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  1. OhThatGuy27

    Message to all Foreigners - [Open Frequency]

    *Jimmy clicks his radio* -laughter can be heard before starting- “look my friend, obviously this concept is going over your head. My suggestion was to rebuild a city that would welcome all, and protection from bandit groups. You seem to have to much time on your hands if you get outraged by a stranger on the radio. *Jimmy grins as he clicks off, this time turning off the radio for the time being* *He laughs to himself “so many sensitive chernarussians”*
  2. OhThatGuy27

    Message to all Foreigners - [Open Frequency]

    *Jimmy clicks on his radio* Who said ANYTHING about an easy access city? That wouldn’t make it a sanctuary if those bandits could walk in, now would it? Fortifications are being sprung up around the area, in greater numbers than we’ve seen before. It’s time to fortify a city, that’s all im saying. Your attitude of killing people who upset you is not necessarily shared with the rest of Chernarus. Some of us are trying to rebuild society, like you said.... like minded people should stick together. Why can’t that be under one city? *Jimmy laughs as he clicks off*
  3. OhThatGuy27

    Message to all Foreigners - [Open Frequency]

    *Jimmy picks up his radio* This is not a new idea, you are correct. However, it’s the only viable solution to rebuild. I am not scared of those bandits, I have not told them a location or when the town should come about. It’s merely a suggestion. I know people need something like a sanctuary. If enough people were to come together quick enough, I believe it could easily work. Determination and will power can go a long way, believe me my friend. *Jimmy let’s go of the PTT
  4. OhThatGuy27

    Message to all Foreigners - [Open Frequency]

    *Jimmy hears the response over his radio* "I'm glad someone heard my message and agrees. I'd be more than happy to meet with another foreigner. We can discuss more.... However I do not wish to share this over an open frequency. The name's Jimmy, find me near Novaya Petrovka" *With smile on his face, and a sense of hope, he lets go of the PTT"
  5. OhThatGuy27

    Message to all Foreigners - [Open Frequency]

    *Heavy rainfall can be heard in the background, as Jimmy stiches up the last of his wounds. Digging through his bag to find his radio, he realizes how much lighter it feels. The realization that he has no more food, or supplies hits him. Sitting underneath a tattered shed, a battered and frustrated American clicks on his radio* "-Sighs- …….. This is getting out of hand now *pauses as he unfolds a rag and lays it down into the rain* This is the third time this week that I've come across those nationalist dogs...Kameníci. I know you all know them, probably know them more than you'd like. -laughs- *takes the now soaked rag and cleans the dried blood from his face* Hell, I wouldn't even know what to call them, because all I hear coming out of any of thems mouths is something along the lines of "Hands up, Don't move" bullsh*t. I'm sick of it. Every. Single. Town. I visit, its the same story! *His voice filled with hatred* They seem to be everywhere. Firsts there's one, then the rest em them show up whenever trouble arises. *pauses* I've talked to a lot of you in Chenarus, we share the same hatred for them.... When we are split up, roaming the landscape for supplies, food, weapons, ammo.... or even friends *stares up to Chris's grave*. We are weak in their eyes...vulnerable. *stares back down to his radio* But in numbers, together my friends... we outnumber them! *His voice becomes more energized* The time to put our differences aside needs to happen sooner than later. If we are to overcome these scum, its time to rebuild. We need a place where us foreigners can call home. A town. A Sanctuary. A sanctuary.... who welcomes all. Protection from those cowards.... We don't all need to unify under one group... rather unify under one town. *infected can be heard in the background* *Jimmy searches for his weapon, but finds its ammo has been taken* -Laughs- You know, Chenarus has been plagued by this outbreak... But I believe the bigger problem is them. " *Jimmy clicks his radio off, remaining anonymous*
  6. OhThatGuy27

    S1 - RDM North West Airfield 2018-11-07

    Server and location: S1 - North West Airfield Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2018-11-07, 21:29 Your in game name: Jimmy White Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://youtu.be/RUsHfZIJyvo Detailed description of the events: I was looting the airfield trying to find some ammo for my gun, when I heard a shot near one of the buildings I was near. When I entered the building I saw a dead zombie so I presumed the suspect was just shooting zombies, and shrugged it off. I knew he was in the building I was in so I tried talking with him. I asked him if he was the one who shot, to which i got no answer. He was very quite which made me nervous. When I was done looting the lower floor, I went up to the second and then third floor, where I was gunned down by the suspect. No threats made, no indication of any danger. Just randomly shot dead at the airfield. In the video, I am killed at the very end.
  7. Comes from a well-off family, in one of the richest neighborhoods in all of Washington state. Home-schooled for most of his life, and when college came around decided to go out of the country. Ended up enrolled in Sochi University, as an undeclared major. Only there for a year, he and a group of friends travel to Chenarus for a weekend camping trip. However, while there, the outbreak becomes out of control and the borders are closed. Now trapped in this country, Jimmy must survive in a completely different environment.
  8. OhThatGuy27

    DZSA Launcher wont open anymore

    I am having a huge problem right now with the DZSA Launcher, was wondering if anyone else had the same problem and if there's a solution out there. So I downloaded the launcher, found DayZRP and went to join with no problems. However, when it started to download the mods for the server, my pc crashed with an error message "something went wrong." It then updated itself and booted back up. Now, I can no longer open up the application. Ive tried literally everything I could think of. Ive disabled windows firewall, ive re-installed the launcher and DayZ (was desperate) multiple times. I don't know what else to do. I went to their support page in discord, but they have not got back to me yet. This is day 2 of this issue
  9. OhThatGuy27

    Coming Back!

    Been over 3 years since I last left DayZ, and with it DayZRP. However, with the recent update my interest in replaying the game has sky rocketed. I can't wait to get back into the RP scene with this community. Hoping to revive SoS (if anyone remembers that), but I'm going to need to meet some new faces! Anyways, hope to see y 'all in-game!
  10. OhThatGuy27

    [GAME] Rate the person's signature above you

    I give 6/10
  11. OhThatGuy27

    New rule: Impersonation

    What if I completely make up a group and pretend to be them? Like if I am robbing someone and say that I am apart of the pink fluffy pandas?
  12. OhThatGuy27

    In-Game name change idea?

    I know this. That's what I said. I'm just thinking about the idea.
  13. OhThatGuy27

    In-Game name change idea?

    Agreed, Only benefit I can see to it now adays is if you need to report someone who does Bad Rp, something that can't be caught with logs. It would be nice if every player was like 1x 4s 6a or some type of code which then the log registers to the designated player. Hopefully one day Brad, as much as I'd like to think the metagaming issue isn't that strong...it really is. Metagaming happens all the time to the point where it breaks rp to ruleplay . However, we don't hear many metagaming charges as much as it is Very difficult to prove. I am happy that staff at least went with forum names rather then IC names. But the metagame is a game itself on this server, but its very hidden from the eyes of staff IMO. Exactly where I am coming from.
  14. OhThatGuy27

    In-Game name change idea?

    Yep. All good points. Just trying to think of something else
  15. OhThatGuy27

    In-Game name change idea?

    Ya I understand. However at that time it ruins a lot of good rp. I would rather not have to report and have a good time, you know?