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    season 1 lol GIF by NBC

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    An Pobal Media Thread

    New video ft.
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    That time I made a video and I couldn't get the watermark off... Feels bad man, I still enjoy the video


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    Section: 20 - NATO

    Looks good however the graphics look a little all over the place on the OP. Perhaps centre them. Hopefully the LM's go through the lore just to make sure everything makes sense but it looks good! Good luck!
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    *Tackles and hugs @Vic*

    Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Santino Moretti is Dead

    "Meet in person?" There would be a crowd of laughter. "Nice try. Damn. Ya really got me there. Like I'm gonna meet a guy who was apart of a hit and run scheme." Another abrupt laughter as the radio cuts off. She had switch frequencies.
  9. Mademoiselle

    Santino Moretti is Dead

    "Since you like talking smack, please tell me whom is the snake? I have no worries about my boys. They're loyal. They're legit. They're true. A true definition of friends and family. Nice try kiddo, to be honest, stop trying to scaremonger. I can't even remember who you are. This won't make you relevant if that's what you're trying to achieve."
  10. Mademoiselle

    A Message to Georgia from Flamingo

    Sat beside Callahan now as he smokes his cigar relaxing, she takes her radio. "Ah, there you are. Remember my whole talk about your... family. I don't want to give much away. We, myself and a friend, have a perfect idea to help them. I think it'd benefit their life. I'm sure you understand who I'm on about." She awaits a response, settling her legs along Callahan's and watches the townsfolk from below the tower, softly sighing.
  11. Mademoiselle

    Santino Moretti is Dead

    "Damn, imagine being killed by someone else and then you're what was supposed future wife talks smack about you dead in the grave. I don't know which one is worse. The fact that she's lying. The fact she sounded completely worried when he got into that gun fight and now acts emotionless like she never cared. Or the fact she is talkin' mad shit about how he died from a drug overdose when he was heavily against drugs himself... I worked in a news industry Iris, I know a fake story when I hear it. But damn, I never expected you to be so heartless and talk bad about the dead when they're unable to defend themselves. I'd say sorry for the loss, but you were probably behind the hit and run scam too. To say I used to call yee a friend."
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    Victims added 😄 Tempted to bring this girlie back some time soon!


    1. DrMax


      BDSM new group I see? 

    2. Malet


      *starts to frantically bring his other chars into safety* 👀

    3. Mademoiselle



      She’s still watching

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    A Message to Georgia from Flamingo

    Filomena sits beside Bruno after discussing his ideas once more. The menu set in front of her and her belly full of a warm homely meal. She takes her radio to talk, tuning her frequency into what hopefully reaches to Georgia. The female Irish woman would speak calmly, seeming relaxed. "Hello Georgia. I was wondering if we could talk. I'm sure you'd be most appeased to the idea. I hope to hear on this frequency soon. Thanks." She would turn her radio down a little as she makes an Irish Coffee for herself and Bruno. Ready to relax and enjoy the rest of her night relaxed.
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    An Pobal [The Community][Livonia]

    Eyyyyyy! LETS GO BOYS!
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    When you want to write another article but things change so much ICly it’s hard to stick to everything... 


    He was a good guy. Rewrites. He was an asshole. Rewrites. He mainly wanted to have everything for his own. Rewrite. He had his reasons. Rewrite. Everything was wrong. Rewrite. Everything was right. Rewrite. I have no clue anymore, fuq this bai.

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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I honestly don't know anyones tags and I'm so sorry but I give a shout out to the hostages and the people in the prison today. Charley, you're a sweetheart, Ily Everyone else, I think @Georgia Banks @Wynne @HDragon @Milo @Krullix @God @Trijim @Kain, Foley etc Thank you for the roleplay Again sorry for getting wrong tags and shit (plz don't hate me for IC stuff Q_Q, I promise I'm nice)
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    ""Wanna play chess?"

    - @God, 2k20

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    Conan Obrien Ugh GIF by Team Coco

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    Merch Represent Post

    I look forward to see them xD
  23. Mademoiselle

    Merch Represent Post

    You need to go out in public wearing this (especially for the meet and greet) otherwise I vote this nil
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    An Pobal Media Thread

    (First video made ever, be gentle.) Enjoy our roleplay moments!
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    My heart is always stolen by Marko 



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