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  1. So much griefing done to our base. About ~35 walls destroyed plus fighting ring. Any loot in tents/barrels was shot up. Really wish there were logs right about now lol. Might have to call it o7 to devils castle and any kind of RP hub. Shit is a headache 🤡

    1. Zero


      I've already told you guys so many times already. Why do you keep making bases and then announcing the location to the entire server? What do you expect the outcome to be when all you do is change the location. Build a base in fuck all no where, wait for someone to come by, treat them nicely and send them on their way. They'll tell their friends and just let the RP hub grow like it's suppose to. Befriend them IC and OOC and make arrangements if you want your project to succeed. 

      The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    2. Itsmez


      @Zero Even if you do it that way, the wrong people will still hear about it at some point. the base will just last littlebit longer.

    3. ToeZies


      Because if you send them on there way and expect no one to come? That's not an RP Hub. That's a RP once in a blue moon when someone stumbles across. What we're trying to do is build a nice place for a community, for people to find stories, develop their characters and stories, furthering their progress in the world or atleast finding people that can help them further those stories. However, people would much rather come over when we all log off, because they know we've logged off and destroy near everything, why? Because they lost, and they don't want to lose again, so instead of develop RP from the situation that they might have lost from, instead of ever losing the chance at being the biggest baddest boy about, they want that feeling of winning, however sometimes they think that they're only way to win is, as I said, come over when we're all logged off, destroy the hub which we've put so much time into and then try and fight us again, now that we've lost defences etc. Because they've made it easier for themselves! You see, they'd happily take down these defences any time of day, I'm sure, but they can't do it when we're online because we'd fight them, and i'm certain both sides would take casualties. 

      That apparently is no longer an action they are willing to seek, the easier road is just wait and do it when no one can defend it, and then set yourself up all high and dandy.

      What's unfortunate about the whole tale of events is that, we're so desperate to further stories, to get things going, that we help host fight nights, trade etc. but they all turn into a mess because a lot of the people that are against us, simply aren't interested in any kind of story-telling anymore it seems, they want to tell very simple little tales to give them the easiest reasons for attacks, and then carry out those attacks. I understand people like PVP,  and I do too, but last night we sat in a firefight for 5 hours giving near every group that has aggression against us that firefight, it was on our terms, as they attacked our castle. And so in the end, we came out victorious of the firefight. But that apparently was not enough.

      We had a very interesting day the other day where we spoke peace deals with several different groups, some of whom gave very harsh and near unacceptable deals, some gave deals which were more reasonable and doable. However even the groups that we did agree with, and then pay more than what was agreed for, for that first week? Well they attacked anyways. Which was the most disappointing part of last night because I thought we had genuinely planted the seeds for something that could grow and become something more in terms of stories and development of both groups. Instead we are left at square one.

      Square one is as such: We log in -> Hostile group comes up and gives demands of surrender -> We do not surrender because of the amount of us and the defensive position. -> We fight for several hours, win or lose. -> No RP has come from any of this. 

      If we Lose:

      If hostages are taken, they are likely executed or asked to PK because they were a Savior. -> End of a story line. 

      If no hostages are taken: They've won the battle and the gear is all destroyed and taken, (which is fine) but the walls are also torn down and just shredded to shit. Then we never hear another word about it until we next come to fight.


      If we win:

      As of recent, we have had very little reasoning behind any of the attacks as far as i'm aware, a few groups have said that it is because of single peoples actions against them in the past, but that is not made clear before any real attacks. and so if we've won, we're left just stood about, wondering why the hell we just fought likely for multiple hours and cleaning the place up before the next attack.

      We had a hostage and they wanted them? Well last night we handed over a hostage, the hostage was immediately shot dead on sight. No furthering of RP, we offered to give the hostage over many multiple times, but we would not surrender at the same time, and as such, we were at a stalemate and the conflict just went on for the many hours that it did.

      At the end of the day, I understand groups wanting to fight, and liking having a big target to fight at, and try and take over, i'm sure it's exciting. It's just disappointing that sometimes when you lose against the people you're trying to take down? You have to ruin all the work they've put in when they can't fight back, just so that you have the chance to win at a later date.

    4. PogoOG


      ^^^ this

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