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  1. PogoOG

    Oh hello

  2. PogoOG

    Oh hello

    OG boys back in town?
  3. *Finn laughs as he presses down the PTT* "Hahaha - like my friend said, I appreciate you assholes for being careless with your car. It will help us on the quest to learn about the mysterious tale of John Moody. Next time, I would recommend being nicer towards your guests" *Finn releases the PTT *
  4. Discord: OhThatGuy27#5808 Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A Why the verdict is not fair: Probably was Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: This happened about 7-8 months ago so I cannot remember a lot. I remember that I was banned for complaining that a certain staff member was teleporting his group around in order to target not only my group but others. I used "choice" words to describe my frustration, which got me removed. I believe the staff member I was complaining about was the one to remove me from the discord as well, but I never got a full explanation as to why I was removed. I never received points for this punishment as well, but decided to move on. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Unban from the discord and be allowed to use it again for communications What could you have done better?: reach out to staff privately about my frustration instead of voicing it on the discord in the public channel.
  6. You never ran this group, it was always Moody. Idk who you think you were when you were a member of this group, but never a leader. Please stop trying to act like you were. None of these guys on the roster, some of which have been saviors for years now, would ever say you were. Also Idc about beans, I’m more of a tactical bacon kinda guy.
  7. Please keep the group thread related and stop posting unnecessary posts, thanks!
  8. It’s cool to see the old group back. However not really the same without the other guys. Let’s see what will happen! Hopefully I can make a comment on my group’s page without it getting taken down!
  10. Its been 2 days since he was made aware that he was special needs. that's 2 days he could of apologized or deleted the comment.
  11. Hopefully you feel good about yourself, really classy man. Makes me sick seeing individuals make fun of people with special needs.
  12. I disagree with the verdict completely, and the false report charge is crazy to me. I feel like the amount of false report verdicts have gone up so much, all of which puzzles me. This report involved the co-owner and his friends unfortunately, and this kind of verdict I saw coming. These kinds of ridiculous verdicts is one of the reasons for my, and many others, absence. Mistrust in staff and very questionable actions. Hopefully it all gets sorted out, sorry ya had to experience this
  13. 1240940749_PogoPosterWIP.jpg.a2ef57b66773b910dec00506c8abb021.jpg

    RIP Pogo 😭

    1. PogoOG


      Damn this photo is amazing 

  14. Loved this character. But time for a change. So many great memories 

    3A43E5D7479940652CD9BD0C333891BE23FC7CA7 (2).jpg

    1. Mademoiselle



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