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  1. Mademoiselle


    Just what I want at work... For a guy to slap my ass after he said he wanted to buy a watch. Yay, woo, this is what I get paid for apparently... yaaayyy... Then I got some woman yelling at me for following protocols of my work... Home time... Yup. Definately home time. 

    1. FireDude


      The actual fuck. People are pricks by fucking definition. Gah.

    2. Mademoiselle


      Yeah no one blinks an eye, but if I start shit, most likely get a disciplinary...

      Yeah no one blinks an eye, but if I start shit, most likely get a disciplinary...

    3. Harvey


      Retail can be fucked sometimes... The other day some gypo kids threw a glass vase from the top of the atrium at my work, almost killed someone. But because they are kids we couldn't touch them.

      Honestly, if a guy does that tell him to fuck off, stand your ground and don't worry about management, I usually tell that to the girls that work on my floor and management have never taken any steps against them when they do, never sacrifice your dignity for the sake of your workplace.

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