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  1. Mademoiselle


    Curious discussion:

    My character who has multiple personality disorder has 3 personalities and the host. One of them, Rosalind, is a cruel bitch who tortures and kills people.

    Now, Eddie is in a relationship with Preston (the host). He is aware of the multiple personalities. He was recently strung up and beaten whilst mentally tortured.

    People found out but he lied and blamed the other person in the party who was also involved.

    Would that mean he has stockholm syndrome to protect Preston, even though it was the personality of Rosalind that hurt him?



    1. Eagle


      Maybe he loves her?

    2. Watchman



      i'm confused.. sounds interesting tho lol

    3. Mademoiselle




      The Stockholm syndrome is known by other names such as trauma bonding or terror bonding; however, this syndrome is not frequently seen in hostage scenarios, and its diagnostic criteria are not listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders


      Preston had 3 other personalities apart from herself. Rosalind, Oriel and Kinsley. If Preston is in a relationship but Rosalind comes out and harms the other half. And the other half protects Preston even though her personality did it. Is it Stockholm Sydrome?

    4. FireDude


      Yeah it is a very intresting topic. Idk, see from what ive seen Eddie views Rosalind and all the other personalitys as a part of Preston, sorta like a bad side of her. Its kinda part of the Preston package, so hes gotta accept the good with the bad. And after he has seen cou tless times where a personality gets hurt just for them to drop it onto Preston Eddie does not want to hurt any of them in fear of hurting Preston. Maybe its like an abusive relationship, where Eddie loves one side of Preston and must deal with the bad parts. Or he simply views them as different people and Rosalind is no better than the Africans to him. 

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