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  1. Mademoiselle

    99.9 Hz

    Hope would take her radio, catching her breath. "I'm making my way back to Rogovo right now. See you there." She would put her radio away, taking a drink of her water.
  2. Mademoiselle

    Favorite Video Game Trailers

    Do you have to even question me... and
  3. Mademoiselle

    99.9 Hz

    Hope would come across the frequency crystal clear. She would respond to the gentlemen in need. "Mr. Squires, I know of a place that consists of the medicine you require. Give me a few hours... Most likely two or so and I can deliver to you. A lot of people luckily don't know what certain drugs do so therefore they tend to not snag them as much. I will talk to you soon." She would pocket her radio before setting off to the hospital she last saw the drugs / suspect them to be.
  4. Mademoiselle

    Staff Feedback: Mademoiselle

    Hello Boris, I think you take my post out of the context that was at due. For a better in-context reply is that the conversation is about being injured and how a PVP aspect (player vs player) can change a situation drastically. Being out in the open to initiate causes a high risk of danger and what the person puts themselve into. Whilst I understand you think i may be saying infected vs person, I did not mention anything of that sort. There is a different context of fighting an infected and purposely getting yourself into what may be a PVP situation. This will allow our players to grasp a better meaning of tactical advantages etc. Instead of doing it in the middle of an open field or road. I think reading above those posts that had been previously quoted from me or the other person can also address the issue instead of reading half of the conversation as I mentioned here of my thoughts about the mechanics being added to the game: I hope this helps broaden what I meant when I write this and that you for you concern.
  5. Mademoiselle

    Make blood / heath only regen by using blood bags / saline

    I'm saying that IF this was to be implemented, people will think on how it can affect them within a gun fight scenario. I'm not saying every firefight would be deemed as NVFL. It would be a case by case scenario such as initiating in the middle of a field. If this makes more sense? Since people who are initiated on may have friends in the area.
  6. Mademoiselle

    Make blood / heath only regen by using blood bags / saline

    Then let them. If they want to act in a way that shows NVFL a lot a reports will be up because of it.
  7. Mademoiselle

    Make blood / heath only regen by using blood bags / saline

    This would be pretty dope, knowing people get into firefights a lot it will make them consider the consequences of being in an open space. Plus it will give all the medical roleplayers more value than to emote roleplay the scenario. Big +1 from me.
  8. Mademoiselle

    Change back to 100 cap on the server

    I'd rather not have two servers again cause it will only influence people to hop on S2 to gear RP or just loot and avoid roleplay. The 120 cap server we have is great since it's been a while since I've seen a full server consistently when at one point we couldn't even fill a 60 cap server before beta. I wouldn't mind testing 2 - 80 cap servers and see the result but I feel like I would already know the answer.
  9. Mademoiselle

    99.9 Hz

    Hope would take her radio, hearing the broken transmission from her end before trying to contact the man from the other side. "Hel..o... So...rr... I think we're having interf...rence... I can tr... Currently out .... ange.." The radio breaks out with a loud crack of static.
  10. Mademoiselle

    Spicing up Roleplay?

  11. Mademoiselle


    Anyone who can make group graphics for me please? I will love you long time.

    1. BrianM


      I've been looking for someone for a week now, I'll let you know if I find anyone.

    2. DrMax


      I make good graphics, what's the name?

  12. Mademoiselle

    • Mademoiselle
    • DaRsnn

    Welcome welcome

  13. Mademoiselle



  14. Mademoiselle

    Assault Vest Black

    Yup, it is a reskinned smersh. I’d haven’t tried to add the utility backpack on but thinking about it, I’m gonna have to try that unless someone else can do it Before I’m home. (Edit) I read the post above and i only just woke up... I’m sorreh!
  15. Mademoiselle

    Groups initiate way too much and shoot way too fast.

    Shot way too fast. This is what annoys me, because it’s a looks like an unplanned last minute hold up that nearly went completely wrong if you had died. They should learn to initiate whilst you’re not facing them. Granted it may be the triangle but you can’t gurantee that’s the ONLY bandit area. People are too quick to pull the trigger cause they are worried about the consequences to their actions. Also seeing the last report, I think learning the emote wheel can help. Pressing “.” Will lead you to many emotes. However I think you’ve learned VMC = you getting shot a lot
  16. Mademoiselle

    99.9 Hz

    Hope would sit on a roof, slightly irritated but her voice shines out as her normal calm self. "Update request please." She lets go of the PTT, sighing heavily to herself.
  17. Mademoiselle

    99.9 Hz

    She responds again. ”Not sure what you mean. Just give me a location and I’ll be there I suppose.” The radio cuts as she waits for another response.
  18. Mademoiselle

    99.9 Hz

    She would respond as soon as possible. This is Dr. Pisces, awaiting response.” She would wait patiently whilst in a compound of other people.
  19. Mademoiselle

    How do you have your coffee? (Poll)

    Any and all. McDonald’s Caramel Iced Coffee though
  20. Mademoiselle


    For anyone who is wanting the 99.9 Hz radio, it is not an actual frequency. So as a little help, we have a voice channel for you to all join for the medical roleplay.

    I ask for maturity and no trolling, this will just lead to you being kicked from the discord as it is mainly for roleplay purposes.


  21. Mademoiselle

    99.9 Hz

    The radio would gently crackle. The southern British voice would speak calmly. "This is Dr. Hope Pisces. If anyone requests urgent medical attention or seeking for training in the medical field, this is the frequency to contact. One of my selected doctors should respond however we may be sleeping or out of range of the radio picking up your message. We're sorry if this is an inconvenience and hope you stay safe and well. I would like to note we also have a mental health care specialist you can speak to if needed too. We do not really settle anywhere in particular such as hospitals. We are freelanced medics ready to transport to you. As much as my job as well as the others entail helping you, we hope the best for all of you that this does not happen. Stay safe, and do not be afraid to contact us about anything that may concern you." The radio would just crackle out without any sort of abrupt.
  22. Mademoiselle




  23. Mademoiselle

    • Mademoiselle
    • RandyRP

    Happy Birthday from your favourite child character Blue!

    1. RandyRP


      Thanks even though it isn't my birthday. Its been awhile since Blue

    2. Mademoiselle


      I miss her too. She's farming Aleksei's goats 😛 

  24. Mademoiselle

    Sights on You

    No one ever told me your name!!
  25. Mademoiselle

    Where the Fudge is Everyone

    Honestly I think you should find out in game and make the RP more organic instead of finding out on the forums and just ruining the surprise.
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