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  1. Mademoiselle


    Holy shit, I just found a song so relevant to dayz...


    Plants are brown, sky is red
    Everyone we know is dead and I'm happy for them
    'Cause we're still here

    You're still alive, and so am I
    The world belongs to us now
    Except for those who lost their minds
    They're still out there

    But so what?
    I haven't seen them in awhile
    Don't lose hope, just give me one more smile
    'Cause I'm still here

    So now will you do shrooms with me?
    No one here to judge you, as far as I can see
    And the government can't do shit about it

    Pick your favorite car
    We'll take the keys and drive it far
    And then make love in the backseat while we're still lit

    It'll be fun, you know we'll have a good time
    Until the earth chooses not to provide
    We make such a lovely pair
    With our middle-fingers in the air

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