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  1. forager

    Shoes Thread.

    My favourite boots ever, Real bundeswehr german Jackboots. Made circa 1985. I got them from an army surplus supplier in July 2011, wore them most days since then apart from during the summer months, walked 1000s of miles in them and worked in them every day, they are waterproof and tough as, well, old boots. When I got them Now. Worn but still going strong
  2. Hi, came across your HQ by accident when on a walk with Bernie the other day then I was up is stary yar when I bumped into chuck and a couple of other peeps, they guided me back to your HQ, pleased to meet some sane (seeming) folk who have their shit wired tight.
  3. I've been playing a bit more again and started a bus service. The trucks seem less glitchy now imo. I've used numerous tanks of fuel and only had one desync crash. I tend to drive on the roads unless I have no choice and any off road driving is fairly slow, cities are the worst as my fps goes into the single figures. Only one attempted hold up (initiation) so far, I just kept on driving. I stop everytime I see someone waving or thumbing a lift
  4. forager

    [ChDKZ] Chernarusskiy Dvizheniye Krasnaya Zvezda [LADS ONLY]

    aww thanks!
  5. forager

    [ChDKZ] Chernarusskiy Dvizheniye Krasnaya Zvezda [LADS ONLY]

    yeah fantastic, my Rp is weak and its good to meet a proper group like yourselves
  6. forager

    [ChDKZ] Chernarusskiy Dvizheniye Krasnaya Zvezda [LADS ONLY]

    Hello that was me in the truck, the "Forager" My heart was beating like crazy once again thanks for sparing my life after I was cheeky, PS, I found a new helmet!
  7. There's plenty of sweaty feet. Welcome
  8. Never exit the truck with the engine running is my rule
  9. forager


    lol, I have died to the phantom killer truck at the gates of Green mountain compound in the past.
  10. I joined Dayzrp to play dayz in a more realistic setting with less KOS than public dayz. I was expecting more normal behaviour which is what I got, normal people and a few sociopaths or as I call them, dickheads. You have to accept that there are a few dickheads wherever you go and that will never change. When you see groups of armed to the teeth people holding up everyone and humiliating them for the sake of it in some kind of schoolboy revenge fantasy way then well, yes, it sucks and like I said there will always be dickheads, but you have choices. You can try to avoid any contact with hostile people. You can placate a protagonist with willing compliance and sicophantic behaviour with hope that you will escape with the loss of only some dignity and some gear. You can act casually and try to talk them out of what they haven't done yet. You can shrug them off with an air of indifference and walk away (whist drawing you weapon) You can attempt an all out sprint for freedom if the odds seem favourable You can be prepared for such an event by secreting a weapon about your person and killing the protagonist. My character is a Uk citizen of sound mind with limited firearms experience, in 200 hours or so of play on Dayzrp I've been robbed never. There was a guy who tried to hold me up but I was saved by a friendly nearby bush man. I've been killed by dickheads about 3 times (not robberies just people being dickheads) I've died about 25 times. Mostly from glitches.
  11. forager

    Badass quotes thread

    "Shiny Boots and a spanking short hair cut and your ready for anything. That's what my uncle used to say, of course, that was before all that unpleasant suicide business" Arnold Rimmer.
  12. I was about to log off when it happened.
  13. forager

    Johnny's Journey

    I like terry
  14. is it allowed to log out if the truck goes a bit weird or tips over? as getting out when its not level on the floor can result in hurty dieness
  15. forager

    Willow, and Joffreys' Wedding!

    see you there, dunno which server you're gonna pick though as they're all full, stuffed, topped off, maxed out