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  1. Listen man, I don't know why you didn't get accepted but the whitelist isn't only based off of how you write, maybe you didn't understand the lore properly or something? Who knows, I don't. Regardless there's a reason why this server has a whitelist, because if you didn't show any sort of understanding of what the server/lore is about you could just come on here and ruin other peoples experiences. The whitelist is pretty easy, it takes a little bit of your time to be able to experience what this community has to offer and if that's not for you then that's not for you, and maybe people would've been a little nicer if you came off a little nicer, it's a two way street brother If you want to give it another chance feel free to message me and I can help you with understanding what you need to do or understanding the lore, up to you! We were all new once, nobody thinks your stupid for not passing it on your first try.
  2. woah woah woahhh im roleplaying

    1. ToeZies


      You're still alive?!

    2. Hassan


      Somehow yeah 😏

    3. Malet


      Welcome back, my dude.

    4. Hassan


      Thanks bud good to see ya around

    5. Tonkatsu


      wtf I thought you got canada firing squad ???

  3. Hello, I don't really have time to play anymore but if i did I think this type of random event is really cool and entertaining if done realistically. Maybe not to this extent I don't think it was handled as well as it could've been, but like a woman screaming in the woods and some random dudes with axes walking out of it I think is realistic and good, but since they were disappearing and didn't seem to die I think that comes off more supernatural than realistic, just gotta be done properly if its gonna be done imo.
  4. Why aren’t you banned yet

    1. Eagle



  5. Fine, i didnt wanna be in a jail cell with you anyway! Nice job tho
  6. Any pals still alive around here?

    1. Mugin



    2. JimRP


      CS 5v5 now!


    3. Zanaan


      The heck you been?

    4. Hassan


      Military stuff 😉 gonna try to stick around a bit tho

    5. Kattica


      Oh wow. It's you. 

    6. Eagle


      Yes hello.

    7. Otto


      Hello fella

    8. Hassan


      Why is there no teamspeak who let this happen finally 😡

    9. Otto


      Those times are no longer.

    10. Skywalker


      Holy shit, you're still alive? How you doing man?

  7. Still joggin on there bud?

    1. Ark


      I jog back here every once in awhile and peek in the window. 

  8. Not to sound like I'm bragging but I've been in the community for quite a while now, participated in a lot of pvp, been harsh to people on the forums and still havent received any warning points ever. Everyone was banned for different reasons, but the agreement to come back is the same for every single one. The people coming back are in a way reviving the server, along with the good timing of a modded server and this patch, but Rolle didn't have to let anyone back and the community would still be here if he didn't. Stick out the 3 months and follow the rules, I don't think it's very hard.
  9. I should use you for bait more often
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