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  1. PogoOG

    S1 - Cherno -BadRP/Invalid Kill - 2019/03/20 @ 20:35ish

    Pogo POV: So I had just logged in and was RP'ing with Horse when a man named "Jim" showed up. He had a weird vibe to him, I thought he was going to pull something, I even mention that in my video so I give a fake name. Role-played with him a bit and then I see a green armband start running towards our location. He has to run around the pier so it gives my friend and I time to hop into the Cavaliers base so we have a better position just in case anything were to happen. Just a short while after getting into their base, @OxeN initiates on all of us inside the compound via megaphone. At first Panda and I comply, we put 1 hand up and walk towards the front where we are being told to go to. However, we decide to run to cover because we had the advantage of being in the base, as there is only 1 entrance into the whole island city. We run to the south end of the island and eventually decide to make a great escape by swimming away. We jump into the ocean and swim towards Balota. We make it to the shore and run straight north, escaping the D7 mercenaries. I had no contact with the OP during any of this, so I really don't have the best POV for this report. Video: (Sorry for ear rape when I jump into the water. you have been warned lol) (also sorry for the shitty audio quality, the static noise and all. Anyone know how I can fix this on shadowplay lol?)
  2. PogoOG

    Pogo's Photo collections

    if anyone has screenshots of Pogo. Send them to me so I can edit them and add them here! Thanks
  3. PogoOG

    RDM/BadRP green mountain

    Hey i was one of the people that was initiated on and ran away. If I need to post a pov i can. However I can confirm that @TeutonicOG had absolutely no involvement in Cherno or what happened at that lonely house.
  4. PogoOG

    S1 - Cherno -BadRP/Invalid Kill - 2019/03/20 @ 20:35ish

    I have the situation and our escape recorded. I will post a POV and upload what happened after the situation is over. I believe it was D7 with some Green Dragons who initiated? But I’m not sure
  5. PogoOG

    The Cavaliers [Recruitment Open]

    Love what you guys are doing in Cherno! You continue to be my favorite group to run into because your RP is some of the best on the server. Everyone in this group has interesting and unique characters and I love meeting them. I hope whatever your goals are in Cherno, including your defensive pact, comes to fruition.
  6. PogoOG

    The Green Dragons

    Who killed who is besides the point. I was just leaving feedback for the negation RP that we had, but scraped in the end. But take it how you will. Like I said, I understand your reasoning for executing him. I don't understand trying to negotiate terms for his life if your plan was just to execute him in the end and erase the RP we had.
  7. PogoOG

    The Green Dragons

    I'm not talking about earlier situations between our groups. I am leaving feedback on what just happened. You send people in to negotiate, we reached terms, but decided to scrap the negotiations to execute Windex.
  8. PogoOG

    The Green Dragons

    Hey guys just want to leave some feedback on the negotiations we just had over radio. It was really disappointing to see that the negotiation RP that myself and Moody had with a few members had to be scrapped due to y'all just wanting to execute one of our boys (Windex). We had actually reached terms with the negotiators and those terms were going to be pursued. Unfortunately the whole negotiations had to be scrapped and forgotten about because there was some confusion within the group about what you really wanted to do with the hostage. I would suggest figuring out internally what your plans are for any hostage, and then pursue them. We went out of our way to RP with your group, but in the end it was all for nothing. A waste of time and in the end really didn't accomplish anything. You had one of our boys, and in order to get him alive we were going to agree to terms and we did. Y'all do have rights to execute him because of past hostilities and that's fine, but don't send people in to negotiate for his release and then change your minds and just execute him on the spot because that entire conversation we had now is being scrapped. Hopefully i'm not coming off rude but I just wanted to leave the feedback
  9. PogoOG

    Which is the real one?

    I’m the sexy one
  10. PogoOG

    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    Wtf that supposed to mean lol?
  11. PogoOG

    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    No, not Saviors 2.0. Just a few characters coming over from that group
  12. PogoOG

    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    Probably no fight club from us! We won’t be settling down in 1 area for a bit. But hey, the one in Novaya I built is still around!
  13. PogoOG

    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    Cheers gents! This is gonna be fun
  14. PogoOG

    Savior Collage

    Pogo looking goood
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