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  1. Anthony Carmichael PoV: I was asleep in the Wolfpack base, after a bunch of running around with them just prior to the firefight. I woke up and began dancing in the courtyard, listening to my MP4 as I often do when people are going about their bidness. I was then told by a walking bush, that it wasn't safe and that I should take cover. I did so and asked what the heck was going on, and was informed that it was some light-blue armband wearing fellers that had shot a few of the pups up in town. So naturally, Clayton and I went to see if we could help. The situation seemed resolved, until a man in the 2 story green house starting shooting at a Wolfy boii right next to me, so I hauled ass and took cover. After that was over and the shooter was pronounced dead at the scene, Clayton and I went patrolling the hill, where we saw the guy in all red tracksuit that would later shoot me for some reason. We decided that it would be better to search the town, due to that being what we did in our unit back in the Marines and all that. Once we got into town, we were told that there were people running into the treeline towards Gorka, and we tailed them. That's when I spotted the orange raincoat boii, and the red tracksuit boii running up. I was running with my brother when he had asked the red tracksuit boii if we was cool and all, to which the red boii stated that we were, so I dropped my guard. Not 10 seconds later, the boii shot me with his big ass gun and nailed my plate carrier, thank you jesus, and that's when I told Clayton "That boii just shot me, he aint friendly mother fucker!" and Clayton chased him into the tree line and gunned him down. After all that we headed back into town and chilled with the pups until we eventually went to sleep.
  2. The Carmichael brothers @PandaOG @Thrillshire
  3. Knight Forrest reporting for duty!! Deus Vult and may the wrath of the Almighty smite all those who would slander his name!
  4. I'd like to give a big ole shoutout to the lads @Real VegasRP and @WongRP, even tho we don't always get along, they never fail to entertain. Also a special shout out to my boii @PandaOGfor being my battle buddy, and the lovely whitename @radiosaltfor being a very moody, yet welcome experience to the otherwise stereotypical Novaya RP.
  5. Elliot PoV: What with all the attacks and wut not going on in the "Savior's" base as of late, I can't really recallw which incident this was, but to the best of my knowledge, if it was a firefight where I shot and killed someone, which I honestly don't remember shooting anyone to kill unless they were an active combatant or perceived to be such, then I must have shot Ms. Zofie either by way of wallbang or by way of seeing the hostiles outside of our compound and shooting at, as was said before, what was perceived to be a hostile combatant. I will apologize for the kill as it seems to be a clear case of miss-Identification, but anywhere outside of the base is a death zone and I usually assume everyone outside at the time that isn't classified as an "Ally" is kill on sight if an initiation is dropped, and I can ID them as a clear initiator/hostile. It is very hard to get a decent sight picture through the cracks in our walls and if she states that she was on the catwalk, which is the same angle the enemy used to infiltrate the base and later gunned me down from, then I apologize again for mistaking you for one of them. I hope you can see the confusion from my end but a battleground is no place for innocent people to hang about in.
  6. pretty edgy group tbh.....I like it!
  7. The journal of a faithful butterfly, forced to take on the visage of a moth! Nothing ventured nothing gained, that's what I tell myself.... stay golden Contance Devoe!!
  8. Imma take the time to say that @Lyca is my mum!
  9. POV: I was the guy in the tower during the initiation, and fired a couple of shotgun rounds at Mr. Norway after he gunned down Batok. As I was positioning myself atop the tower, I had cleared it of potential hostiles, but I guess I missed the man that had taken a little snooze at the top and woke up during all the yelling. As I was attempting to eye the surrounding area of any other hostiles, due to not wanting to kill my boii Norway, after remembering our firefight pact we got going at the moment, I was approached from behind by a guy in a red T-Shirt, presumably @G19RP. As he said, he might have initiated, but I turned around and was immediately sprayed down without hesitation, by the man, as they often do when their initiations are dropped, either to knock their victims unconscious, or to injure them, so that they are no longer combat effective. I will add that I didn't clearly hear him initiate if he did at all, sorry, we all know how DayZ's shitty sound can be sometimes.
