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    The Asylum

    Amazing group but it seem to lack goals, are you adding more?
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    Whoever this was... you are so lucky I missed...


  3. Mademoiselle

    Favourite TV Show Growing Up

  4. Mademoiselle


    Time to stream with my new character! Come say hello!


  5. Mademoiselle

    Dead Batteries Media Thread

    Best initiation i've ever seen haha
  6. Mademoiselle

    Mak's uncool clips

    +1 because you added Muse music
  7. Mademoiselle

    Suggestion: TELNYASHKA item store

    Oh... my bad /lock?
  8. Mademoiselle

    Add Check Pulse Mod?

    To be honest I think it would ruin the pressure of knowing who is who and who is lying in game. We already have enough by the emoting and your name appearing. However my counter argue to myself is it would be good in case someone made a rule break and dies - just to make reports a bit easier etc.
  9. Mademoiselle

    Suggestion: TELNYASHKA item store

    Thinking that because a lot of clothing items are in the store to add the TELNYASHKA in the store since I never really come across the as they're not that common @Roland
  10. Mademoiselle

    S1: Invalid Initiation / Attempted KOS / Rule Violation 2.3 / Possible Stream Sniping / NFVL - 2019-04-19 - 02:25

    Hello, it is I. Yelena Kostol POV (and terrible accent, please pardon me for my attempt...): I had originally met Mac Tyre in Camp Hope (Novy Sobor Summer Camp) whilst searching for a hunting scope. I am told they have one back at the car in Altar Radio. We head there and meet a guy with no gear what so ever on him. We roleplay with him for a bit before people come popping out of the wood works. I see the group finally leave without even telling me what was going on. To my confusion I thought they were having some sort of group discussion before I hear multiple shots and retreat to the shed with one other guy before the other guy appears to talk to us in the shed. I heard no initiation so I didn't wanna get mis-Id'd. When I heard footsteps from outside, there is a ventilation system in which I attempted to roleplay with whoever it was. Mainly to avoid being shot for something I was probably not apart of. All I know is @Dew's microphone was not working and he had to text RP. Not saying it is something but a possibility why the group did not hear an initiation if Dew had tried using VOIP.
  11. Mademoiselle

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    Before we start throwing low key flame, not all whitenames are bad. I've met pretty good ones and ones I've helped guided in the right direction. As veterans of the community, other people should PM them to help improve their story and the hints around the server as well as helping improve their roleplay. The fact we have age restriction removed makes this a problem as well as the whitelisting. Anyone who passes the whitelist challenge clearly shows it is easy when our rules CLEARLY state not to go OOC in VOIP and them questioning or having such a bad attitude saying the following which I've seen: LMAO roleplay server - what's that Server rules are shit, back to GTA RP *teabagging in rp whilst keking on it being an actual roleplay* I'd like to point out the obvious. Those people who joined CHOSE themselves to apply. CHOSE themselves to USE THEIR TIME to get whitelisted. Clearly they have nothing else better to do but try and flame a server that THEY took the time out to play OR apply for. I think the whitelisting server needs to go through the rules that have been broken repeatedly by new players. Or that have been reported the most so they do not follow the same mistakes as others and know that they have given clear explanation of the server rules. Meaning if they broke any of said rules, it results into us knowing fully that they just cannot be bothered to follow with what we wish for and therefore will receive the ban if reported as the point system/procedure we have in place.
  12. Mademoiselle

    OOC Hate

    OOC Hate has always warranted a R4 if the admin(s) deem it as so. Our rules state the following: Admins are allowed to R4 anyone whether it is bad behaviour / attitude.
  13. Mademoiselle

    Suggestion: Add more variants of the medical scrub hat.

    Hey @AstraalI’m sure if you post some suggestions in our discord one of our Developers may take this on board. Right now @Gremlinco is the mastermind behind the medical gear. So maybe hit him up!
  14. Mademoiselle

    Loot over RP, Thoughts?

    Reading this over quickly you state plenty of times that you received no roleplay. If you talk to the people (if you manage to get their names) and help then with constructive critism that should be best. But if you feel like a rule has been broken, you’re more than welcome to report them. Even though this is a shooter looting game, we have this as a roleplay server too and it should be served. Roleplay > gear.
  15. Mademoiselle

    The Cult of Mann (IC Recruitment only!)

    /Archived Please PM a Mod to have this reopened and good luck on your new ventures!
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    Haven't streamed properly in a while. Let's try getting back into it with a new character!


