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  1. Logs in for the first time in a month. 

    100+ fucking notifications.

    Logs out. 

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  2. I've honestly seen a couple of people do it really, really well without having any sort of voice changer @Wolfen and @NishiUrban, and without text RPing. Though, it takes practice, and they'll probably always have people who ask IG what gender they are. Text RP is a perfect way to do it in my opinion. But, take some time to really practice the skill of typing quickly and effectively. The worst is waiting for someone to type and they chicken peck on their keyboard, taking forever. Really take the time to practice with those online typing tests, and make emotes your best friend. And if you're going to voice changer route, I'd say to not go to extremes. If you can alter and raise your voice slightly, without going too, too far... It'll make it sound more natural. There are plenty of women who have deeper voices, and not the insanely high anime girl pitch. Research them too! See what people have said, and test it out with friends first. I'd say that most people in the community are pretty accepting of it, as long as they see that you're putting forth effort into making it a good RP experience. People will always have their preferences, but do what makes you happy
  3. Same. Although... Legend.
  4. I'm definitely, definitely intrigued and your writing is just incredible. Keep it up! I'm interested in knowing who you're talking about hahah. But that's because I'm nosey.
  5. These are so... SO beautiful! Oh my fucking god
  6. Problem I see is that people spawn radios as soon as they're released. That could be problematic. Unless there's a rule implemented like combat logging that says you must wait like 10-15 minutes after release or something like that. And I think radio spawns should be a much, much longer timer. I'm kinda hardcore and would prefer it being like 12 hours tbh.
  7. Totally get it. Would suck losing a character you feel was really in depth and you spent a lot of time with. I'm not sure what the roleplay was from that situation, or leading up to it, but hopefully it was a decent enough ending to the character? I'd personally say take some time away, a couple of days, and flush out a new character you're really excited about and feel there is room to develop. I usually do so when I'm thinking of new characters, and how to make them interesting to not only others, but to myself as well. Good luck!
  8. Wait. How?

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      @Kattica because saying someone looks like a cartoon character is obviously flaming. It is an absolutely savage attack on somebody's character intended to fatally wound them and/or end their career. 