  10. my boii @ThrashRP isn't a part of the report and really wasn't involved, except to ask the one question.
  11. So basically @Eagle you admit to "executing" me for something that I had already died for in the past? Also the Asylum never actually initiated on me, nor did the "threaten" me in any way brother. You may have been in their comms at the time, but that makes you the House's dynamic bud, therefore an initiation is required from at least one of your group members, so that the "execution" isn't even valid. Also, both you and I know how you carry yourself in RP scenarios homie, as can be seen in your video, all you do is immaturely shake your head up and down and escalate the situation, from the start. As I stated in the OP, I didnt emote spitting on the corpse, nor did I even really make an effort to seem like I did so. Also with the way you walked up to me with your rifle out didn't mean shit, because I was simply doing what we always do, having a pissing contest with you until the wind blows one of ours streams back into our own faces, so to speak. And had it been any other circumstance, you would have kept your mouth shut and not said a word as you often do, when outnumbered. I don't want this to seem like flaming, I am just pointing out facts. That is the last bit of information I will be adding to the report, and if I am needed again, staff please let me know.
  12. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is completely fair and if I were staff, I would have given myself the same verdict. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I feel like I have improved my behavior and should be allowed off of Final Warning and be able to experience this community as a free man. I feel like being stuck on Final Warning also makes me a target for some people that may or may not like me OOCly and that seems unfair. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: The removal of my Final Warning and being returned to 0 warning points finally. What could you have done better?: I could have not followed the crowd and avoided all things related to chicken tenders at the time. I also could have prioritized RP over forum content and improved my conduct exponentially by doing so.
  13. Server and location: S1 Pustoshka 5/1/2019 Approximately 5:57 PM CST Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 5/1/2019 Approximately 5:57 PM CST Your in game name: Elliot Henry Names of allies involved: @Ninjafig @Xehara Name of suspect/s: @Eagle Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Possible video evidence of the accused or others nearby not sure Detailed description of the events: I logged on for the day and went to the pump in Pustoshka, and was greeted by a grouping of people, which were a mix of familiar faces and some not so much. A few moments passed and as per usual, an initiation is dropped. I comply immediately, due to not having eyes on the initiator and being surrounded. The initiators, which turned out to be my boii @-CML-NorWayy stated that they did not want us, but instead wanted the Chedaki. We were escorted to the bus station near the pump and stayed there for some time. The initiating -group took fire from an unknown gunman in a 2 story green house. One of them were killed and I even went as far as helped them locate the shooter. I was then accused of saying "Slava-Chedaki" in a joking manner, in which there were no witnesses besides the other hostages that were present, and I was quickly snitched on by a guy named Oscar I think it was. They even accused me of spitting on the body, which in theory is impossible with a facemask on, and wasn't emoted out so basically it was implied that I did so. I was fine with all that mess of an RP scenario, but then the one and only lad, @Eagle started hardcore snitching and basically signed my death papers. He stated "That's for slapping my sister's ass!" to which I said "Oh ye, I enjoyed that shit." and he didn't really answer back to that. I was then told to follow the initiators to the barn up the road in town. Eagle then decided that he was fine to start talking back at me, now that I was surrounded and deemed 'not a threat', and started telling me to say that again to which I played dumb and started reiterating the bits he wasn't referring to. He never once initiated on me, nor was he ever part of the initiating party, and was even a hostage with us. He pulled out his trusty M16A4 and ran up to me and said to say it again to which I respectfully declined, to which he called me a pussy, and Elliot aint no pussy boii, so I said simply "I enjoyed slapping her ass." to which he ran up to me and sprayed me down without hesitation, again never saying that I would die for repeating what he wanted me to say, or even simply initiating on me. He just simply sprayed me down for stating a fact.
  14. @Xehara does in fact have Chlamydia
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