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    Much better version @Mercy xD 

    Just Kidding

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      it is

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      It's not. Don't change it! :D

  1. Try me https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-15/
  2. The Last Light

    And we're officially back and better than ever!
  3. Guide: How to do Medical RP

    That will be found in someone else's guide; this guide is how to make a medical character
  4. Scariest thing

    I've had this twice and ever since freaks me out. When I was 7 I had eczema on my lips which was a rare form according to doctors. I got heavily bullied for that to the point where I had a gang of 12-15 yr olds throw bricks at me. One hit me near the head and I had to get checked. Doctor said I could've gone into a coma. When I was 13 I was walking home and some boys started throwing rocks at me, the fear of knowing what may of happened made me run. I ran down a hill and stumbled over my own feet into the road. I was nearly hit by a car. They slammed their breaks on and was about 3 inches from my face. I grazed all my knees, hands, face and chest.
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    Jalapeño on a steeeccck

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  6. Worst Fears

    I have a fear of heights, surgery, and death. My fear of surgery prevents me having anything such as blood or organs taken out of me. I will never donate my organs due to fear. This follows with dying - if I'm behind gas truckers or anything like that. I literally feel like a final destination moment will happen and I'll die. heights aren't as bad, I can look down but falling is awful; my legs get wobbly. most think it's stupid or they think why, but it's my fears. They can't change. I think it's stupid I can't donate blood or organs but it's cause of my fear.
  7. Mercy

    When you want to play a psychopath but people seem to be too trigger happy. :/ 

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    2. RogueSolace


      Yep it makes no sense 😑 everyone does this wanting to hurt people, yet the reality is the exact opposite. People come together to help each other during disasters, not dominate and destroy :P

    3. Crazy_Corwin


      I dont really wanna say who the main protagonist are but alot of the main people in the game are just here to play for themselves and rob everyone. They are usually never original and are usually always military or mercenaries. Its the same thing over and over.

    4. RogueSolace


      Yep and gets annoying and boring, but we are the ones that have the audacity to dislike being bullied 🙄

      i'm all for hostile rp but when it gets as bad as it does in this game, its just sad imo

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    You are not worthy to be noticed.
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    Hey he wasn't upping up the gear I had to make some entertainment along the way
  10. The Last Light Media Thread

    Loved our 5mph drive
  11. Dear Mama... I'm Sorry

    So everyone can blame you instead of me now, woot!