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  1. Brad

    Triple H Appreciation Thread.

    I got worries this was a memorial thread when I first saw it. Not sure why, but I had a small "what the hell happened" moment. But it appears all is well and good.
  2. Brad

    What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

    You guys know REAL thanksgiving was like a month ago eh?
  3. Brad

    Braddok's Intro

    Welcome! The first four letters of your username are awesome.
  4. Brad

    The Unnamed - We Are Survivors [HARDCORE IC RECRUITMENT]

    Clyde was meta before it was cool. The new characters intrigue me, will there be...lore and stories?? (That appears to have a SoonTM tag)
  5. Brad

    The Unnamed - We Are Survivors [HARDCORE IC RECRUITMENT]

    @Endersends me a message on steam saying "look who's back?" -Searches for group page "Shiny!" -Looks at character page.... "who are these people!?" -stares longingly at pretty pictures In all seriousness, page looks great, RP will be great, if I'm ever in game (insert Jim Carey's "so you're saying there's a chance?" here) I hope to run into you fine people. Good luck and may the maker watch over you fine people...who...wish...to not be named.
  6. Brad


    What abuse? Was there a great dynamic group plague of 2016 that I missed? Was there really that big of an issue that they needed to be wiped out completely? I'm sorry maybe I missed something here but you speak of dynamic groups like people were going on killing sprees and covering it up by being in a dynamic group. I can honestly say it was NEVER an issue when I was staff, and I haven't really seen it pop up as a threat to dayzRP. So please explain to me why it's a great evil that needed to be removed?
  7. Brad


    This was honestly one of the single biggest mistakes made during a rule set change. This doesn't just effect newcomers it effects people who get busy and can't be apart of a group. Having a straight up RP blocker like this in place because lets face it that's what it is, is ridiculous under the banner of DayzRP. When you're rolling with someone and have to take a different RP path because of a stupid rule, you've killed RP in that moment because you are focusing on the rules more than RP. (Which is actually a rulebreak in itself. What a vicious circle!) I honestly do not get the all-out-war on hostile RP this place has put down over the last while. Does the staff team not understand that in order for this place to work, people need conflict? They need shit to hit the fan? And that doesn't always have to mean two groups attacking each other, the RP between two dynamic groups can be just as thrilling. And if staff members are worried about the tangles in reports dynamic groups cause. It's really not that difficult to figure out, and if you can't...perhaps you should reconsider the reasons why you are there in the first place. If the intention is to create moe official groups that are better constructed. I get that, but was this ever really a problem? I seem to remember plenty of excellent groups meeting plenty of character driven dynamic grouos in the past. Bring them back. It was the wrong choice in the first place and for the sake if RP needs to be a thing once again.
  8. Brad

    Staff level system

    Honestly I think you'll just get drama based off of it. The reward doesn't outweigh the risk sort of thing. Someone will get mad at getting overlooked for "a star". Meh. On the other hand.... Can I be 3 star Commoonity Helper plz?
  9. Brad

    Musician Character

    An interesting idea for sure. The radio chatter threads i think for sure an audio clip would work. In game might be tricky as stated before with the voip system. You might want to try it with someone on another server to see how it sounds. If you dont't have some audio recording software get something you can cut and edit clips into (worst thing that can happen you go to play a video and hit an ad haha). And have a few clips ready just in case people want you to play more than one song. But honestly if it sounds good in game, I don't see why this couldn't work. @Roach used to actually play the guitar in game and it was pretty awesome.
  10. Brad

    Holding out for Some Hostile

    Awesome! Great work you two!
  11. Brad

    What was your first RP encounter?

    First experience was at Kami ran into @Pado and @Chernov. I was with @Kattica (as per ush) and it was our first attempt at our "Bonnie and Clyde" characters. Needless to say our backstories were a tad bit far fetched something something brain swapping something something actual bonnie and clyde and somehow I died sitting at a fire at gunpoint of starvation. The guys found us on teamspeak and asked us what the hell was up with our characters, and helped us realize we were going to need to switch things up a bit. Totally cool of them and a great first intro to the community. Next day we run into the UnNamed @Cid @Aurora Sky @NishiUrban @Ender @Arcarius @whateverthefuckDesmondsUserNameIs and the rest as they say...is history.
  12. Brad

    Larry's Radio Show!

    Hellz yes! Love it! I'm sure you've got it under control, but if you have any questions don't be afraid to message me. Also...is 2015 really 3 years ago? Has it really been that long? Haha
  13. Brad

    Group Idea:Class of 2018

    It's called Habitat for Humanity yo. Happens all the time, people travel to poor countries to build things, high school students probably are involved a lot too. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Habitat_for_Humanity There's probably similar organizations as well, but very plausible that they could be there for this very reason.
  14. Brad

    Immortals [Open Recruitment]

    Yah. Nah. You were definitely not the first cannibal group. Maybe the first to outright claim to be so, but not the first. Regardless, not sure why that needed to be any kind of competition (especially one that needed to be pointed out 3 times - hopefully that was a glitch). Constructive criticism. Being a cannibal group is a tough game to play. Desperate times call for desperate measures but it's still a tough situatio to justify and borders on being unrealistic. That being said I don't think having two similar groups is going to hurt anything. I'm also not a fan of people blasting groups before they get a chance to shine in RP. Get out there show people you can be terrifying and have fun. If people enjoy it, no one will give two shits who came first, or how many of you there are. Good luck.
  15. Brad

    BeanZ WAR