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MR Pussywhipped

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"Listen lady, I only speak two languages: English and bad English"

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  1. MR Pussywhipped

    Favourite TV Show Growing Up

    For the Canadians among us:
  2. MR Pussywhipped

    YouTube Yes or No?

    Go for it man! Some good ol'RP content never hurts!
  3. MR Pussywhipped

    BeanZ WAR

  4. MR Pussywhipped

    BeanZ WAR

  5. MR Pussywhipped

    [Game] Rate the persons forum name above you.

    I enjoy it immensely, the first time I saw it, I thought it wasn't English. On further inspection this is a Veryniceperson 9/10
  6. MR Pussywhipped

    BeanZ WAR

  7. MR Pussywhipped

    BeanZ WAR

  8. MR Pussywhipped

    False Report?

    Yep, that definitely used to be a thing.
  9. MR Pussywhipped

    A-Z of Music

  10. MR Pussywhipped

    BeanZ WAR

  11. MR Pussywhipped

    Staff Feedback: Banshee

    Link to the situation: Recent ask the staff/question thread Any supporting evidence or notes: NAH Feedback: Want to commend you on being the only staff member (besides Roland) who took the time to respond to my questions recently. I didn't 100% agree with your answer but hey, that's going to o happen. Staff need to be visible in discussions and lead the conversation and I want to thank you in taking the time to do so when no one else would. Suggestions for improvement: keep on keepin on.
  12. MR Pussywhipped

    BeanZ WAR

    Fuckin Mugin, change your name to Cold-Hatin-Mugin. 153
  13. MR Pussywhipped

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    An avatar that identifies you easily. 8/10
  14. MR Pussywhipped

    A-Z of Music

  15. MR Pussywhipped

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    I'm not entirely sure how the whitelist looks now because the old long answer version was tough and when the new multiple choice edition was brought in it was pretty tough, but I imagine people now just supply answers to their friends. Interview process would be interesting, if not a bit time consuming. I just watched a group request to be archive on a Tuesday and just get closed today (maybe thats a thing that's supposed to happen?) Which goes to show you staff is probably a bit overburdened as it is. The interview I guess could be conducted by any staff member after a whitelist test is complete? But that still seems like a lot of work. My vote is rewriting the whitelist, make it hard, make people work for it. Man, that kind of stuff drives me up the wall and should be a absolute no brainer of something not to do when joining this server. This ^^^^ 100% agree. If you cannot grasp the concept after a few tries, you're probably not going to make it in the world of RP. And if it's some real technical questions, they can go to staff help and see where they went wrong before failing the final time.
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