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  1. Fang

    It's Been A While...

    holy fuck its my boy, i forgot you existed. check my name changes if u dont know who i am
  2. Fang


    this is dope


  3. Fang

    XXXTentacion shot dead.

    I don't remember his part in star wars Wow you're a tough guy eh? Tbh I really liked some of his music, so it sucks there won't be anymore. He wasn't godsent but he didn't deserve to die at 20, RIP.
  4. Fang


    If any1 wants to hit up some squad with me and @LouieRP come to our channel at the bottom of ts

    1. LouieRP



  5. Fang

    Chernarus Insurgent Brigade (IC Recruitment)

    All you guys did was steal some supplies from a town when everyone was offline I wouldn't exactly say it's making a name for yourselves, but the group looks interesting so good luck.
  6. Aiko

    • Aiko
    • Fang


    1. Eagle


      Related image

    2. Aiko



    3. Jamie


      He's gone already, @Eagle.

    4. Eagle


      Image result for VIKING GIFS

    5. Whitename


      @Aiko what did i say about plastic memories gifs

    6. Fang


      What is going on here

    7. Eagle


      idk just weird weeb people trying to be edge.

  7. Fang


    @bunny thx so much for the beautiful art and for censoring my man parts



    1. Zero


      Da faq is this shit

    2. Fang


      its art man

    3. Jadeboat


      Hassan that's the uncanniest valley I've ever seen

    4. Fang


      I can show you the uncensored version if you want 😉

    5. Eagle



    6. Jadeboat


      I'm reporting you 


    7. MeenMuginLovin


      I need an adult?

  8. Fang

    (OPEN FREQ) To who ever owns fucking Lopatino

    *Caleb smiles and responds* "Sweet, two of you to kill." "How many more so we can add it to our list?" "Also you guys might wanna work on your attempt at being intimidating it's almost sad really."
  9. Fang

    (OPEN FREQ) To who ever owns fucking Lopatino

    *Caleb hears the broadcast and laughs to himself* "Oh man you really fucked up, please try to do something when people are actually there and see what happens, entertain me." "It's a lot easier to talk shit over radio then it would be to our face, maybe you should try it" *Caleb sets the radio down curious to see if he'll get a response*
  10. Fang


    This is insanely well done, I wish the game was actually like this


    1. Zero


      Maybe one day?

    2. Fang


      Keep the hope alive

    3. Zero


      The cool thing is it looks like a lot of the footage was from a .63 stress test or the version that was mined by modders. Lots of assets, animations, etc were things in development or already made by the devs. 

    4. Mexi


      Funny thing is it could be like this if they released modding, but clearly they don't want to drag the game out of the dirt.. 'tis a shame.

    5. Zero


      I personally think that's akin to slapping a band-aid on a gushing stab wound.

  11. Fang

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Have really enjoyed your guys guerrilla tactics, it brings a looming threat sort of feeling that a fight/hostilities could happen at any time. Unfortunately when it comes to combat against each other it's not fair due to the restricting rules that you guys don't share KOS rights. You guys deserve to get accepted because you're actually trying to make things interesting on the server with good RP. (Ik you meant feedback from staff but im just speaking facts)
  12. Fang

    Adding an 'Open to hostilities' field on the character pages

    Roleplay isn't immersive anymore, there's too many RP restricting rules and ooc measures you have to take in order to enjoy it properly. This is better than nothing but we're still not heading in the right direction.
  13. Fang

    hostile role play question

    I really don't understand how any of the admins could see these rules as good when by far the majority of the current player base is telling you guys it's making everything dull as fuck. Our job here is to follow the rules set by you guys, people get salty when they die or get robbed and a lot of the time there's no getting around that even if you provided the best possible RP that you could do leading up to it. The new mindset of the staff team seems to be the victims are always in the right, and it's the hostile RPers fault for being hostile. Maybe instead of spending time insulting Mexi you could try to fix your shit before you lose the small amount of players that still try to have fun in this place. If there's people breaking rules crack down on them, don't punish the entire community. There's been polls, people have been vocal but you all just seem to ignore the fact that all of the people who actually play the game hate how strict you guys are being, and it makes 0 sense.
  14. Fang

    hostile role play question

    Rolle.. come on man. This is an apocalyptic survival game why would that even be necessary? Playing this game people should expect to get into hostile situations it shouldn't be something that's frowned upon. You're just protecting the people who whine because they lose there stuff but it's stopping all of the people who want to make things exciting and create interesting story lines in the setting you chose to create a roleplay community in. Also asking OOCly completely takes away the element of surprise which means there's no on the edge moments where you're not sure what's gonna happen because they already would know it's gonna happen.
  15. Fang

    A message from the new Anarchy (Open Broadcast)

    *Caleb begins the transmission* "There's been some changes to Anarchy, all deals and alignments to any groups or individuals other than the remaining members of the Moretti Family are now off." "If you wish to renegotiate terms to secure yourselves from any harm, reply to this message and we'll set up a meeting." "Until then, we don't owe any of you shit." *Caleb sets the radio down awaiting any response*