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  1. Lego

    Staff Feedback: Xehara

    Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: I'd really like to see you being more active in the community....as a part of staff it's your duty to set an example for all of us lowly plebs.....also, your hours in-game is kinda lacking tbh, get to work on that booboo Suggestions for improvement: Be moar active and play the game like it was intended and PVP more tbh! Miscellaneous Template Section Meme: (On the real tho.....you're doing fine and I am proud to have you as a part of staff!)
  2. Lego

    How to M4?

    @TeutonicOG @Xehara thanks guys, I've been having issues with the polymer mags not switching with the non-coupled Stanags, I am pretty sure that they are different sizes no?
  3. Lego

    How to M4?

    oki thanks, imma check that out!!!
  4. Lego

    How to M4?

    Why doesn't my M4 wanna reload mags?
  5. Lego

    [GAME]Tag the last person you spoke to in RP and describe them in one word!

    @Xehara Aim
  6. Lego

    Funeral Parlor

    Ur mum gay! But on tha real! Good luck on the group boiis! Jk sign me up!!
  7. Lego


    Another 24th? The Vatos will not be pleased!! All jokes aside, I wish you guys the best of luck!
  8. Lego

    New Management

    *Elliot would push the PTT as he sat in his bed with his holy Bibe with the words scratched out and replaced with 'John Johnson'* "All praise our Lord and Non-Savior John Johnson, hollowed be his name! Here I pray for the son's and daughters of the innocent victims that fell prey to the tyrants of Novaya! Long may his memory and deeds live on! Long live John Johnson! Amen." *The PTT would release with the sound of Elliot finishing his daily prayers*
  9. Ayyyy lmao!
  • Lego

    S1 - Possible Invalid Initiation/Possible KOS

    I talked the report over with the GD members and the Vatos especially @YungBrandonRP and would like to close the report! Thank you!
  • Lego

    S1 - Possible Invalid Initiation/Possible KOS

    /requesting to close report
  • Lego

    S1 - Non-OOC permission for ERP/Rape RP

    This has obviously gotten heated and is causing a rift between a group of friends that I thought I was chill with. I would like to request to close this report, but if the accused want to push for a false report then that is for staff to decide.
  • Lego

    S1 - Non-OOC permission for ERP/Rape RP

    First of all, they never asked me OOCly and I shouldn't have to state OOCly that I'm alright with what is technically forcing a woman to suck a dick, which is basically "Rape" in my opinion. Why is rape even allowed anyways? If the dudes had a problem with me ICly and wanted to "rough" me up after getting the go-ahead from what I thought was my group i was a part of ICly, why did they have to get they cobs slobbed?
  • Lego

    S1 - Non-OOC permission for ERP/Rape RP

    I was made to watch her character get raped boss man, sorry for not specifying. Elliot was forced to watch the whole session unfold and was even made to kiss her after the deed was done with cum on her face.
  • Lego

    S1 - Non-OOC permission for ERP/Rape RP

    Server and location: S1 VMC Admin Building Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 3/28/2019 Your in game name: Elliot Henry Names of allies involved: @Xehara @CrescentGent Name of suspect/s: The Vatos, @YungBrandonRP Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): not sure but others might have vids Detailed description of the events: Elliot was hanging with his girlfriend Constance DeVoe and Morgan Squires. They were in Novaya for a good lil minute, and decided to travel down south to Kab, continuing on to Stary where we met with Jack Dalton and Rustin Jones where we had some friendly banter about Elliot and Constance's relationship which was fine. We met up with Trent Jaeger and ended up heading back up North with him towards Stary, and he decided to save the cows near big red tin, so we decided to leave him be and run back up North. We ended up running into Jack Dalton and @Real Vegas and rolled with em through Kabanino all the way to the crossroads, where we turned to go to VMC because everyone was leaving so we would swipe the rest of the loots. We roll into the compound and I get initiated on by @G19RP and Constance and Morgan were taken as well. They escort us to the admin building and rough Elliot up for being "direspectful" and the "usual" hostile RP we know and love, and then they hit us with the typical "Lego's Girl" RP and tried Constance with doing some work for them and shit about how many dudes she could take all at once, to which she replied that she had only been with her late husband and Elliot. The big question was asked that if she would allow for her to "ERP" or as they put it "hit em wit da sloppy" and what not. Unfortunately she said //yes, due to her fearing Elliot's and her own life ICly due to them overwhelming her and beating her. I wasn't alright with the sexually explicit RP and never gave them OOC perms to do so. They even threw the cherry on top by making Constance kiss Elliot with cum on her face.
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