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  1. What was your first RP encounter?

    First experience was at Kami ran into @Pado and @Chernov. I was with @Kattica (as per ush) and it was our first attempt at our "Bonnie and Clyde" characters. Needless to say our backstories were a tad bit far fetched something something brain swapping something something actual bonnie and clyde and somehow I died sitting at a fire at gunpoint of starvation. The guys found us on teamspeak and asked us what the hell was up with our characters, and helped us realize we were going to need to switch things up a bit. Totally cool of them and a great first intro to the community. Next day we run into the UnNamed @Cid @Aurora Sky @NishiUrban @Ender @Arcarius @whateverthefuckDesmondsUserNameIs and the rest as they say...is history.
  2. Larry's Radio Show!

    Hellz yes! Love it! I'm sure you've got it under control, but if you have any questions don't be afraid to message me. Also...is 2015 really 3 years ago? Has it really been that long? Haha
  3. Group Idea:Class of 2018

    It's called Habitat for Humanity yo. Happens all the time, people travel to poor countries to build things, high school students probably are involved a lot too. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Habitat_for_Humanity There's probably similar organizations as well, but very plausible that they could be there for this very reason.
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      Welp, we're aiming for 3 events or lore happenings minimum per week. So.. hopefully we can live up to this GIF lol.

  4. Immortals [Open Recruitment]

    Yah. Nah. You were definitely not the first cannibal group. Maybe the first to outright claim to be so, but not the first. Regardless, not sure why that needed to be any kind of competition (especially one that needed to be pointed out 3 times - hopefully that was a glitch). Constructive criticism. Being a cannibal group is a tough game to play. Desperate times call for desperate measures but it's still a tough situatio to justify and borders on being unrealistic. That being said I don't think having two similar groups is going to hurt anything. I'm also not a fan of people blasting groups before they get a chance to shine in RP. Get out there show people you can be terrifying and have fun. If people enjoy it, no one will give two shits who came first, or how many of you there are. Good luck.
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    My face when I peruse the forums nowadays.


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      Me getting off on all of the forum drama...


  6. BeanZ WAR

  7. Graveyard Characters

    I had a simplified version of this idea going at one time where perm'd players gave a bio/dedication and I put their names in a list in the main post. People would bring back characters every now and then and I'd just remove them from the list. As you would. There were quite a few people who participated and I think a graveyard idea that expands on it would be very cool.
  8. Community Feedback

    Positive feedback can be given in "Whose RP did you enjoy today" posts. Negative feedback can either be in a report if you want to do it publically, or through PM's if you actually want to help. A public forum feedback isn't needed.
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    When all your status updates are about @Pussy


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      Can I get some?


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      Brad's not very good at sharing.

      He was a bully in the sandbox.

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      I have a feeling he'd stomp out my sand castle

  10. Famous people thread

    Interesting. I see your point, but we might get a bit metagame-y with this, which maybe in this instance could be allowed. Here is how I imagine it could work: A list of of people with known notoriety that perhaps would have to be approved by the loremasters, the list would link back to a character page, and the character page COULD include an in character notoriety section where their backround could be known in game An example from the previous lore was @Roach's Quinn Bauer, how cool would it have been for the occasional person to know who he was? Now during that time I'm sure OOC interaction led to that being the case for some characters who wanted to pretend they had heard of him. Maybe Roach can shed some light on that experience. @Pussy also shared her experience of how this would have helped her character as well. And I mean would it not be interesting to have minor Chernarus celebrities in the mix? Does it elevate another player too much? Does that matter Interesting stuff. I think the details need to be solid before something like this could work. But perhaps it has some legs to run on.
  11. Is ok if my character start this rumor?

    As previously stated, if it makes sense for your character to do so then go for it, however what reason would justify the rumor? If your character is just a shit disturber be careful you don't get smacked with bad rp or trolling. Also people aren't naive. If they've met the UN, they're likely just going to call your bluff. So to get any traction on the rumor you'd likely need to play it very carefully to get people to believe you at all. Don't make that who your character is (aka running around saying "you want to know what I heard" to strangers), rather one of the layers to your character is that they believe or think people should believe this rumour and will include it in conversation when the time is right.
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  12. VDV Quarantine zone?

    Lol whatever man, you paraphrase what I say and then tell me I don't understand the situation? How does the above differ from any situation with any bandit? They are geared up more than you and they will control a bit of your time. I get, the large scale factor can be intimidating, But yeah if it's settled, it's settled. Hopefully good RP will come from it, and better RP isn't wasted because people are afraid of big groups.