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  1. Famous people thread

    Interesting. I see your point, but we might get a bit metagame-y with this, which maybe in this instance could be allowed. Here is how I imagine it could work: A list of of people with known notoriety that perhaps would have to be approved by the loremasters, the list would link back to a character page, and the character page COULD include an in character notoriety section where their backround could be known in game An example from the previous lore was @Roach's Quinn Bauer, how cool would it have been for the occasional person to know who he was? Now during that time I'm sure OOC interaction led to that being the case for some characters who wanted to pretend they had heard of him. Maybe Roach can shed some light on that experience. @Pussy also shared her experience of how this would have helped her character as well. And I mean would it not be interesting to have minor Chernarus celebrities in the mix? Does it elevate another player too much? Does that matter Interesting stuff. I think the details need to be solid before something like this could work. But perhaps it has some legs to run on.
  2. Is ok if my character start this rumor?

    As previously stated, if it makes sense for your character to do so then go for it, however what reason would justify the rumor? If your character is just a shit disturber be careful you don't get smacked with bad rp or trolling. Also people aren't naive. If they've met the UN, they're likely just going to call your bluff. So to get any traction on the rumor you'd likely need to play it very carefully to get people to believe you at all. Don't make that who your character is (aka running around saying "you want to know what I heard" to strangers), rather one of the layers to your character is that they believe or think people should believe this rumour and will include it in conversation when the time is right.
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  3. VDV Quarantine zone?

    Lol whatever man, you paraphrase what I say and then tell me I don't understand the situation? How does the above differ from any situation with any bandit? They are geared up more than you and they will control a bit of your time. I get, the large scale factor can be intimidating, But yeah if it's settled, it's settled. Hopefully good RP will come from it, and better RP isn't wasted because people are afraid of big groups.
  4. VDV Quarantine zone?

    Is this not EXACTLY why there was a lore wipe? To begin again with new groups and ideas? Of course a giant group of people are going to try and control Chernarus during the apocolapse! Of Course people are going to be pissed off about it! Of course they are going to fight back! If we can't fear the zombies, having fear in what will happen if you enter the quarantine zone, in my opinion sounds like exactly what this game was made for. That being said: #Rebellion! I imagine most character's makeup would not have included "killing zombies" either, yet here we are. Adapt to survive.
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  5. He was used to seeing his mother's rage, but this was something different. Rage, mixed with...utter defeat. Aaron had grown up his whole life without a father. Sure, his 3 uncles had tried to fill the void but they had never really been close to Aaron. His mother had rarely spoken about his father, and when she did, she spoke with such contempt that Aaron avoided the subject at all costs. That was until the day he came knocking on their door. Aaron had been home alone that day munching on Cheetos and playing the the newest release Grand Theft Auto: Vice city when he heard the knock. Thump-Thump-Thump "Who is it!?" Aaron yelled. Thump-Thump Groaning audibly Aaron paused the game, brushed orange Cheeto dust onto his sweat pants, and stomped to the door. Swinging the door open a middle aged Caucasian man in a golf shirt and khakis stood before him. 'Eh, sorry sir. Nikawi...er...my mom isn't here right now to pay any-" 'Aaron?' the man questioned with almost certainty. “Uh. Yep. That's me.” “Hey. Any chance I could come in. I know you don't know me but I have something very important to tell you.” Aaron's face became immediately puzzled as he scowled “Nah man, I don't want what you are selling” Aaron began to shut the door “Aaron wait.” the door almost latches but the man yells in desperation “Aaron. Wait. I'm.-I'm your father!” The door stops in place for a moment. Aaron peeks out. “Did I just hear you correctly sir? Or are you just a really big fan of Star Wars?” They had spent the afternoon chatting at his kitchen table. His father, whose name he now knew to be Matthew Doyle told him about meeting his mother. “”We met at a music festival not too far from here...I had almost forgot about that night until I met up with your Uncle River on a construction job last month.” His father as it turned out was a real estate developer, who had met his Uncle River on a job he had taken in the city. The two had shared a few beers one night and rehashed old stories. One of which became very familiar to both. “When your Uncle River told me about you, I just had to see you for myself.” Aaron shook is head is disbelief “Wow. This is a lot to take in. I just can't...” The front door swung open at that moment and Aaron's mother walked in carrying grocery bags in each hand. Bags that abruptly fell to the ground when she spotted the man across from Aaron. She hadn't spoken much when Matthew Doyle had hugged Aaron and left their house. She hadn't spoken much when Aaron had told her all about the man he had just discovered to be his father. However , a few weeks later when Aaron confessed that he wanted to move to the city, live with his dad and finish high school. That's when she raged. She had shrieked at Aaron, threw plates and mugs at him, she struck him across the face and yelled with whiskey on her breath. “How could you abandon your family, your Nimis and Nistis!” When she finally broke into tears and slammed the door to her room, she had heard the taxi cab door slam from outside. Frightened she had run out into the front yard apologizing at the top of her lungs but only the night sky had heard her cries. Their relationship was distant for a while. He would come back to the reserve to visit his brothers, sisters and friends. She had come to the city on occasion. She had been there when he got his license, and when he graduated high school. She had visited on his 18th birthday, and then once again that same year after receiving a phone call from Aaron. She had been sober for almost two years, but the phone call was one of the most sobering experiences of both of their lives. "Nikawi?" "Yes my boy?" "It's my Dad... Aaron fought to get the words out. "Aaron...what's wrong?" "He...he....died. Mom...he's gone."
  6. The âcimowin of Aaron Grey https://puu.sh/wXxMF/ddb0b7b90a.mp3 Chapter Pe'yak Chapter Ni'so Aaron Grey Character Page
  7. Aaron Grey

