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"I suffocate so much, only to gain so little."

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  1. Mademoiselle


    My Citalopram doesn’t even help with the overwhelming pain I’m in

    1. EddieLR


      Awe, hopefully it will get better. Hate to hear anyone being in pain. Hopefully if you can relax the pain will subside. Take it easy ok.

    2. Mademoiselle


      I would relax but i cried myself to sleep and cried waking up. And I have slipped into not eating anything and I don’t know how long this time will last. Last time it was 5 days...

    3. EddieLR


      Damn, I really hope it gets better. One thing, you do have to eat though, even if you have to force yourself. I hate that you are dealing with this and I pray that it will get better for you soon.

    4. ChewyLR


      I feel you, I'm on max dosage of citalopram and it's just... Not denying any negative emotion.

    5. Mademoiselle


      I just don’t know what to do. I literally get things just whipping me in the face and go about their day laughing, smiling and pretending they did fuck all. It’s just wrong.

      I have my last day of therapy today and was on the phone crying to my therapist that I didn’t want to talk to her and I hadn’t slept yet.

    6. ChewyLR


      Is it CBT? I know that when I was going through it they offered me more weeks to keep it up and try to help, I feel like nothing else really helped. Our local therapy place shut down top so I'm kinda fucked, myself. And lockdown is definitely not helping my extrovert side. Always here if you need, Hope.

    7. Mademoiselle


      Mine is healthy minds. 

      I also need to refer myself to bereavement counselling.

      I also need to refer myself to counselling.


      This therapist can call so long as I'm in a secluded place where I can say anything I want however I still have problems. She has stated my anxiety can be improved but my depression will never be fixed. On the chart she showed me it was if not higher every week I went.


      Being on lockdown doesn't help. I was going to see a friend today and just cuddle up to them and watch youtube cause they know how bad it is for me to be alone. 

      Not only this but because I can't stop crying, it ends up my Grandma blaming herself and wishing she could move out of our house which I don't want and only makes things 1000% worse for me.

    8. ChewyLR


      >"my depression will never be fixed."
      Wtf, she can't say that. That's really unprofessional. I highly recommend seeing if you can get a referral to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy because it did wonders for me, though not everything works for everyone. But she definitely shouldn't be saying that.

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