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  1. MRS Bradtica

    MRS Bradtica

    Combat logging has never, ever applied to those logging out when they were a hostage, as long as they hadn't given their captors kill rights throughout the interaction.

    The way the rule is worded now DOES state that ANYONE involved in the scenario can't log out until 30 minutes after. Which is a load of bullshit in my honest opinion. Why on earth would the hostage NEED to stay on for those 30 minutes when they've been perfectly compliant?

    There's literally no difference if a hostage logs out after the scenario, than me logging out after I've talked to a group of people just five minutes before. 

    Just boggles my mind. 

    1. Lyca


      Yeah doesn't make any sense.

      It's not even your fault when someone takes you hostage. 😄

    2. MR Pussywhipped

      MR Pussywhipped

      bruce almighty quiz GIF by Coventry University

      Rule change poll?!?!

    3. Malet


      Did that even work last time? Is there an Anti-RapeRP-Rule yet?

    4. MR Pussywhipped

      MR Pussywhipped

      Yeeeeeah and apparently there was already a poll on the exact same subject that was completely ignored. 

    5. Dan


      Pretty sure when this was brought up in a thread, people shit on how it's applied to hostages and then nothing changed.

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