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  1. Background Music Introduction The Black Fangs are a solution for the lone survivors of South Zagoria, we embrace our freedom in this new world. Even though we've all come from different countries, we were all brought together by similar mindsets and experiences. It's no question that in order to continue on in this world we all must adapt, to become something more than just another survivor trying to make it another day. The Black Fangs will not harm the innocent, we hurt those who stand in our way and people who we believe deserve it. We read you all like the books that you are, listening and observing finding out what we can. We will lie, manipulate you, or force you to give us what we need if the time comes. Only then we will be able to find the strong and offer them a place to stand beside us. There is no place that we call home. We're always on the move, never settling for too long. It's safer this way. We move unseen, using the forests and the land to our advantage as we stick to the shadows. If we like you, or find that you are useful, we do our best to protect you. How it began Caleb Gallagher & Jhon Derek met outside of Chernogorsk after experiencing how chaotic the city had turned when the Chernarussian Defense Force could not control it anymore. They talked about things they've experienced in the city, and yet still not fully trusting of each other they traveled north to see what else remained of South Zagoria. Finding nothing except scared survivors who were not so willingly trusting of others which they understood, people were rightfully scared. If the countries own military can't manage to keep a single city safe then you know things have taken a turn for the worst. Although things were falling apart Caleb & Jhon weren't scared like the others they ran into, they both felt comfortable being able to defend themselves if the time came. Both of them sensing that from each other there was no point in splitting up, so they continued travelling to find whatever they could. Days later, Caleb ran into another group of survivors. There was Ryan Hall, the guy who thinks he's a lot more funny then he really is... regardless, Caleb could sense that he was kind & capable of defending himself & others if necessary. Then we have Katelyn Pierce, the manipulative girl who would do whatever it takes to get what she or people she cares about needs. And then there was Lucas Hicks, quiet yet dangerous. All three of these people have something that Caleb could use. After learning more about the others Caleb introduced them to Jhon, all agreeing that they were safer in numbers and all seeing that they were capable of handling themselves there was no sense of going separate ways. They agreed the main priority was to keep each other safe, but they would like to help others if the opportunity arises. Agreeing they'd rather stick to themselves than get involved with camps of survivors that could prove to be unreliable, instead they could get to know other survivors without dedicating too much to them, play nice to get information. Caleb showed them his map, which had multiple "X" markings spread throughout it. The markings were little camps that he created around the province where they could use to sleep, store supplies and regroup if needed. Jhon explained that getting others to join us would be nice, not necessary. We don't need others that will slow us down, get to know them before explaining to much about ourselves. Get them to reveal their intentions and find out their strengths and weaknesses, then we can decide if their worthy. The group continued discussing plans of how they were going to operate & survive. Things were surely going to change, but for now they felt comfortable with the direction they were heading. - Keep each other safe by any means possible - Use the wilderness and terrain to our advantage, go for unexpected tactics - Stand up to predatory groups & individuals - Create hidden camps around South Zagoria, using them for multiple purposes - Recruit like minded and capable individuals who want to survive by any means necessary - Manipulate or lie to obtain as much information as possible, use this as a weapon if it comes to it - Attempt to protect people that we like or are useful and take or kill from those we don't - Stay low key about our intentions, never let people know where we truly stand with anything Caleb Gallagher - Hassan Jhon Derek - Eagle Ryan Hall - Ark Lucas Hicks - Hicks Leon Keller - Buckets Richie Watts - Helix Vernon Vain - Pepe Jones John Kingsman - Squillium Darion Hunt - Jango John Laski - Laski David Jackson - Storm Findley Michael - Blu Recruitment will be strict, we're looking for people who can hold their own in PvP and also are experienced in RP. We want this group to be a bunch of friends that are having fun in RP, I doubt we'll recruit a lot of people but we do need some more members so if you feel you could fit in with us send @Hassan or @Eagle an app. Age: Character Page (If you wish to make a new one for the group let us know): How active will you be?: Why us?: Previous groups?: Thank you to Samaritan for his blessing about us using a similar name to the group he was a leader of in the mod, this is in no way trying to replicate that group. If there is anyone that has an issue with us using a name similar to it feel free to PM @Hassan, it was just a coincidence which we found out after the page was made.
  2. Get out of jail card idea

    I don't really agree with this, in my eyes people are perma'd for a reason and should stay that way unless the actual appeal holds up. Sure, there's quite a few people that were helpful to the community at some point that are among the banned, but there's also quite a few people who would try to spark more drama if they returned. I just don't see this being beneficial towards the progression of the community, seems like back tracking to me. If we need more of a player base find other ways of doing it not going through and picking through perma'd players. If you do go through with this it needs to be very strict and people that were banned for smaller things rather than the bigger things, don't let the money convince you to bring in people who will only come back and start shit. One really petty thing I could see a bunch of banned people doing is all pitching in a small amount of money that reaches $100, giving that to one of their friends that has the least serious ban so he/she can get unbanned and come back into the community to do something really fucked up again. Like I said, really petty... but at this point I wouldn't be surprised. This isn't me being dramatic I just genuinely don't see the need for this and I don't see this being beneficial for the community at all. We're not this desperate are we?
  3. Black Fangs Media

    Just a thread to post all of our screenshots & videos Group Thread
  4. Black Fangs Media

