a consequence of living in the mine. No one in our group RP's as someone who is strong on their own. We were all trapped in a mine for a long time with nothing to do, obviously we are not strong individuals. We have a very prominent "strength in numbers" mindset.
  11. Every character we’ve made so far has an extremely unique personality, none of the characters are remotely similar, apart of being trapped in the mine and being deranged to some scale. We do have characters that wear masks. Looking forward to meeting everyone so they have get a taste of what we have to offer.
  12. Thanks bro. feel free to PM me any time if you wanna way
  13. We've Revamped our lore. I will put it in the thread sometime today, would love some feedback on the new lore when it comes out.
  14. We have read the feedback and we are currently clarifying our lore, how we had access to water and food, as well as considering renaming the holy bucket. We appreciate your feedback, the more we get the better this group will be. Thank you all.