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  9. I could kill my father all over again if I had the chance. I’d think of much more… creative ways to do it this time too. I had a dream last night about him. It was dinner. The room was completely dark except for those gaudy, red candles he insisted on being lit, not that he raised a finger to do it himself. The shine of the light was reflected off of the newly polished candelabras he meticulously inspected for any flaws. Just like he looked at his children, tearing them apart and perfecting them. Imbuing them with intense pressure and standards that not even he could hold himself accountable to. The bastard. I remembered the smell, even. The roast had been placed right in front of him, freshly baked bread, boiled peas, and the bitter red wine wafting from the head of the table. “Pisicuță." I had almost forgotten his voice, but I was reminded suddenly and without warning. The way he used called me little kitten with not an ounce of endearment. More of an obligation, really, to the pet names our bunica had gifted. But she was dead now, leaving us to the cruelty of her son; the unlovable man our mother cursed as she left. I could feel my stomach drop, even in the dream, knowing what comes next but being unable to stop it. I’ve had this dream before... or, memory, rather. "Da tătic?” He needlessly wiped his mouth with the cloth napkin, as if he had practiced politeness under much scrutiny, before turning to me to speak. His silver eyes were piercing, cold and unkind though speaking to a child of six. "Several of your teachers have told me that you’ve expressed an interest in medicine, Ivona. That you want to become a surgeon.” "Like you, tătic!” I watched myself. Eager to please, fighting for some form of approval that I wasn’t ever going to receive. I woke up feeling a need to throw up, that image burned into my brain. I looked to my brothers then, seeing Mihai’s concern as he looked between the two of us, Andrei’s indifference, and Florin’s laughter as he speared a rogue pea on his plate. A room full of Vulpe men, all heir to a surgeon’s fate and fortune—for the Vulpe men, of course. Not little Ivona. "Like me...” He mulled thoughtfully, the smallest hint of a smirk settling in the corner of his mouth. "Vino aici, Ivona.” He beckoned me closer with the wave of a hand. Small, quick legs jumped down from their perch on the furthest seat and scurried towards him, a smile ever present on my face as I approached the monster. I didn’t have the foresight I have now. I saw his smile then as a form of acceptance, not the malice it truly was meant to be. Mihai saw, though. Now standing as a stranger watching in, I can truly see his face... the pale complexion as fear reflected in his glistening brow. I see now that he had opened his mouth to say something, but no words came out... that he was a coward. That he fed his little sister to the beast in order to avoid the gnarling teeth himself. Father pushed his chair away from the table and patted his lap, enough to make room for me on his lap. "Tell me... how would you fix this?” Confused, I remember being confused. I could see it on my face as I watched my father grab the knife and plunge it into a tiny, small hand. I remember hearing the blade hit the wooden table beneath before I felt the flash of white-hot pain. Watching it I could feel the pain flare in my hand once more, as vividly as it did back then. I watched myself as my smaller form yanked her hand from the table in shock, only damaging her hand further as the blade pulled against the skin. Nonetheless, my hand came free. There was a clamour of dishes, the spilling of red wine, a shout from Mihai who had finally found his testicles, and the undeniable cruelty of Marius Vulpe bearing down on the frail, young girl; watching the chaos with a pleasure that I hadn't yet discovered. I woke from the dream then, anger taking control of my movements as I reached for my gun and stormed out into the cold night, finding things to shoot and watching the splatter of red against the glow of the moon. Tătic had made a very compelling argument, apparently--a fatal mistake for him, but... a lesson all the same. Even still, seeing me now wouldn't have changed any opinion he had about me. Good thing I believe in a hell he can burn in.
  10. Interesting group. I'll be seeing you around!
  11. Actual physical item in your inventory is a little meh for me, I could take it or leave it. I don't think radios spawn that often though, correct me if I'm wrong. Could leave people in a bind for multiple days if they can't find one while they loot, and I don't necessarily think that's fair either. The double mic thing is a yes from me. I already do this. And if I have a radio in my inventory, I usually put it in my hands when I do so. It just makes sense.
  12. sexy jim carrey GIF

    Oh haaaai there hot stuff.  I see you got a new, old name

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  13. Holy hell tonight was so much fun. My Playhouse people are some of my favourite people the "Pac-Man" style game in Zelenogorsk was fucking hilarious, and genuinely had my heart just fucking pounding. Ivona had as much fun IC as I did OOC. I'm glad @Direwolff got a chance to show her the pecking order, though she's probably still gonna test the boundaries of it. She's a mouthy one. @JkpFrog. Getting closer to having more Ace/Ivona RP! I think the characters are super funny together, and maybe we'll see a weird friendship come from it. @Roman @ScarletRose and @yuthee always, always fantastic. I hope that ICly they're starting to like her enthusiasm for all things... Twisted and weird? Another huge shoutout to @Shepard. Ronan and Ivona's friendship is super funny to say the least. The Ivona high out of her mind on morphine RP was some of my favourite RP to date! And also... I might as well shout out @MR Pussywhipped. Because even though he wasn't there... Ivona basically talked about Jude the whole time, and graphically explained their sex life any chance she could. So... Yeah nothing new there. To all those there that I didn't interact with a lot, or I didn't mention... The whole thing was fantastic!
  14. This. But also... If you was "picturesque" don't put the time, date, and location on the forums publicly I'd imagine if you only invited a handful of close friends and had it in some remote location, nobody would have stumbled on it anyway.
  15. Ivona pipes up, her voice still cheery and bright, "You know... you're right! Why SHOULD we let you look at us? If I ever run into you, please remind me so I can remove your eyes and get rid of the problem for you! I'm sure I can think of lots of fun ways to do so! I think I have nails somewhere in my bag..." A scuffle can be heard as she puts the radio down and digs through her bag, the sound of clanking metal can be heard before she curses silently in Romanian. "...shoot... maybe not. Give me like... an hour before you plan on running into me, so I can find some more!" She giggles at the thought, clearly enjoying the idea of it as she releases the PTT.
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