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  1. Community WAS awesome at one point, thank you for that, had fun back then. We will see if i come back in the future. See y'all.
  2. Isnt this Off-topic section? This really made my day. Thank you
  3. Really? Where. Wide answer for the win = Pirkanmaa ^^
  4. Yeah i know, i live in Finland
  5. So you served somewhere else? Since you cant just be "special jager" before your basic military training, which is 1 year, if you want to TRY to get there. Are you in or just want to be in?
  6. Probably because your "Special Forces, Computer Building business, horse ranch owner, at age 22" is completely unbelievable. 1: Getting into Finnish Special Forces requires 2 year basic training, and then SF training (i started at the age of 19).2: Why cant people who like to play alot make computres and sell them? 3: I own the land, not the animals. But, if you like it as your bedtime story, not my problem. What are these Finnish Special Forces you are talking about? Just curious.
  7. Sikki


    Dragon eh. On my way.
  8. Holy shit! At 0:27, is that good ol' Employer! I knew it!
  9. hahah good to have push to talk in ts ! Sometimes this game just makes me so confused that i get wordless, or just laughing so much that i cant speak
  10. Haha yeah that seal thing went little bit too far And its still going! Still funny, absolutely best abs training when playing dayz with those fools
  11. [video=youtube] Few of the many funny parts of our gameplay. Njoy
  12. The video is more entertaining than my own story of the firefight First i was "Oh damn they all stopped" Then i looked more closely and there was atleast one car full of people "Oh shh*" Was fun tho, i knew im gonna be dead so i really didnt have anything to lose ^^
  13. 1136?! And it was my ass?! Now i feel bad
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