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  1. Enfusion Engine Issues

    I had this problem!! Did your computer recently do a massive update? Because mine did and it fucked with everything beyond belief. We reverted to an older version and poof my game worked again.
  2. Kattica

    Can I have my name changed to Cunttica now? Hello? Please?

    1. NateRP



    2. Vrtra


      the fuck does r4 mean?

    3. BostonRP


      Rule 4, the act of an admin using their power to remove someone from the community.

      Or in the most recent case, removing someone who you reported, in your own report.

    4. Kattica


      Dang it. I thought maybe this time someone would agree. Fuck.

    5. Rolle


      So vulgar.

    6. Elmo


      @BostonRP you should've been a moderator

    7. Kattica


      Pls @Rolle. I'll never ask for anything else ever again. 

    8. Rolle


      This is a Christian community Katt, stop it! 

    9. Kattica


      Never. I will have my way Rolle... Mark my words. I will have my way.

    10. Chow


      Ask for Kun-Tikka and you shall have ur name change. With all this anime shiet going around.

  3. Kattica

    R4 has been used like... Hundreds of times before...?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. LouieRP


      I got R4 in a nonbiased way.

      There's a difference.


    3. BostonRP


      But in their own report?

    4. Para


      But R4'ing somebody you reported simply because they said you were falsely reporting them? How is that fair? It's dictator-style mindset. Question me and die type deal, that is the image she created and to be quite frank, how can anybody ever have faith in a leader of the community if they come across as a dictator. 

    5. Jasper


      Yeah totally, we shouldn't even question it at all. Let's just go along with whatever happens right? 

      Please. Spare me.

    6. MeenMuginLovin


      It's genuinely frightening how much people are overreacting over this.
      - If you can't do the time don't do the crime?
      - Actions have consequences?
      - Talk shit get hit?
      It pretty self explanatory. Though I am sure someone will still have to spoon feed this concept to them...

    7. LouieRP


      @MeenMuginLovin Well you see there was no POVs from all of the accused the report evidence was not even present. That whole report was acted on he say she say. Where is the justification with that? 

    8. JoffreyRP


      14 day final warning at worst tbh. R4 might've been a tad heavy.

    9. Kattica


      I just... Don't understand the fucking pitchforks? Like... R4 is used a hell of a lot.  R4 and report verdicts aren't mutually exclusive; meaning you don't need one to have the other. People get R4'd all the time with NO report, no nothing? It's... Always been that way? 

    10. JimRP



      All three are troll reports, compare the outcomes. 

    11. Para


      Okay @MeenMuginLovin, *rolls up sleeves*

      First of all, you're HEAVILY biased as it was your own situation, so saying to us that we're overreacting is a bullshit statement in itself. 

      >"If you can't do the time, don't do the crime" what a load of bollocks. No evidence has been brought forth to show us that they did do the crime, so far it is your word against theirs. 

      >"Actions have consequences" only if you're found guilty. A judge cannot find somebody guilty in their own case, it's biased and flawed. If the report was carried out like normal (logs were pulled, all PoV's etc.) and it was handled by a neutral 3rd party of judges, fine. But Aiko R4'ing people simply because she accused them is bollocks.

      >"Talk shit get hit" get out. What a load of bollocks as well. This is just flawed, I don't and shouldn't need to explain to you why, you're biased etc.

      I don't need this concept spoon fed to me, I feel like i have to spoon feed it to you. I study law, i understand the basic principles of a fair and just system. Clearly you do not, so take that passive aggressive crap elsewhere. 


    12. JimRP


      I don't agree with the outcome but @Rolle backs it so I will support my partner's decision - my own personal opinion is that this could've been handled in a way better way. They need to message the email and then we'll all sit down and find a more calm solution to all this.

    13. MeenMuginLovin


      Talk to Rolle and the other Admins, not me man. Isn't that what R4 means? It's their decision not ours.

    14. Kattica


      Admin discretion and whatnot. They'll have to sort it amongst themselves I guess.

    15. JimRP


      I'm telling you my opinion on the subject. All these people's replies is their opinion about your status update reply. 

    16. Elmo


      Negating the "don't touch if you're biased" rule that all staffers abide by in cases of R4 is inviting abuse of power.

      Staff will support the decision because Aiko is one of them, this pretend confusion in the status update reeks of bullshit. Anybody in staff, past or present, knows how wrong this is.

