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  1. Guess whose back? Back again!!!!!!
  2. @Cocomii @Wong @Kai Great RP session wit u lot, Also great internal hostile RP from @firelordjared and @Nightngale
  3. POV: Jayden Simon was chilling with his homies inside of the tent city North of the NWAF. Jayden stumbles into a strange individual inside of one of the tents and says hello, and that he scared the shit out of him. Jayden radios the boiis that they had found a sucker that looks like he has some goods to donate to the group's MakeChernarusGreatAgain fund. That's when the boiis chase after the boyo and initiate on him, to which the individual did some Houdini shit with his hands and poofs his gun out of thin air and calls a time-out. We escort him into the plane which at the time he gets mouthy with Jack Dalton. After entering the plane, Houdini bamboozles us and whips his gun out of thin air and takes a moment to think about commiting a whole lot of NVFL and goes thru with it. Jayden and Rustin decide to open fire, but accidentally hit their boii Vadim, wounding him greatly. Rustin transitions to Houdini and gases him with anti-wizard fumes and down he goes. That is all Jayden knows.
  4. I'm a lover not a fighter, and I don't help build bases!!
  5. Elliot Henry arrived to Chernarus as a military soldier with his brother Batok, Elliot was not serving the military by much choice as it was a option for him to leave the country where he was wanted dead in his home state. Elliot and his brother were drug dealers and involved in a gang hated by society in general, but the money was good and it went south for them when they were forced to kill a couple rival gang members on the streets of Cocoa, FL. Thus brings them into the option to flee the states by joining the military in a time of need before either the rival members or the police caught up with them. During the transfer to Chernarus, Elliot and his brother were separated to different posts, being sent to two different major cities, Elliot in Chernogorsk since he got involved in the Army and Batok going to Elektro being involved with the Marines. Needless to say they didn't know exactly what they were walking into, they soon realized it wasn't a war like you see on TV, but an evacuation and city shutdowns that turned into chaos. Elliot separated from the madness and headed his way to his brother not knowing that what would lie ahead of him would be an absolute nightmare.
  6. POV: Jayden Simon hears his fellow legionnaire, Rustin Jones, hail over the radio that he is being held at gunpoint over on GM hill past GM lonely house. Jayden hauls ass towards his brother in arms and spots the assailant near a bush off to Rustin's left and fires rounds from his M4 at the gunman hitting him a couple times just before the man runs to the bush pile he is near and terminates Rustin. The man from what I could see did not even attempt to return fire at those who were armed and firing upon him, and instead immediately when fired upon decided to kill his unarmed hostage.
  7. POV: Jayden Simon wakes up to yelling over the radio of an attack on New Paris by a group of people wearing white armbands, and possible District. This attack hadn't been the first carried out by the white armband mercs, so Jayden heads towards New Paris from Veresnik Hill near VMC and in the field between Green Mountain and Pushtoshka, he runs into a guy matching the description of a hispanic man that was rolling with a known District member earlier that day hastily moving away from New Paris after being spotted by Jayden and another Legionnaire. Jayden made a split second decision due to the manner of the mans movement and the combat gear plus the white armband to fire 2 warning shot into the mans direction overhead. Instead of running away, which if the man had done so, Jayden would have gladly let him go, the man turned around and immediately unholstered his weapon to engage. Jayden then commenced standard issue Legionnaire combat protocols and circled the man keeping concealment between him and the armed man while still keeping eyes on him. After circling around 2/3rds of the tree line, and constantly engaging the man, which again never tried to flee, the man with the white armband opened fire with an inaccurate and rather sporadic hail of gun fire and was shot twice or possible three times. That is when my reinforcing man, Vyacheslav, comes in and, as stated in his POV, witnesses the man bandaging and fires the killing shot.
  8. Glad to be back blood! Let's keep it lit in dis bich!
  9. Jayden Simon was a lower-class African-American/French-American boy who lived with his parents in the slums of southern Louisiana in the New Orleans area. Jacques Simon, an impoverished carpenter, was Jayden's father and his mother Julia Simon, was a dance instructor. Jayden was an only child and was born on the 22nd of May in the year 1995. At the age of 9, Jayden was very fond of his mother and her dancing classes; and would tag along with her to some of her sessions. Jayden loved to dance, but he always thought it was too feminine for his liking. In the following 2 years, at the age of 11 during his middle-school years, Jayden got mixed in with the wrong crowd in the slums of the Ninth Ward and the death of his mother from a drive-by carried out by one of the rival gangs in the area, made his joining of his gang all the easier. Jayden was always to himself and laid back when it came to gang-banging and never tried to harm anyone. Jayden only ever took part in robberies and small time theft, along with vandalism and other small time crimes that were fairly commonly overlooked by the authorities. By the age of 14 and nearing his 15th birthday, Jayden had been allowed by his father to participate in a single extra curricular activity in school if he agreed to stop rolling with the gang that he hung with on the regular. Jayden agreed and started to get into football. By the start of his sophomore year, Jayden had tried out for Junior-Varsity and made it on the team without a hitch. Jayden loved being athletic and it made him strive to do good in school to be able to remain on the team. During the summer of 2011, Jayden's father passed away due to critical heart failure. Jayden was forced to live with his Aunt Annabelle, whom was a widow and lived alone. On the year of his graduation, Jayden gave up any dreams of being in the big leagues of football and decided to join the military. After going through the hardships of New Orleans, and losing his parents at 2 pivotal moments in his life, Jayden decided to travel to France to join the French Foreign Legion. he decided on the Legion simply due to not being able to speak fluent French and, partly in honour of his life in Louisiana and his french ancestry. Jayden passed his basic training with flying colors and before no time, Jayden was a full-fledged Legionnaire. Jayden was assigned to the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment and did a tour in Takistan from 2013 to the end of 2016, and in the following tour of duty at the rank of Legionnaire de 1re classe, Jayden and his fellow Legionnaires were deployed to the Northwestern section of a place called Chernarus to provide support for United Nations forces in the area, with a quarantine of the surrounding area. Supplies were minimal and the harsh element of the Black Mountains made survival for Jayden and his Regiment painful, but they were soldiers and they endured.
  10. Lego


    Welcome to the community boyo!!!!
  11. Lego

    Asah Dudes!!

    Wassup boiis, that's right!!!! The #1 most irrelevant Lego is back and ready to RP wit you lads and ladies!!! Now if you would be so kind to say hello so this can be my activity for the day!! Okey thank you!
  12. *pulls out his spare radio and chuckles, pushing the PPT* "No offence Bruce, but I'm only here for a certain few people and I only take orders from Pauly boy, and since he ain't pushing much of the orders out as of late, I don't think I have much to look forward to unless you and your new wife are gonna stop running off and fucking in the woods all the time and actually lead the gang. Also big dog it's no hard feelings when I say I'm out, but I aint allying with no pussy boys that talk all the shit and have nothing to back it with* *smirks and drops the radio back into his backpack*
  13. *picks up his radio and before pressing the PPT, lets out a sigh and begins to transmit* "Ye boys, unfortunately I'm in the same boat as my buddy Eli and Dennis here, a truce means that my bonds with The Gambinos is over. I'm sorry my friends, after all I've been through with these fucks, being The Saviors and New Moon alike, I can't see a truce as being an option for me guys sorry, but not sorry!" *he launches his radio with anger and sits down by a tree thinking of what will happen in the days to come*
  14. *juices for memes*

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