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  1. Anarchy [Recruitment Open] [Active]

    Wow great group!!!
    • Keira
    • Fang

    ok Ill unsnip because you asked

    3 more weeks omggggg
    Love, Keira

    ps hurry up i miss u

    1. Fang



    • Santa
    • Fang

    your name is actually fang lmao thats dumb

    1. Fang



    2. Keira



  2. Real life picture Thread

    3 weeks left
    • Fang
    • LouieRP

    Fuck u

    1. JoffreyRP


      Okay, rude.

    2. LouieRP


      I'm ready

    3. Fang



  3. DayZRP Community Memes

    This seems more like another example of you and your groups obsession with Infamous (The terrible human being) and less of an actual meme. 0/10
  4. The King's Men [Strict Recruiting]

    From what I could tell your character was never trying to be a "Good guy", so it seems a little odd in the lore that you're painting him like he was a do-gooder and didn't fit with the fangs, but i'm all for character progression and the way you're talking about the blood on your hands and stuff. Either way, you're a good dude and you got some good RPers on the roster so I have faith you'll pull it off. Good luck.
    • Eagle
    • Fang

    Who the hell is this?

    1. Aiko


      Oh god...Hassan please...first Lazer now this...


    2. Fang


      ha funny

    3. Eagle


      Haha xD Gud jök 

    4. Fang



    5. Eagle



  5. Fang

    That's a wrap boys, going away for another 2 months on Sunday to finish basic. Got no reason to be on here until then so I'll see ya when I see ya ;)

    1. Ark


      Still waiting to hear you've been sucked into a jet engine.

    2. Fang


      You wish, Sparkles.

    3. Ark


      One can dream.....

    4. JoffreyRP


      You are not wrong, so long my bud.

    5. Laski


      lmao wat an army bittch

    6. LouieRP




    7. Fang



    8. Eagle



  6. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    Please archive this beauty of a group, all those salty people hit me up with some beanz for making your day. We've lasted since August, we'll be back. /Archive
  7. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    Need to speak with everybody in the group tomorrow, make it on TS at some point if you can.
  8. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    I'm a professional at doing things last minute.
  9. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    There is nothing wrong with taking breaks my boy
  10. The Table [Secure Frequency]

    *After hearing the broadcast last night, Caleb finally decides to reply. He picks up his radio and begins the transmission* "Aye, we've had some clashing, name's Caleb by the way. Now I suppose we could consider laying off of ya, but the interest in that seems favored to your side of things." "I'll get straight to the point, you're gonna need to offer us something that makes it worth it. I'm gonna swing my dick around because I have the ability to swing it wherever the fuck I want to and nobody is really gonna stop me. I wouldn't say I'm a cruel man, but I'm a realist that understands we have power over you and everybody else who's stuck in this province with us." "The more you understand that the better our relationship could be. We'll meet you and we'll discuss a way out of the killing, make sure you bring us something to offer to this peace or it won't be happening at all." "The meeting will be at Green Mountain, a more precise time will be given tomorrow so keep your ears open." *Caleb stops the broadcast and slips the radio back into his vest pocket.*