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  1. *pulls out his spare radio and chuckles, pushing the PPT* "No offence Bruce, but I'm only here for a certain few people and I only take orders from Pauly boy, and since he ain't pushing much of the orders out as of late, I don't think I have much to look forward to unless you and your new wife are gonna stop running off and fucking in the woods all the time and actually lead the gang. Also big dog it's no hard feelings when I say I'm out, but I aint allying with no pussy boys that talk all the shit and have nothing to back it with* *smirks and drops the radio back into his backpack*
  2. *picks up his radio and before pressing the PPT, lets out a sigh and begins to transmit* "Ye boys, unfortunately I'm in the same boat as my buddy Eli and Dennis here, a truce means that my bonds with The Gambinos is over. I'm sorry my friends, after all I've been through with these fucks, being The Saviors and New Moon alike, I can't see a truce as being an option for me guys sorry, but not sorry!" *he launches his radio with anger and sits down by a tree thinking of what will happen in the days to come*
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  6. Elliot Henry POV: We had ran into Luke Krey in the fields between Stary and Novy and had a talk with him, then he ran away towards Novy so I followed for a bit then turned around, and thats when we initiated on the others in the field, so I provided security detail. After a bit of time we started taking shots around Novy piano house and several other places, i think, so I decided to run to Novy barns and help with the small outbreak of fire there. When I got there I was told that there was a guy with a red boonie that was firing upon us and was running towards the barns, so I moved in to flank him. When I got to the barns, a guy in full camo clothing decided to fire upon me so I banzai-charged his ass and desync-shoulder checked him into oblivion but as usual, some dayz lag occurred and it was chocked up to a grande ole trade I guess.
  7. I have changed the title to Meta-gaming rather than ruleplay because there is a blatant amount of metagaming in Toaster's video and besides ruleplay is a broad term used to describe RP in itself and I simply clarified the certain rule as Metagaming is all thank you Nathan. Also @The Drunken Scotsman I am hardly the one grasping at straws here and twisting the rules, buddy. I complied (I meaning Elliot Henry, not Noah King) and was a hostage, Noah did not therefore gaining KOS rights on your group. Noah used those rights and killed a few of your guys and sadly paid for it in the end, but that is not NVFL, because he was not surrounded and he had a clear vantage point on all of you in the courtyard, which is why i chose to conduct the trade there. Also Noah, as he stated, didn't know exactly how many guys you had in hiding and assumed that all of you were in the open and hence is why he opened fire upon you. I was killed by your man, for something Noah did without any form of proper negotiation, therefore is why I reported for killing of a compliant hostage. That in itself is still metagaming on the unconscious guys part thus where metagaming comes into play. Also I will humbly reject your offer of peace talks within TeamSpeak and would rather have staff be able to do their job on this report without the needless back and forth that is occuring thank you.
  8. I'd like to point out that this is my report and if new content comes in that I deem worthy of commenting on, then I will post and your video, Mr. Toaster, sheds some light on the whole situation so I thank you for posting it and bid you a good day sir, now I will allow the staff team to do their work thank you.
  9. I'd like to update the report with metagaming with the amount of time Nathan spent talking in Toaster's video despite being unconscious, and the fact that none of these men had any time to identify Noah King or myself as truly being who we are perceived to be. The metagaming starts around 9:04 in Toaster's video and continues on throughout the engagement. Also 21:54 you can hear as Toaster is uncon, he is blatantly metagaming his condition and the position of my sniper Noah. Also killing of a compliant hostage(little ole harmless me) is at 8:40