    17. Hebi Kotei

      Hebi Kotei

      While we have permanently removed people from the community for trolling, the entire situation reeks of horrors that I'd rather not imagine, let alone want for it to happen. Never be the judge on your own case, ever. Personally, I'm not impressed with the situation, but it has happened and now we have to wait for an appropriate solution to this shitfest.

    18. Kattica


      Admins have always had special privileges. It's always been that way. They've always been allowed to see a situation and ban someone for it. There doesn't necessarily have to be a report. 

      Can there be? Of course there can. But, it's never been mandatory for R4.

    19. Mexi


      If she had done it without the report, maybe things would have been seen differently. The way that was handled was unprofessional and screamed bias which is why the vast majority disagree with it.

      Being on Aiko's roster and her friend I'm sure it's hard to understand fully but it's actually rather simple.

    20. Hebi Kotei

      Hebi Kotei

      While that is the case Kattica, she put up the report and then it should be handled as such. Without any proof of the statement even being ready for presentation at the time, I can't get behind the decision as such in this case.

      Eitherway, I will refrain from commenting further on this until more info/decisions have come forward.

    21. Kattica


      I'm actually... Being pretty calm about the whole thing? It's okay if you're upset and can't see that @Mexi, and it's okay that you've been patronizing -- but I've pretty much only regurgited the server rules.

      So, yes... I'm gonna hang out in the strip club still. And yes, I don't think I'm gonna stop being friends with Aiko anytime soon. And yes, R4 is a very real thing that can very much so be appealed or overturned. 

      So you're right; it is simple. 

  4. Eliot O'Neil

    Given the opportunity of a life time, Eliot had packed her backs happily while a disappointed fiancee looked her way. Her life was getting boring, and Eliot felt like the man she slept beside was suffocating her with one of their feather pillows. No hesitation crossed her mind when she was offered a role in the company at the National Ballet of China -- a dream job for any ballet dancer. Her plane was scheduled to leave Pearson International Airport with one stop in London, England before her final destination of China. Her lay-over in London was a nuisance, but a few white Russian's at the hotel bar with an interesting stranger seemed to dull that ache of annoyance. Being a nervous flyer, the alcohol helped her nerves relax enough to sleep on her red-eye flight to China. It wasn't until a strange smell hit her nose, and the sounds of panic crossed her ears that she woke up. The blonde blinked her blue-green eyes to get rid of the fog that clouded her eyes, but soon realized that the smoke wasn't a side effect of her sleep. The cabin was filling with smoke, and her heart had dropped to her stomach. A calm voice filled the smokey air with reassuring words of an emergency departure into the small country of Chernarus to identify the problem. The plane descended quickly, and with very little grace. A reassuring look from the stranger a night earlier was only enough to calm her nerves for a fraction of a second. If he was still smiling, she couldn't tell; her eyes squeezed shut in an effort to dream the nightmare away. The nightmare did end up fading. After thirty minutes, the wheels of their plane had touched down and for the time being Eliot finally felt safe. That feeling was fleeting. Two days were spent in Chernarus, with two major factors playing into the length of their stay; the faulty part being replaced, and the authorization to take off once again. It was the later of the two issues that was harder to resolve, for reasons that escaped Eliot at the time. It wasn't until the end of the second day that they were given the orders to remain put due to an issue of national security. That's when the panic set in, and all hell broke loose. Ballet dancers are not built for the zombie apocalypse. Eliot learned this quickly, and learned that refusal to adapt to her surroundings would mean a swift death for her. She spent the early days of the apocalypse cowering in a home that had been hastily evacuated. Clothes of the previous owners were carelessly thrown across the floor, and the cupboards had been emptied of all non-perishables. During those early days, she fed herself by cutting around the green mold that had taken over a loaf of whole wheat bread. Her stomach gurgled angrily; from the hunger or from the molded bread, she didn't know. It took her a few more days to leave the security of the house. Her growling stomach convinced her that the walls separating her from the real world would soon be the coffin holding her withered corpse. Armed with a small hatchet she found in the basement tangled among camping supplies, she cautiously entered a world that she did not recognize. The blood along the streets, and distant gun shots fed into this dystopia that felt so different from the world that once made her feel safe. It wasn't long after she started taking more chances that her luck had run out. Her body was exhausted. No amount of food seemed to be able to nourish her enough to put one foot in front of the other. Strong lungs that had seen her through some intense routines were easily winded, and caused stars to cross her vision. The adrenaline that coursed through her body like a drug gave her strength during those fleeting moments, but tired her to near insanity directly afterward. It was through her own stupidity that she wandered into an inhabited house one day, and through even more stupidity that she allowed herself to be so easily captured into a life of slavery.
  5. Teamspeak and Discord

