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  1. Hassan

    The Pedlars

    Fantastic roleplay from you gents last night. You should be approved ASAP.
  2. Always been a fan of this idea, makes it more of a challenge to get better equipment. Unfortunately, I can’t see it happening in this community though.
  3. Let's get er done, Glad to be apart of this.
  4. Sounds & looks dope, I’d get rid of that Blisna guy but other than that it’s great. Good luck boys
  5. Very true, as long as it’s not a major rulebreak you should always try to talk it out and offer advice instead of getting someone banned. How they respond to the advice/talk should be how you decide if you go through with the report.
  6. Hassan

    The Pedlars

    Good to see you guys are still around, good luck!
  7. Caleb was working on an oil rig in the Green Sea when everything went to shit. He comes from Oldcastle, Ireland. He was on contract with an oil company to work five weeks on, three weeks off. He's got a sister, parents, friends and other relatives back home. Caleb woke up one morning hearing rumors of some sort of flu going around, and that someone brought it onto the rig and people were getting sick. Within hours it escalated and him and others had to resort to escaping by emergency life rafts, eventually washing up on the shore of Chernarus. Seeing what this sickness was capable of and seeing how it made people show their true colors over the following days, he chose to be a loner for the time being until he could meet people he can really trust. He's always been pessimistic about the world and this situation could easily bring out the worst in him if life leads him that way, I guess we'll have to see.
  8. Get off the forums. Its not a place for a sound cunt to be.

    1. Hassan


      That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me

      Robin Williams Kiss GIF

    2. HarveyLR


      I had no idea Laski could be nice to people :trolle:

    3. Hassan


      @Storm it’s your turn to say something nice now

    4. Storm


      suck your mum you're 4ft 8

    5. Laski


      ehm @Admins Id like his post reviewed as i assume staff don't know the relationship between these 2 individuals therefor this must be deemed as flame.


      Unless theres double standards in staff but that would be a completely unfounded accusation im sure.

    6. Hassan


      Yes yes yes, I have no idea who Davi- I mean Storm is, please ban him i'm offended.

  9. If this is possible to implement there’s really no reason not to have it, it makes sense for it to be a bit slower than whipping a gun out from your back.
  10. Too lazy to edit it rn might update later if i do
  11. Play with me boiiii

  12. I really like your goals, seems like a unique idea for the most part. I also really appreciate that you're gonna take in some newer members and teach them instead of taking the easy route and shitting on new people for not being amazing at RP. Good luck!
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