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  1. The journal of a faithful butterfly, forced to take on the visage of a moth! Nothing ventured nothing gained, that's what I tell myself.... stay golden Contance Devoe!!
  • Lego

    "Girls Only Thread"

    Imma take the time to say that @Lyca is my mum!
  • Lego

    S1 Green Mountain Possible -invalid kills

    POV: I was the guy in the tower during the initiation, and fired a couple of shotgun rounds at Mr. Norway after he gunned down Batok. As I was positioning myself atop the tower, I had cleared it of potential hostiles, but I guess I missed the man that had taken a little snooze at the top and woke up during all the yelling. As I was attempting to eye the surrounding area of any other hostiles, due to not wanting to kill my boii Norway, after remembering our firefight pact we got going at the moment, I was approached from behind by a guy in a red T-Shirt, presumably @G19RP. As he said, he might have initiated, but I turned around and was immediately sprayed down without hesitation, by the man, as they often do when their initiations are dropped, either to knock their victims unconscious, or to injure them, so that they are no longer combat effective. I will add that I didn't clearly hear him initiate if he did at all, sorry, we all know how DayZ's shitty sound can be sometimes.
  • Lego

    S1 - RDM/Invalid Killing of another groups Hostage

    my boii @ThrashRP isn't a part of the report and really wasn't involved, except to ask the one question.
  • Lego

    S1 - RDM/Invalid Killing of another groups Hostage

    So basically @Eagle you admit to "executing" me for something that I had already died for in the past? Also the Asylum never actually initiated on me, nor did the "threaten" me in any way brother. You may have been in their comms at the time, but that makes you the House's dynamic bud, therefore an initiation is required from at least one of your group members, so that the "execution" isn't even valid. Also, both you and I know how you carry yourself in RP scenarios homie, as can be seen in your video, all you do is immaturely shake your head up and down and escalate the situation, from the start. As I stated in the OP, I didnt emote spitting on the corpse, nor did I even really make an effort to seem like I did so. Also with the way you walked up to me with your rifle out didn't mean shit, because I was simply doing what we always do, having a pissing contest with you until the wind blows one of ours streams back into our own faces, so to speak. And had it been any other circumstance, you would have kept your mouth shut and not said a word as you often do, when outnumbered. I don't want this to seem like flaming, I am just pointing out facts. That is the last bit of information I will be adding to the report, and if I am needed again, staff please let me know.
  • Lego

    Lego - Final Warning Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is completely fair and if I were staff, I would have given myself the same verdict. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I feel like I have improved my behavior and should be allowed off of Final Warning and be able to experience this community as a free man. I feel like being stuck on Final Warning also makes me a target for some people that may or may not like me OOCly and that seems unfair. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: The removal of my Final Warning and being returned to 0 warning points finally. What could you have done better?: I could have not followed the crowd and avoided all things related to chicken tenders at the time. I also could have prioritized RP over forum content and improved my conduct exponentially by doing so.
  • Lego

    S1 - RDM/Invalid Killing of another groups Hostage

    Server and location: S1 Pustoshka 5/1/2019 Approximately 5:57 PM CST Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 5/1/2019 Approximately 5:57 PM CST Your in game name: Elliot Henry Names of allies involved: @Ninjafig @Xehara Name of suspect/s: @Eagle Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Possible video evidence of the accused or others nearby not sure Detailed description of the events: I logged on for the day and went to the pump in Pustoshka, and was greeted by a grouping of people, which were a mix of familiar faces and some not so much. A few moments passed and as per usual, an initiation is dropped. I comply immediately, due to not having eyes on the initiator and being surrounded. The initiators, which turned out to be my boii @-CML-NorWayy stated that they did not want us, but instead wanted the Chedaki. We were escorted to the bus station near the pump and stayed there for some time. The initiating -group took fire from an unknown gunman in a 2 story green house. One of them were killed and I even went as far as helped them locate the shooter. I was then accused of saying "Slava-Chedaki" in a joking manner, in which there were no witnesses besides the other hostages that were present, and I was quickly snitched on by a guy named Oscar I think it was. They even accused me of spitting on the body, which in theory is impossible with a facemask on, and wasn't emoted out so basically it was implied that I did so. I was fine with all that mess of an RP scenario, but then the one and only lad, @Eagle started hardcore snitching and basically signed my death papers. He stated "That's for slapping my sister's ass!" to which I said "Oh ye, I enjoyed that shit." and he didn't really answer back to that. I was then told to follow the initiators to the barn up the road in town. Eagle then decided that he was fine to start talking back at me, now that I was surrounded and deemed 'not a threat', and started telling me to say that again to which I played dumb and started reiterating the bits he wasn't referring to. He never once initiated on me, nor was he ever part of the initiating party, and was even a hostage with us. He pulled out his trusty M16A4 and ran up to me and said to say it again to which I respectfully declined, to which he called me a pussy, and Elliot aint no pussy boii, so I said simply "I enjoyed slapping her ass." to which he ran up to me and sprayed me down without hesitation, again never saying that I would die for repeating what he wanted me to say, or even simply initiating on me. He just simply sprayed me down for stating a fact.
  • Lego

    What disease is the person above you?

