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  1. CptGerardo

    Server split?

    That's debatable. I've seen Wolf Pack be more aggressive than anyone else to be honest. The proof is on their streams. I had somewhat friendly encounters with them but it seems to depends on what mood some players are in. Even if a member OOCly asks if they can have someone's gun they then provoke others for example.
  2. Has Kept to himself, and always at a distance avoiding others as he move along. Jose enjoyed traveling around a lot but never expected his last trip to be nightmare vacation. at this point he has lost those close to him and have been betrayed plenty. but now he is alone figuring his way about, taking each day with one can of beans in hand and eating it by a warm fire. the man is in his mid twenties with fight still in his eyes. was trained to use rifle and pistols as a hobby in Florida seem to come in handy out here in this lawless land.
  3. Moved to Berezinki when he was 18 years of age before the infection hit. He originally came from New York City in America. For the reasons he moved was to get more experiences in his life. To get to live in a town where no one goes to and be cut off from the rest of the world so he can live peacefully in his idle life. Then rumors came into the town of people going insane so he was the first one to moving into the woods and camp out on the hilltop near the deer feeding stand. Hearing a vehicle drive into town seems to be a Vs3 truck but ended up crashing he then heard the scream but was too afraid to check the town. a week later he went down to look for his fishing equipment but all he saw was the ghost town he had abandon with some noticeable blood stains in some buildings and leaving him in questioning what had happened to the townspeople and what had become of bigger towns if his small cutoff from society town is empty. Now he survives with the life of the sea and the land he has a few comrades that have disappeared but he feels that he will see them again.
  4. Hi my name is Al i am the one that fired the shot. My group initiated and this man went behind a fence with his up weapon and pointed towards my allies so i shot him to prevent any causalities of my allies. I started lagging towards in the end but never seen him stand and lower his weapon.
  5. [video=youtube] Came back and get some cool rp
  6. I think only the hostage stuff is new to me other then that everything seem fairly the same
  7. Hello people not many people might know my but im back and i hope i get to rp with many new faces
  8. CptGerardo

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    cant wait to see this
  9. CptGerardo

    Character's Weapon of choice?

    Mosin since it was the most common gun he usually found and was thought to use it for hunting
  10. I can imagine how many people will turn on each other for food and supplies if they do big groups(if persistence never spawned things in).
  11. Eyyy! There is the man of the hour! 'Sup buddy. Yo man just 2 days and 57 is out
  12. I guess ill drop one in to [attachment=2425] [attachment=2426]
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