    I love discord for groups or small groups of friends. For a big community though? God please no.
  6. I love when groups come around that fit in nicely with the current climate of the server. It sounds like there's a ton of potential for conflict with other groups currently on the server and I like when groups have the balls to challenge that. Just... Try not to get burned out because hostilities can be tough to work out with already established groups when you're still getting your numbers together.
  7. Kattica

    Can someone please explain to @Brad that the "imp of perverse" is a real thing and it does not make me a psychopath for seeing a cliff and feeling the weird urge to jump off. 

    There has to be someone else who knows what I'm talking about.

    1. Brady


      That doesnt sound right

    2. MeenMuginLovin


      Yeah, I get the urge to like throw my phone or self off into an abyss, or like... into imminent death.

      Other crazy shit too I guess. People are fuckin weird...

    3. Kattica


      THANK YOU Mugin. I get the urge to throw my phone out of the car if the window is down and shit like that..

      Imp of the perverse. I'm not crazy. It's a very real thing Brady. 

    4. MeenMuginLovin


      Yeah, pretty much to destroy anything valuable or of personal affect. 

    5. Kattica


      Yeah but it goes beyond that. Like sometimes I'll be chopping some vegetables, and I think to myself... "man it would be so easy to cut off my pinky finger right now." 

    6. BostonRP


      Yeah, it's a real thing. I was on the top floor of this department store the other day and was leaning over the railing, tempted to scream yeet and jump. As far as I know it's a morbid curiosity thing, and nothing psychologically wrong. 

      Also, this is what I was thinking of at the railing:




    7. MeenMuginLovin


      Pretty accurate. I mean self harm. What you could do to people as well. It gets pretty twisted, but its a definite thing. 

    8. Kattica


      Thank you for all of your psycho minds c:

    9. MeenMuginLovin


      I mean, I know @Jack the Ripper would agree that this sorta mind set makes us good at hostile RP.

      Just a healthy outlet for some fucked shit. :P 

    10. Kattica


      Maybe I gotta tap into that sick fuck in me more for our hostile RP.

    11. Ark


      Should I worry for Brad?

    12. Kattica


      You should always worry for Brad. He picked me of all people. 

    13. Ark


      You do have a point...

    14. Kattica


      *Nods sadly.*

    15. Ark


      I’m surprised he’s still alive at this point.....he is still alive right?

    16. Kattica


      ... When was the last time anyone heard from him? >:)

    17. Ark


      Actually heard him....would be a month or two ago in your channel give or take.

    18. Kattica


      A lot can happen in a month or two...

    19. Brad


      Oh heellloo.  Brad here. 

      Not in any way @Kattica typing on his account.  All fine and daaaandy. 

      Hahaha ha....

      You saw nothing!




    20. Kattica


      Good boy.

  8. Mandatory Character Benching on Death

    I get where you are coming from. I know that it will add realism. But all that being said... No. People have always been free to RP out their characters as they see fit. Some people draw out injuries like I do, others don't like to have a gunshot wound affect their character for a week and a half. I really can't blame them, it's just a different type of RP. Would I prefer to see people play injured for at least a day after they're shot? Probably... But I don't think that making it a rule is going to benefit the whole of the community.
  9. Returning

    I think you'll get used to it pretty quickly c: And you can still always add your text rp background into it by pressing the / button (opens direct chat) while in game and writing actions in *'s.
  10. The Damned

    Oh hi Connor Look forward to seeing you around again!
  11. The Damned

    I like a challenge >:)
  12. The Damned

    Perverts. I'm surrounded by perverts.
  13. The Damned

    But... But pretty please can I help?
    • Ark
    • Kattica

    Be proud of me I went to some strange place and just ordered poutine.

    1. Kattica


      ARK! Wow I'm so proud of you :') I trained you so well! 

  14. The Damned

    I look forward to corrupting more people.