    @Xehara does in fact have Chlamydia
  • Lego

    S1 - BadRP/ trollRP - Pustoshka barn - around 00:00 27-4-2019

    Elliot Henry PoV: I'd like to state that at the time of this whole shebang, I was having a night of casual drinking and yes, I was hammered at the time this took place, but hell I needed help coping with my anger issues OOCly that day so I turned to the booze, so basically that whole time I was just chilling with my bae Constance and trying not to get worked up over the unnecessary shenanigans that usually unfold when a huge group of people are present. Like everyone else states in their PoV's, there was a lot of trolly shit and good laughs and not so good jokes, but I feel like everything was done in a lighthearted manner, except for maybe the 'chedaki' incident outside prior to me being in the barn. That is all I was really involved in due to my character simply not giving a fuck about other groups' relationships so that's all I can add to the report.
  • Lego

    S1: Invalid Initiation / Attempted KOS/ Rule Violation 2.3

    (I was only present for Initiation #1) Elliot Henry PoV: Elliot was with the boiis, chilling in his town as he usually did, when Joey boii asked him for his M4 for a second. Elliot said that he could legit only have it for a second, so Joey boii ran off and was like "Hands....hands.....hands! Hands got dammit show me ur hands!!!" as he usually does and got 4 men to comply and ended up running off like the OP said, presumably for more hostages, thus getting himself killed, and that's all Elliot knows and all he cares about because he got his gun back, so he was chillin'.
  • Lego

    S1-Abuse of game mechanics - no value for life - combat log

    Elliot Henry PoV: Elliot and the boiis, and lady, from the Funeral Parlor were getting the itch for some looties, so they decided to run up to that NWAF and loot up the regular places that seem to never run out of little stashes of ammo and other random shit. After looti' up the South barraks, the group ran to the East end and ran into a group of 2 killas in the bushes, which stated that there was a group of 4 goons in the ATC that were held up at the tippy top, and were telling people to leave the ATC and not open the door to the stairway up. As per usual, the posse runs over to the ATC to see whats poppin' and, sure enuff, run into the damn Corporation, which seem to be holding someone up there to do their usual blood sample and skin sample talk, to which one of our boiis attempt to open the door and gets shot a couple times through the door, but manages to unlock it. After a stalemate that seemed to go on for a while, we get a warning from the gods that the world would go dark for a lil bit, in a couple minutes, so we decided to do the whole telepathic //ceasefire for 5 minutes thing and they agreed to it. The world decided to take longer to go dark than intended, so a few of us rushed the staircase and killed 2 and lost one in exchange. After a few moments after the initial push, we decided to wait it out. At this point @Eagle @ItzTyler and @Cookie had arrived and had been filled in on the ceasefire. Another one of us decide to rush up and get a peek on it and see the odds, but unfortunately goes radio silent, following a muffled thud and a crack after his body fell down the staircase. The world finally decides to go Zero Dark RP and then we wake up with all shook looks on our faces, and are in the process of waiting the 5 minutes for //ceasefire time. We get hailed over the radio that a man had snuck off the roof of the ATC and had been seen running away. The boiis find ditched gear in a shed, and yung blood @ItzTyler finds a sketchy half naked goon rushing away from the area so he yells at him as you would do for people that don't listen to your commands, and semi-kills the kiddo. The kiddo wakes from his not-so-death and is questioned then released. Afterwards I believe we eye the man and see him enter the same shed and Houdini out that bitch like Harry Potter when he actually learned the magics.
  • Lego

    Staff Feedback: Xehara

    Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: I'd really like to see you being more active in the community....as a part of staff it's your duty to set an example for all of us lowly plebs.....also, your hours in-game is kinda lacking tbh, get to work on that booboo Suggestions for improvement: Be moar active and play the game like it was intended and PVP more tbh! Miscellaneous Template Section Meme: (On the real tho.....you're doing fine and I am proud to have you as a part of staff!)
  • Lego

    How to M4?

    @TeutonicOG @Xehara thanks guys, I've been having issues with the polymer mags not switching with the non-coupled Stanags, I am pretty sure that they are different sizes no?
  • Lego

    How to M4?

    oki thanks, imma check that out!!!
  • Lego

    How to M4?

    Why doesn't my M4 wanna reload mags?
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