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  1. Mademoiselle


    Dishonoured 2 any good? I know Metro last light will be cause everyone hypes over it.

    Can’t wait for Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls and Detroit Becomes Human comes to PC!

    1. Stagsview


      Its a good game if you enjoy stealth games...but if you want to try out some really good indi darlings for a cheap price hit me up. I have to many to count...

    2. Mademoiselle


      I played Dishonoured 1 and loved the game. Not really into indies :S 

    3. Stagsview


      Dont dis an indy before u try it. I know a game you might like. Try the game OneShot. Its a 10 euro game.....with an incredible storyline done by a dev thats a huge fan of the earthbound series...could u say no to that cheapo price?

    4. Sylvester Todd

      Sylvester Todd

      The first Dishonored  is better than the second, not to say the second isn't a good game. Its worth the buy, but not worth full price

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