    The children of the Mossomin First Nation hit the drum harder and harder with each beat. Louder and louder they chanted his name. "Grey! Grey! Grey!" He had seen eagles soar far above his head, and today was his chance to fly. He spun the pdeals of his BMX bike a final time and looked over at his trusted confidant Andy for any sign of disapproval. "Come on you fucking got this! " Andy shouted. Aaron smiled and sighed slightly under his breath. "Time to fly like the kihiw" Putting his feet up on the pedals he began to descend down the hill. Picking up speed on the gravel road, the children's voices becoming silent as they watched the spectacle unfolding in front of them. The speed was right. The angle was right. Aaron hit the ramp and shot through the air, time seemingly slowing down for an instant. The Saskatchewan skies stretching for miles upon miles. The breeze through his hair soothing his very soul. Suddenly the brisk water from Murray Lake was upon him with a thunderous splash. His eyesight and hearing disoriented for a moment as he swam to the surface. "Mr. Grey, I'm finished my exam, where do you want it?" Aaron's day dream came to a quick halt as Becky Anderson stood across from his desk holding papers in her hands. "Yeah, no problem Becky, I'll take them. How did you find the test?" "Well I'm pretty knowledgeable about like all that Shakespeare stuff, so I'd say I rocked it!" Becky bragged twirling her blonde hair through her fingers. "Becky..." Aaron cleared his throat and lowered his voice so the rest of the class couldn't hear "the exam was on Oedipus the King...not Shakespeare." Becky's bright blue eyes went wide in a state of sheer horror for a few seconds but she almost immediately regained her composure "In that case can I have my papers back?" "Yes, yes you may Ms. Anderson, you've still got 25 minutes left". 25 minutes later the bell at Hilcrest High School in Ottawa rang and the students filed as quickly as they could out of the building. Laughter and cheers of joy filled the hallways. Summer was finally here, and Aaron himself was excited and yet underwhelmed to see the school year come to an end. He pushed open the staff lounge door and spotted a few of his co-workers already letting off some steam. Including gym teacher Jared Wiggley sitting and in typical gym teacher fashion almost hollering at a red headed woman. "So then he says he can't do any more push ups because he twisted his ankle on his GOD DAMN long board. I swear to christ these kids and their excuses. Oh hey Grey, what's going on?" "Well Wiggs, I can successfully say my English kids can read real good-like after that exam." With a chuckle Wiggley pats Aaron on the back "You know it!" The red headed woman turns to Aaron. Another member of the Hilcrest English Department, Lacey Jones. "So Aaron have you thought anymore about the trip abroad this summer?" "I'm just not sure Lace. Leaving the boys for a few months..." Lacey cuts him off "Can the she-devil not keep track of them?" "That's half the problem, she's more than willing, and it'll just be one more thing to use against me every chance she gets. Plus they're pretty impressionable at 7 and 10." Wiggley chimes in "AH come on, she can't be that bad! I mean you haven't met my ex-wives!" "Maybe I'm thinking about it all wrong, they do love their mom. I mean after all teaching English in a foreign country? We could really make a difference there." "Not to mention we are going to party the fuck up! As much partying as we can get up to in a place called...che...cheen...what was it called again?" "Chernarus you neanderthal" Lacey giggled "It's called Chernarus" Aaron raises his coffee mug in a cheers, the others join him. "Chernarus here we come"
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  9. Make DayZRP great again

    Would you believe I was actually reading page 4 when I wrote this and just didn't make it to your post? Well played, and looks like some good decisions!
  10. Make DayZRP great again

    @Rolle My two cents on some other things. Eliminating Dynamic groups. I don't like this one bit, it seems like some unnecessarily rule play and to quote the reason behind it "used by official group members who go on alts to escape repercussions to their main characters or group and by groups of friends who play together all the time, but do not wish to go through the quality assurance step of creating an official group.Now, to prevent this I believe that dynamic groups should be removed to prevent this kind of abuse" Was this really that big of an issue? Maybe I've been away for too long but that just seems like rules based on a select few instances. Thumbs down, as dynamic groups are fun. Require a character page for all characters I like. Very nice. This will get people to think about their characters more +1 ***Categorize and balance groups*** -snip- A good decision was made. Eliminate TS metagaming Interesting but very very difficult to enforce. I would suggest adding if talking on the radio to friends in team speak you also have to use the ingame push to talk so anyone in the surronding area could also hear it. But yeah if everyone just complied to this it would be a very immersive experience, but they probably won't. Make dying actually matter An interesting idea, not sure if it will change how people play, but any consequences surrounding death in my mind is a good idea.
  11. A clear transmission buzzes through the airwaves. http://puu.sh/wNizd/54e30d4ab9.mp3 A man's voice comes through the radio, "Heya, helmet. Long time no see." Bonnie's voice can be heard in the background, getting louder as she approaches, "Are you getting through to him, is that Ender?" "He's here BonBon... I'm sure of it. Reception is better on this here hill." The transmission ends momentarily, only starting against once her voice is heard, "Ender, hi! We're on our way, If you leave without us I'll be sure to hit you into next week!" He chuckles, "You better listen to her Ender, I think she's serious." "Serious as a heart attack." A stop in the broadcast is heard, Clyde's voice follows shortly after, "And what's with this "I'll probably never see them again" business, helmet? Don't you fret your little head away, we're closer than you think." Her smile can practically be heard through the radio, "We're two days away... keep a couple of seats warm for us." "And if you're driving you sure as hell better have taken more lessons." She laughs, "Seriously, though Ender. I'd rather walk if you haven't, we're carrying precious cargo here." A pause is heard before Clyde's voice returns, "Two days, tops, Uncle Ender. We'll be there." She gasps, "Clyde!" A smack can be heard coming through the radio, "Way to go, you big lug." The transmission ends.