    Who's that?
  5. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    It's all good buddy I have no issues with you guys OOCly and do hope that we can rp in the future. My main issue with this whole thing is that it seemed that Dusty jumped the gun on posting the feedback without truly understanding the full situation. It was just miscommunication and there's no salt with me, we just wanted it to be publicly said that he misunderstood it since he publicly called us out on something that did not happen. Also I forgot to message the people that were offline at the time of our chat that we did in fact talk so that probably didn't help anything.
  6. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    Welcome @Blu to the group, good to have ya bud.
  7. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    Dusty made it a public issue when he posted on our thread, we never saw a post from any of you correcting yourselves until he posted today. But yes you're unnecessarily continuing this now.
  8. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    I didn't speak to you and we've been wanting to hear yourself admit that you were wrong, their was a lot of people who gave you beans believing your side of the story. If people give us false feedback we take that shit seriously, other people will see that feedback and think that's the type of people we are especially seeing it come from a Gamemaster. If you would've responded last night saying you misunderstood the situation it would've been over by now, but thank you for stepping up and admitting you were wrong regardless.
  9. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    Seems like you guys enjoy grasping at straws huh?
  10. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    This isn't how it happened at all. We talked to one of your people, Sleepyhead I believe for a minute. We explained that the hostage takers took the hostages to the east, I've not met any of your character before from what I remember so I didn't think you had any reason to not believe me, and either way she backed off and it looked like you guys all walked away. We were waiting for one of our guys to get back on the server from a crash so that's why we were on top of the hill in the first place. After you guys walked away from our one minute conversation we ran down the hill before server restart, we were a good 100-200m away from the top of the hill before the server restarted. After restart we were rolled back to the top of the hill and carried on running the direction we were already going before the restart. If you feel like we abused game mechanics make a report, but our conversation was already done before the restart and we were already a good distance down the hill.
  11. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    It was a lot of fun! Hopefully we'll have you around some more.
  12. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    Eat, then bang.
  13. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    Kill. Then eat.
  14. The Journal of David Meeks

    Good shit man, write more pls.
  15. Black Fangs Media

    Some screenshots of having @NishiUrban hostage
  16. +1, Thank you to everyone that was involved in that hostage situation today... glad it could be handled with some good RP.
  17. bye staff.

    Had a lot of fun with you and the rest of the team back a couple years ago, I have no idea how you've had the motivation to stay in staff this long but ya did a good job dude.
  18. My Personal Battle

    Hope everything works out man, my grandfather struggled with a lot similar things so I understand how difficult it could be. At the end of the day you're only 33, although you've been through a lot there's still plenty of good that can happen in your life. With us currently having hostilities in game if there's anything we do that bothers you feel free to let me know.
  19. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    I like logitech headsets but I use Audio-technica microphones If you could live in any time era what would you live in?
  20. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    YES What's your favourite old game that you used to play a lot but it's just not the same anymore?
  21. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    Ohhhh, hard one. Kill.
  22. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    Fixed. :^)
  23. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    This is probably one of the pettiest things I've ever read. For one, we never at all had any arguments as a group throughout the 4 or however much days that you were in it. I never claimed that I did not want any internal roleplay I just said that I don't want to walk around doing it everywhere we go. My issue with Clumsy wasn't her reasoning for leaving it was the way she went about it. Saying 0 internal RP to come from myself is complete and utter bullshit, I did roleplay with group members, you can ask any of the other ones in the group. It's also complete bullshit that you're saying all I want to do is get in fights, as we have not gotten in one single firefight since the group has been put up (Until today and I wasn't even online for it.). For example, the situation the other day where we took the Vladimir guy hostage and instead of letting our guys beat the shit out of him I actually contacted his group members over the radio, got them to come and talk the situation out which resulted in letting him go. Putting roleplay first. You are acting like I'm the only one who made jokes about the internal RP stuff, when it was everybody. I have been in tons of groups in the past that primarily focused on internal roleplay so it is not some foreign thing that I don't understand, with this group we're trying to bring some external roleplay to the server and to do that we can't be sitting around a campfire talking about our lives to eachother and slow walking down a road everywhere we go. I didn't send passive aggressive messages to Clumsy, I was annoyed with the way she handled the situation rather than speaking to us on teamspeak and talking it out, I was going to leave it at that and let you guys do your own thing and we'll do ours... because clearly we do not want the same things. It's not my fault if somebodies in a bad mood and does things that are disrespectful to her friends. You were in the group for four days and within those four days I was busy for three of them. None of us are taking jabs at anyone, I messaged her directly after she left the group and left it at that until today where one of your friends posted on our thread which seemed to be an OOC fueled post while being in a channel with yourselves, and you guys continued to post status updates directed at us last night and this morning. You guys are the ones continuing this, not us. We had the full intent of letting you guys be to do your own thing, we were playing most of today and I don't think we even brought you guys up once until the post. If you would take my feedback, get the fuck off your high horse. We have some great roleplayers in this group and yea I'm sorry we don't walk around and sit by campfires all day, it's just not what we're trying to do. This is a video game community, I'm not here to look for drama, do me a favor and do your own thing and go white knight on someone else's group page.
  24. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    yea absolutely despise RPing, you know me.
  25. Black Fangs Media

    "Check out my nails" Lucas Hicks confirmed Cross-dresser