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      Now I can see where your camp is!

    2. Mademoiselle


      Not my camp ;0 

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    Announcement (99.9Hz)

    Hope sits within the cabin Noah left her in, still heavily injured from the misidentification of the 24th. Her ribs barely move as she breaths. She sounded in complete pain as she attempts to talk. ”This is Hope. I have bared sad news that most probably know that the camp at Tisy is no longer safe. For the benefit of your own safety, please do not go there. We lost a good person by the name of Jayden Hughes simply because he defend a camp of injured and those looking for safety. We had people shooting from mountains right at not only myself, but others heads.” A heavy pained inhale as she exhales, sounding like she is avoiding to cry because of said pain. “I was retreating to a settlement by people I can call friends before being shot for a simple mistake. One where I kept fading in and out of conciousness and yet I still find unbearable. Just the cherry to the cake, heh. Mgh...” Another pause for a breath. Hope takes a moment to collect herself yet again. “Many of the volunteers whom are just as dedicated as I am are still wandering around. Still doctors ready to help you. Not everything is lost. Just a camp. That was all that was lost.” She would inhale once more before whimpering a quick second as a sharp pain etches in her side. ”I’ll be back, but not in this state I’m in. Stay safe... Hope out.” The radio clicks off with the peaceful goodbye as the doctor takes a bottle of water, drinking it sip by sip.
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    1. FireDude
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    Lo's Diary - Letters to Mom and Dad

    I remember the first time I met Lo. Scared for her life and confusion. Me and @Dino (Major Holmen) took her to one side and tried making sure if she needed anyone, that she could tell the United Nations. And people didn't appreciate that, because they didn't want a law getting in the way of chaos. Lo and Ella inspired Faith to be a good mother to her two children. Perhaps Lo could be looking after them, hehe. Such a great character from this lore and last lore. She did ya good gal. x
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    Butter Pecan Shake and 1st episode of Game of Thrones finally!

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  23. “Shoot it Yelena!” My friend yelled to me in pure panic. The look on his face equally matched to mine. I found myself struggling to upholster my pistol from it's belt. Every yank to release my gun only made my head pound more with fear. My heart was in my throat. We had no idea what this was at the time. At first it didn't seem real. Seeing all the men, women and... children... stumble in such aggression to... kill us. We did what we could... But doing what we could wasn't good enough. Eventually, what seemed like forever, my pistol released as I lashed it in the direction of a young girl charging at me. She was about eleven years old, looked like she had just finished brushing her teeth in the morning. Face veined and painted with dried blood. Her movement all wrong. Her attempt to kill me was a major concern. And the only thing I could do was to shoot her. The bullet landed into her esophagus. The muffled chokes received by the small being before collapsing right at my feet. She didn't get up... at all. When I signed up for the CDF, this is not what I expected it to be. Murdering children... It all seemed role reversal... That was supposed to be the Chedakis job... At that point, it was too hard to breath. Thoughts in my head of what had happened whilst I sprinted to safety just couldn't provide me any answers I searched for. I soon made myself M.I.A to the CDF before it collapsed in the chaos of South Zagoria. Everytime I tried to collect my thoughts, I was reminded of that day. The day I had killed that sweet innocent little girl. I felt like a murderer and probably was. My mind even began to turn on me. I caved in. I tried to cope. But the voices always made sure I never forgot. Pineapples Music People Who Understand The Voices Chedaki Being A Social Outcast
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    Happy Birthday Dinosaur! ❤️ 

    1. Dino


      Thank you!

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    Roleplay and you

    Everyone has there own sense of genre of what roleplay they like. You like doing your type of roleplay, cool - awesome. Some people really are deep down into milsimRP. CampfireRP. TortureRP. HostileRP. Any kind of RP. That's what makes this server completely different from others. Because it has a dynamic set of roleplayers that enjoy delivering things that are different. Such as you, such as me. I understand there are frustrations behind the post, but in no way should it bash people publically because you simply did not agree to it. It should be taken to a PM and expressed on what you did not enjoy to help them improve. Not everyone will have your standard of RP or expectation - because it will be too predictable and get beyond boring after a while. A lot of roleplayers have deep interesting stories that they obviously wouldn't be spreading around like butter for everyone to know because it may be very personal or private to that character. If you're wanting scripted roleplay - perhaps try out some telltale games. It's a roleplay server for a reason - people are playing roles of what they can't do or be in real life to enjoy their nights.
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